Red roundup: In Pac-16 world, Utes may land in Arizona, ASU, Colorado pod

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  • Rock Of The Marne Phoenix, AZ
    Sept. 20, 2011 11:10 p.m.

    ESPN is reporting the PAC 12 has decided not to expand. This is fine by me as I am geographic and topography snob and there is nothing close to Pacific in Oklahoma and Texas. Likely the reason for the decision was Larry Scott didn't want to deal with the Prima Donna attitude of Texas. You might see Oklahoma now court the SEC or Big 10 as they like A&M don't really want to deal with the overgrown egos of the Longhorns. This is good news for BYU as it keeps hope alive.

    Just noticed that a replay of the Utah vs. BYU game is on ESPN 2 tonight at 1 AM (I assume 2 AM in Utah). Maybe it is even better the second time.

  • Rock Of The Marne Phoenix, AZ
    Sept. 20, 2011 7:58 p.m.

    Superstrong Tongan, you Trojans barely beat Utah at the Coliseum. If you are commenting on these boards you are also likely a Y fan especially if you agree with delusional Y fans such as Bluto. BTW I haven't seen Vandy go undefeated twice in the last 7 years. If Utah is the new Vandy, BYU is the new Wyoming and USC is third place behind Oklahoma and Texas.

    Sept. 20, 2011 1:10 p.m.

    With the conference expanding that means that the rich will get richer(OU,UO,SC,TX) and the poor will get poorer(CU,Utah,WSU,UCLA) just like what Bluto said. Utah is as relevant as Vandy is to the SEC. Utah will be a top tier school...among the weak links of the conference. Back to where you guys started. This is from a USC fan.

  • motorbike Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Sept. 20, 2011 12:24 p.m.

    For you who say Utah will be in a pod with Colorado and any of the Texas/Oklahoma schools - you have it completely will NEVER happen.
    Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will want to play each other every year or they wouldn't agree to join a PacXX conference. Period end of debate.
    As for those who say Utah would be irrelevant in a Pac16 don't see many Utah fans concerned do you? Worst case scenario we have awesome teams coming to our stadium week in and week out. Worth attending even if the U is having a rough year. But with Whittingham and staff here, I'll bet on the U holding their own and representing.
    Lastly, for whoever the clown was that talked about athletic budgets...that's changing in a hurry - it'll never compare to some of the other schools but the U has already proven they can do more with less, not worried.
    The U may even win again with addition of the new schools, a re-worked TV deal may end up getting the U a full-share of TV revenue much sooner. That's the talk anyway.
    Go Utes!

  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 20, 2011 9:00 a.m.

    Bloated -

    54-10! Time for you to move along......

  • Uteanymous Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 20, 2011 8:28 a.m.


    PCC, AAWU, Big 6, Big 5, PAC 8, PAC 10, PAC 12, PAC 14, PAC 16, PAC 18, PAC 20, since they're still trying to decide what they want to be, it's easier just to use PAC. Congratulations, you were smart enough to figure out what PAC stands for.

  • Bluto Sandy, UT
    Sept. 20, 2011 7:22 a.m.

    A Pac 16 Conference.

    Great, Utah will be One of Sixteen.
    Repeat.....One of Sixteen.

    Overall, Utah was not winning Championships in the MWC.
    And now their Athletic Program will just turn it on?
    If you thought they were destined for the Land of Obscurity with Twelve?


    -Utah has the Smallest Annual Athletic Budget in the Pac, even Wazzu's is bigger by 10 million.

    -The new money won't change this fact. In fact, it will take 4 years for Utah to even fully share Pac revenues.

    After this, Utah will still be dead last.

    And Academically? Utah now ranks 10th out of 12 teams, with the Merger, 14th?

    Be careful what U wish for.

    Nobody takes the Northwesterns, Purdue's, Vanderbilt's, and Wazzu's of the World seriously.

    We'll all see if Utah takes up residence in their neighborhood.

  • bgl Santa Monica, CA
    Sept. 20, 2011 7:12 a.m.

