Elizabeth Smart kidnapper Brian David Mitchell leaves Utah for federal prison

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  • Rifleman Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 1, 2011 2:01 p.m.

    Re: Vanka | 12:08 p.m. Sept. 1, 2011
    "No love lost between you and the people of Utah"

    To be more correct there is no lost between you and an decent human being.

    By-the-way, those who believe in the Bible realize that Father Abraham was a polygamist and that among his decendants were Jesus and Muhammad.

  • Vanka Provo, UT
    Sept. 1, 2011 12:08 p.m.

    Rosebyanyothername wrote:

    "God will never tell anyone to do something that is counter to what he expects the rest of his children to live."

    Tell that to Joseph Smith and the rest of the polygamists.

    Good travels, Mr. Mitchell. No love lost between you and the people of Utah.

  • azgal Buckeye, AZ
    Sept. 1, 2011 8:41 a.m.

    Oh dear, I hope he dies in prison before he gets out to "continue "God's work" elsewhere" Scary! He obviously will not have been reformed by his prison sentence, and thus, he needs to NOT be released, even if the years he's been sentenced for are up.

    It's too bad we can't release the truly reformed ones before their sentences are up, and KEEP those who still think what they did is okay for them to do in prison so society will be safer.

  • toosmartforyou Farmington, UT
    Sept. 1, 2011 8:26 a.m.

    Of course he didn't sing and dance in jail because he couldn't intimidate anyone there. It was pretty obvious a stste judge was intimidated and so he always was able to act in a way that benefitted him. At least the feds weren't buying it and finally he received his reward for his deviant behavior.

  • raybies Layton, UT
    Sept. 1, 2011 8:07 a.m.

    This guy's gotten enough attention. It's time to forget him and let him rot in a cell alone and isolated from society. The news should devote its attention to more worthy causes.

  • Rosebyanyothername Home Town USA, UT
    Sept. 1, 2011 7:42 a.m.

    God will never tell anyone to do something that is counter to what he expects the rest of his children to live. The Judeo-Christian way is in conflict with Mitchell's thinking.

    What Mitchell did (kidnap Elizabeth Smart) was on his own idea. He was not going by the direction of the GOD I know and worship.

  • TexasMom Flower Mound, TX
    Aug. 31, 2011 10:55 p.m.

    Maybe he can be cellmates with Warren Jeffs! It could be a match made in their own little versions of heaven.

  • Scott1 Quiet Neighborhood, UT
    Aug. 31, 2011 10:32 p.m.

    I'm sure he will enjoy his time. I am curious how much singing he will do there.

  • Serenity Manti, UT
    Aug. 31, 2011 4:54 p.m.

    Bye Bye, good riddance. Hope to never hear from you or about you again.

  • The Judge Kaysville, UT
    Aug. 31, 2011 4:04 p.m.

    Mitchell will take a Con-Air flight the federal transfer center at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After anywhere from one to six weeks there, he will take another Con-Air flight to the prison where the Bureau of Prisons has placed him. Be interesting to see where he ends up...