Beyond Ordinary: America's freedom fighters of color: Heroes proved in liberating strife

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  • kargirl Sacramento, CA
    Nov. 11, 2011 6:43 p.m.

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. If we remember this history, we shall not have to repeat it, I pray. My eyes teared up as I read, my hands shook, I thought, my children, who are part Native American, have not ever known these things. Can it be so hard to see one another through eyes directed to the soul? Can we put first the content of their character, the kindness of their heart, the sound of their laughter, when we see others? Thanksgiving is coming, and to be thankful for being here, now, when we can do this for one another, would be fitting.

  • oldcougar Orem, UT
    Nov. 11, 2011 6:35 p.m.

    Keith, Thanks. Wonderful piece. My gratitude and deep respect to you and all and every day.

  • dung beetle Bountiful, UT
    Nov. 11, 2011 9:22 a.m.

    This is very moving and an excellent reminder about some of the obscure defenders of our freedoms. Thanks to Bishop Hamilton for sharing it with us.

  • J-TX Allen, TX
    Nov. 11, 2011 9:13 a.m.

    Many will not take the time to read this, because of its length. I for one am glad I did. Well written, Keith and well said.

    While I am a middle-aged white man who has never endorsed bigotry or racism in any form, sometimes I feel defensive about the special treatment and deference afforded minorities. Earlier in life I was indeed discriminated against as employers filled "affirmative action" quotas. I sometimes wonder, what would be the backlash if someone wrote a similar article entitled, "America's white freedom fighters: Heroes proved in liberating strife."

    I understand that our society still has far to go in getting past prejudice and arriving at the point where all people are just people. Living in the south, I am aware that racism - from all races to all other races - is still alive and well.

    I yearn for the day when we don't have to talk about it, when it is a memory, as distant as the inquisition or the crusades....

    But I understand that in order to get there, we must remember. And I appreciate Keith's remembrances and history offered here, as well as the great contributions of people of color to this nation.