    Mt. Rushmore---what is the PAC? Are you talking about the Pacific 12 Conference, of which Utah is a proud member? The one that shunned BYU? Or is this PAC an acronym for Pacific Athletic Conference? If you are savvy enough to post about these issues, you should be able to get the names of the conferences correct. The PAC?

  • Rational Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 20, 2011 1:07 a.m.

    Utah will be competitive as long as they have Whitt, but this pod idea is just stupid, as is the 16 team league.

    Just have a genuine 16 team playoff already, and keep conferences as they are. Stupid polls are better than stupid pods and stupid super conferences.

  • JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt Beverly Hills, CA
    Sept. 19, 2011 11:01 p.m.

    "CordonBleu | 10:52 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Park City, UT

    What does the PAC pod system have to do with BYU?"

    More teams in the Pac 12 means Utah will not bother scheduling average mid major programs with a full quality schedule. More teams will also mean more money in fatter tv contracts.

    Currently there are 66 BCS teams. Under a 4 Super conference structure of 16 teams each that is 64. 2 teams will be left out and no one is talking about BYU. What this means for BYU and all the glorious independence talk is that none of the superconference teams will make room to play BYU. BYU will basically have left are MWC, WAC, CUSA teams to play in further irrelevance.

  • CordonBleu Park City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 10:52 p.m.


    What does the PAC pod system have to do with BYU?

    How is BYU giving a game away to Utah going to help the Utes beat Oklahoma or Texas?

    Frankly, any Utah fan who thinks that having Oklahoma and Texas in the PAC is going to help Utah in any way, shape, or form is only fooling themself.

    If the PAC 12 is really as loaded with quality competition as Utah fans have been boasting, then then Utes are going to have all they can handle just trying to get past USC, Oregon, and Stanford.

    Throw two perennial Top 10 teams and a couple of perennial Top 25 teams into the mix, and Utah fans are seriously delusional if they think that Utah will even challenge for, let alone win a PAC 16 championship more than once every 20 or 30 years, if that.

  • JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt Beverly Hills, CA
    Sept. 19, 2011 10:52 p.m.

    ESPN reports that talks are underway to have the remaining Big 12 teams absorb the Big East in a merger.

    No doubt the 16 team superconferences are more than just idle chatter. The Pac 12, Big 10, SEC will surely not sit idle.

  • 10CC Bountiful, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 10:23 p.m.


    You believe Texas and OU would both go to a conference so the could play each other 2 years out of four? Did you work all day outdoors in the heat this summer down there? The California schools want to play each other every year, and the Texahoma schools want to play each other every year. Northwest & Mountain pods will do the same.

  • Veritas Aequitas Fruit Heights, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 10:03 p.m.

    1984 for life | 2:36 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT

    "@ TroyTown | 2:07 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Anaheim, CA

    Not against BYU.


    Tee Hee Tee Hee"

    Seriously, a story about Utah in the PAC and all anyone wants to talk about is BYU. When are Utah fans going to get over their insecurity about being better than BYU?

    But I love the Tee Hee Hee.

    How cute. What are you, three years old?

    When is Utah going to beat a BCS team on the road this year (on National TV is already shot for the Utes, but they did have their chance on VS.) like BYU did? 1 point, or 44, or 150 points, it's one W, against a non-AQ team.

  • B Logan, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 9:51 p.m.


    Thanks for the cliches. Very easy to use after Saturday's game, I understand. And no, I'm not suggesting the U resign from the PAC 12. What I AM suggesting is that the biggest loser in all this will ultimately be football fans in the State of Utah.

    I don't mind the idea of having 16 team conferences. I just think there should be more than just 4 'elite' conferences. Do you disagree, Moderate? Do you want the rivalry to end for good? Do you want teams like BYU, BSU, TCU, Air Force, SDSU, Nevada, etc. on the outside looking in? Do you think that is good for college football in this region of the country?

    I am also suggesting that Utah will become the 'little brother' to teams like OU and Texas if they have to play them year after year. Not saying they won't upset one or the other once in awhile, but Utah has problems filling its stadium when there is no undefeated season. This thing is going to be bad for college football.

