Top 10 local college football games of 2011

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  • forreal people SLC, UT
    Aug. 30, 2011 1:08 p.m.

    Wow. There is one game here that is way out of order. At No. 3. BYU @ Ole Miss? Really? If your going to give BYU a charity pick and fit them it at number three, name one good reason that @Texas is not a way bigger game for BYU.

    Ole Miss lost thier opener to a FCS team last year, at home, remember? Ole Miss is picked to finish 11/12 in the SEC this year remeber? Ole Miss is terrible, and has not been ranked for years. Texas has been the most consistantly ranked team in the past decade in all of college football. BYU gets no love for beating a terrible unranked (way way unranked) Ole Miss team, and will not be able to recover from a loss there. Nothing to gain at Ole Miss....

    Texas is ranked in BOTH preseason polls, and that game has big implications for the Y.

    This has got to be the worst story I've ever read.

    There is no way that the Utah-BYU game will be the biggest game of the year in this state. There is no way it will have the biggest TV ratings.