  • Veritas Aequitas Fruit Heights, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 9:37 p.m.

    Uteology | 4:01 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Fort Worth, Texas

    @Snack PAC

    If we're Vanderbilt then the team that got creamed by 44 points is Montana State. Enjoy Division 3 football.


    JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt | 6:50 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Beverly Hills, CA

    How will a PAC 16 affect Utah? We wouldn't need to give any pity time to play average mid major programs like BYU anymore.

    Look at that, BYU fumbles again.


    And certain Utah fans are "classin' up the joint"...

    You realize that BYU (Montana State) has beaten more AQ team this year than your own Utah team's zero wins against the mighty BCS division.

    Maybe Utah ought to get up for the PAC-X11 schools on K-Jazz and stop playing the "pity games" like the Mighty Montana States of the world?

    Giving props, Kyle knows how to win classy.

    My Ute buddies here in Utah know how to win classy.

    Even "ClasslessUteFan" was classy.

    Utah fans out of state? Ehhhhh, not so much.

    We all know the score of the BYU game, but doesn't Utah have bigger "fish to fry"?

  • eagle Provo, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 9:07 p.m.

    I don't see pods but I see a PAC 16

    Ocean Division:

    Washington State
    Oregon State

    (Basically the original Pac-8--maybe they could call it the "Original" or "Traditional Division"

    Then the newbies:

    Texas Tech
    Okie State

    They could call this the Rocky Mountain Division or Continental Division

    You play all seven teams in your division plus two cross-over games leaving 2-3 pre-season contests. Then the conference championship.

  • Moderate Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 8:56 p.m.

    "One mediocre major college team and no traditional rivalry"
    What do you suggest, B? That Utah resign from the Pac 12?

    The Pac-12 chose the team from Utah that rises to the challenge; the team that fights through to the end; the team that doesn't quit at halftime.

  • NightOwlAmerica SALEM, OR
    Sept. 19, 2011 8:41 p.m.


    Who cares if the PAC 16 uses a pod system. Indeed the competition will be tough for Utah. But you fail to recognize two things.

    A. BYU does not even belong to a conference.
    B. The kitty cats just got trashed by the Utes at home!

    Sept. 19, 2011 8:08 p.m.

    I welcome the challenge as a Utah fan and alum. How could anyone argue with the fact that any team would kill to have the chance that Utah does currently in the Pac 12. Whether or not our conference expands, we are in the company of some very impressive teams and we are only going to get better because of it. Thank God we are on this side of expansion because if not I would be joining the chronically depressed BYU fan. Nonetheless, we are where we are because we dont whine, we don't celebrate our success before we have earned it and we just play the game. Go Utes!!

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 7:50 p.m.

    ... forgot one thing

    Las Vegas Bowl being pumped by ESPN for the Utes...

    Since I'm a bonafide brother of the fetal position, let's just say this prediction better not come true.

  • B Logan, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 7:45 p.m.

    Utah will become a lower tier PAC 16 team. You can't compete with Texas and OU year in and out. Neither in recruiting or on the field. So what does this whole conference re-alignment leave us with here in the state of Utah (and really the whole inter-mountain West)? One mediocre major college team and no traditional rivalry. Great. So this is what college football has become?

  • MiP Iowa City, IA
    Sept. 19, 2011 7:29 p.m.

    The addition of Texas and OU would make it harder for the Utes to reach the Rose Bowl, simple math. But if they were to reach it in a new Pac-16, then it would be very prestigious indeed.

    The SEC is the king-pin, but a Pac-16 featuring OU and Texas would render the new conference better than the Big-10, if it were based on this season...

    Pac-12 will take UT, OU, TexasTech, and OSU.
    ACC adds Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, and UConn.
    SEC adds T A&M, Mizzou, West Virginia and....

    Your move Big Ten:
    Available teams would include Notre Dame, Kansas, Kansas State, BYU, Iowa State, Baylor, Louisville, Cincinatti, TCU, South Florida...

    Outside of the Irish, it's hard to see the Big Ten move on any of those teams. I'm thinking the Big Ten stays at 12.

    The Big East then tries to stay alive by adding the Big-XII leftovers and begging TCU to stay (which they will).

    That would be 5 "power conferences".

    I like that BYU is independent, but if they get an invite to one of these power conferences, it will be tough to turn down.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 7:25 p.m.


    I don't know about overall but Oklahoma has one of the top two or three meteorology programs in the nation. Are we just going to assume they aren't good in academics/research or is that actually the case?

  • MUSSing with U Baltimore, MD
    Sept. 19, 2011 7:23 p.m.


    Your pity time will be spent whining and moaning about BYU once again being Utah's bowl game.

  • phoenix Gilbert, AZ
    Sept. 19, 2011 7:20 p.m.

    News For U

    The logic for pods is to balance out the conference and not have one pod of four wimpy teams and one pod stacked with two perennial Top 10 teams.

    Utah and Colorado will be in the same pod as Oklahoma and OSU.

    Arizona and ASU will be in the same pod as Texas and Texas Tech.

    The original PAC 8 will be divided north and south

    USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal

    Washington, WSU, Oregon, OSU

    The Utes caught the only break they're going to get, not having to play Oregon and Stanford their first year in the conference.

    The PAC isn't going to risk having USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Oklahoma, OSU, Texas and Texas Tech battling it out in one division while Oregon gets to steamroll through OSU, Washington, WSU, Arizona, ASU, Utah, and Colorado to win the other division.

    Sorry to burst your bubble Utah, but you're not going to be able to dodge Oklahoma and Texas as easily as you dodged Oregon and Stanford.

    If you want to brag about playing in the same conference as Oklahoma and Texas, you're going to have to actually play them too.

  • JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt Beverly Hills, CA
    Sept. 19, 2011 6:50 p.m.

    How will a PAC 16 affect Utah? We wouldn't need to give any pity time to play average mid major programs like BYU anymore.

    Look at that, BYU fumbles again.

  • CaliforniaCougar Lake Elsinore, CA
    Sept. 19, 2011 6:41 p.m.

    The Pac 12 will obviously pursue Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.

    If the SEC was smart, they would quickly pursue, Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State, which would make life interesting for Texas A&M. The SEC needs to act quick because the ACC has just tightened its grip. If the ACC soon has 16 happy teams and the Pac 16 has 16 happy teams, then there will not be any more regional teams of worth for the SEC to keep pace. That will leave the Big Ten and the SEC fighting over the scraps of the Big 12 and the Big East, which is looking lean. Notre Dame is still a nice catch anywhere, but I think they are perfectly happy as an independent.

    I personally like BYU just where they are at as an independent and I am glad the Big 12 is imploding to end that conversation. Of course the Pac 16 would be the most natural position regionally for BYU, but that ain't happening. If it did happen, BYU, Boise State, Air Force, and UNLV OR Hawaii would be an interesting mix.

  • Mt Rushmore Arlington, VA
    Sept. 19, 2011 6:00 p.m.


    We'll see how excited you remain about Utah competing against the best when the Utes finish with a losing record and the only bowl they're invited to is the potato chip bowl.

    5-7 finishes will be a common occurence on the hill if the Texas and Oklahoma schools join the PAC.

  • B Logan, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 5:39 p.m.

    I see an ugly scenario developing. If (probably when) the PAC 16 forms, BYU could very well be OUT of the 16 team super conferences. (That might not matter depending on what Notre Dame does.) But let's say that it happens. USU and BYU are no longer players in the 4 Super conference structure. Maybe they make a new (somewhat lesser) division in college football.

    So Utah is the lone team in the state in the new world. But if they are in a conference with Texas and OU, I just don't see how Utah rises above Arizona or ASU status. They will almost NEVER go to the Rose Bowl and certainly not the national championship game. So we are left with two instate teams that are not allowed to compete in anything of significance and one instate team who becomes the next Arizona/ASU. And THAT is how the BCS finally won the fight to kill Cinderella. Pathetic.

  • VegasBart N. Las Vegas, NV
    Sept. 19, 2011 5:33 p.m.

    What ever happened to the requirement of entrance into the PAC of being an emblem of academia? Surely they jest with the likes of Oklahoma, OSU and Texas Tech. Their reason for not taking Brigham Young just went out the window. How do you spell P H O N Y?

  • Carnak Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 4:42 p.m.

    @ atl134 | 4:32 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT

    No matter how the pods turn out, unless you're Cougar fan, you want your team to compete against the best. Most good athletes also want to compete against the best.

    If you're Cougar fan, you want to go 10-2 or better against as little competition as you can find.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 4:37 p.m.


    You have to factor some things into that like out of conference schedule strength and you absolutely have to get rid of the conference games. Out of the PAC-12's 22-13 one of those losses is Utah's loss to USC. No matter who wins that's an automatic 1-1 for the conference which is meaningless in determining strength.

  • News For U Sandy, Utah
    Sept. 19, 2011 4:35 p.m.

    @ phoenix

    "The Utes will end up in a 4-team pod with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, and Utah, effectively ending any chance the Utes ever had of winning a PAC X title or ever going to another BCS game".

    Your assessment on Utah in the PAC-16 pod system is inaccurate. There is no logic in putting Utah and Colorado in the same pod as Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. When the Texas and Oklahoma schools join. Those 4 new members will make up one pod to preserve their traditional rivalries. Utah will be in the same pod with Colorado, Arizona, and Arizona State.

    Northwest Pod:
    Washington State
    Oregon State

    Pacific Pod:

    Mountain Pod:
    Arizona State

    Great Plains Pod:
    Texas Tech
    Oklahoma State

    This pod system makes a lot more sense. Each team will play 3 teams in the same pod and 2 teams from each of the other three pods. Best Conference record plays in the Conference Championship Game. (East vs West)

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 4:32 p.m.

    The 4 pod thing probably means something like this
    wash-washst oregon-oregonst
    colorado-utah arizona-arizonast
    cal-stanford usc-ucla
    oklahoma-okstate texas-txtech

    I broke them down into pairs as well because I imagine the schedule will involve this (using utah as an example)
    -play the 3 in your pod, your "rival" alternates home and away, your other pairing will be one home one away each year (so @colorado @arizona vsarizonast one year then vscolorado vsarizona @arizonast the next)
    -play 2 teams in each of the other three pods, one at home, one away, and from different pairings (ex: @wash vsoregonst @ucla vscal @okstate vstexas), then mix it up so that every 4 years you play each of those 12 teams once at home and once away (year 2: same teams, just reverse home/away, year 3: @washst vsoregon vsusc @stanford vsoklahoma @texastech, year 4: reverse home/away for year 3 teams).

    This way every team goes to southern california (the area, not the school of course), oregon, washington, northern california, texas, arizona, the rockies, and oklahoma at least once every two years, more if you're in the particular pod.

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Sept. 19, 2011 4:01 p.m.

    @Snack PAC

    If we're Vanderbilt then the team that got creamed by 44 points is Montana State. Enjoy Division 3 football.

    Bring on PAC-16.

  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 3:46 p.m.

    Snack PAC

    If you follow the thread, you will see that I responded to a Yner who was talking smack about Utah. I find it funny that many of the Yners that were predicting a lopsided victory and a Hypes Heisman are still on here talking smack after being brutally beatdown just a few days ago.

    Go away, you're making yourself look ridiculous and jealous.

  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 3:27 p.m.

    mid irrelevance -

    So you reference a game that does not involve your Koogs to talk smack now? LOL! Can hardly wait for USU to play BYU so you can take your place as 3rd best team in the state for the second year in a row.

    Go away, you're making yourself look ridiculous.


  • Carnak Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 3:15 p.m.

    @ JohnInSLC | 2:58 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Cottonwood Heights, UT

    No that is Big Soccer.

  • JohnInSLC Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:58 p.m.


    Ducky, is that you? In the Groucho glasses?

  • Wookie Omaha, NE
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:45 p.m.

    I like the idea of being part of one of four super conferences, what I don't like is the idea of traveling to Norman OK in November...midwest winters are bitter. BYU fans...please let it go...

  • 1984 for life Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:36 p.m.

    @ TroyTown | 2:07 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Anaheim, CA

    Not against BYU.


    Tee Hee Tee Hee

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:34 p.m.

    "The addition of the best four teams, of the Big-12, would make the PAC-12 the toughest conference in the nation."

    I give Utah their credit for beating the pants off my team on Saturday, and this comment does not stem from my bruised ego.

    But to say that this puts the PAC xx ahead of the SEC is dilusional. Go ahead and hypothetically pretend that these four teams were in the PAC xx for the past 5 years, and then count how many NCs would have come from the PAC xx vs the SEC. The SEC is still the King Pin, by a long shot.

    At best, the addition of these teams to the PAC xx puts the PAC xx on par with the BIG 10.

  • midpacmajor Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:34 p.m.



    in the biggest game in the history of the state of Utah

    enough said

  • PAC man Anaheim, CA
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:28 p.m.

    Duckhunter Hunter

    It's funny how BYU-obsessed fans claim that BYU isn't even in the conversation, when all they ever talk about is BYU.

  • ExecutorIoh West Jordan, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:27 p.m.


    The record of the current make up of the Pac-12 makes them a rather weak conference. 22-13 (10-8, Pac South) with a lot of horrible losses after their Big Sky Showdown on week 1.

    Record of BSC Conferences to date:
    Big12 - 23-2 (.920)
    SEC - 27-9 (.750)
    B1G - 26-10 (.722)
    Big East - 16-7 (.695)
    ACC - 23-11 (.676)
    Pac12 - 22-13 (.629)

    MWC - 14-8 (.636)

    Only MAC, CUSA, WAC, BigSky have a worse record than Pac12. Larry Scott is a great marketer though. If the four Big12 schools joined the Pac16, they would humiliate the other 12 schools.

  • Carnak Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:14 p.m.

    @ Swoop | 1:18 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT


    Enough said.


  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:12 p.m.

    My 1:51 comment should have gone to Snack, but it applies to Swap, as well.

    54 to 10!

    Wynn 2 Hypes 0

  • Utes21 Salt Lake City, ut
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:11 p.m.

    @ reasonableUTE
    I agree with your comments, I find many y fans are respectable and insightful with their comments. A lot of the trash talk is friendly banter but there are some on both sides that turn it into hate and disrespect. Mostly comes from are resident trolls. I wish the y well but thats only when the arent playing the U.
    If they add Oklahoma and Texas the U will have a even harder time getting any attention, from the conference and the rest of the nation. Sure they would be in powerhouse conference but all the attention will be on Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Oregon, Stanford, Arizona St. etc. Even though Utah has done well in football last decade they will still have to sit at the little kids table. Not saying they're cellar dwellars just saying those schools will always get most of the attention and most of the revenue. If it happens or not it will be a lot to consider. Also glad to see all the U bandwagon fans back on the boards after the win. Where were you guys when Jimmer was around?

  • TroyTown Anaheim, CA
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:07 p.m.


    Utah fans have short memories.

    Wasn't Utah humiliated at home by 40 points less than a year ago in a game that was over in the first quarter?

  • I say this Emery, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 2:04 p.m.

    I'm not certain that this is in the best interest of Utah... They will likely be in the same "pod" as Texas, Oklahoma,(Big 12 schools) and Colorado. Colorado just broke away from these same schools and I don't think they are excited to be included with them again. It will take away a yearly visit to the West Coast as well. I may be wrong but it doesn't seem like that is what Utah was bargaining for....I think they wanted that Southern California recruitment trip each year...They are likely not going to recruit anybody from Texas.....well maybe?

  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:59 p.m.

    Swoop -

    Where is BYU if they're getting crushed by 44 points by the same team you say is "fodder?" Show some tact and grace and accept defeat. You're not in the conversation, yet you're injecting yourself in like a little, jealous 5 year old. Don't come on here and try to talk smack behind your computer.

    To use an astronomy analogy, you're not even in the galaxy. Quite possibly, you're not even in the same universe.

    Sept. 19, 2011 1:58 p.m.

    The Utes have proven that they can handle teams like Oklahoma and Texas.

  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:51 p.m.

    Swoop -

    If Utah is fodder where does that put BYU? Your jealousy is evident.

    You're not even in the conversation, AT ALL, and getting crushed by your rival by 44! LOL!

    By the way, Vanderbilt beat Ole Miss by 23. LOL!

  • majmajor Layton, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:41 p.m.

    The addition of the best four teams, of the Big-12, would make the PAC-12 the toughest conference in the nation. The SEC would fall to second place, and the Big-10 would be a distant third. The ACC and Big East would stick around just because of their basketball teams.

    This will ensure that the midmajor conferences stay locked out, and no real championship game will ever happen.

  • Carnak Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:38 p.m.

    @ Snack PAC | 1:13 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
    Olympus Cove, Utah

    ...and where does that put the team that just endured a 54-10 pasting, this week plays a team(UCF)that lost to an airport (Florida International) and then plays the WAC?


  • reasonableUTE Provo, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:35 p.m.

    taking trash talk from BYU fans is like taking a punch in the arm from my 5 year old nephew. I am usually of the opinion that BYU fans are respectable and respectful, but many of the BYU fans on these boards just don't seem to know how to lose gracefully... When your team loses by 44 just take it please. I can at least take comfort in knowing that the majority of BYU are very respectful. Thank you to all you Y fans that helped make the game an enjoyable experience for my family and I!

  • Swoop Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:18 p.m.


    The only "conversation" you'll be in is the list of teams USC, Oklahoma, and Texas beat up on their way to another NC game.

  • Snack PAC Olympus Cove, Utah
    Sept. 19, 2011 1:13 p.m.

    Duckhunter Hunter

    Don't kid yourself.

    Utah will be nothing but cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference -- no more relevant than Vanderbilt.

  • Duckhunter Hunter Alpine, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:58 p.m.

    Phoenix -

    I'd rather be in the conversation than completely irrelevant and losing to my rival by 44! LOL!

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:57 p.m.

    Ex-Ute Steve Smith lost the game for Carolina with some bone headed ball handling. I love the man, but his head was not in this game.

    PAC 16 is a probable.... though I am not sure the players are the ones cited.

  • phoenix Gilbert, AZ
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:55 p.m.

    There's no guarantee that revenue per team will increase with the addition of the Texas and Oklahoma schools.

  • phoenix Gilbert, AZ
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:53 p.m.

    The Utes will end up in a 4-team pod with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, and Utah, effectively ending any chance the Utes ever had of winning a PAC X title or ever going to another BCS game.

    Other Pods
    Texas Tech
    Arizona State



  • XelaDave Salem, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:30 p.m.

    Would think this increses TV revenue nicely which is what these re-allingnments are all about and that benefits U so good for them- ups the competition level for being a PAC champion but also ups the chances that the champion plays for the national title so again a bonus for U

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:30 p.m.



    Bring them on!

    Word going around is that the WAC is very interested in byu. And apparently after coming to the realization that no real league will ever want them, the interest is now mutual.

  • Utehaterforlife Syracuse, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:23 p.m.

    Utes could also find themselves out of the Pac all together, when they do the realignments again they can drop teams by basically starting a new conference and not inviting them, not saying it will happen but it could.

  • Anonymous Infinity American Fork, UT
    Sept. 19, 2011 12:17 p.m.

    PAC 16 sounds exciting. I'm for a PAC 30; the top 30 universities west of the Mississippi. Then we could have another Big East 30 (east of the Mississippi) to include the other top 30 schools and then get on with playoffs and determine a true national champion. Let's get it done. Right now we have conferences and the NCAA with their personal agendas and elitism going on that hindering what needs to happen. Come on.