'American Idol' shows America's preference for nice

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  • heyheywhatcanido VENTURA, CA
    Sept. 11, 2011 2:37 a.m.

    How did this restore your faith in humanity? If anything, it should destroy your faith in humanity.

    What you failed to mention is how unfair this season was to Haley. I just remember watching the season and seeing James and Scotty get good reviews for horrible performances, James' "Without You" (where the judges raved about him being "emotionally perfect") and Scotty's "Young Blood", a one-note corny song that was honestly one of the worst performances of the year. These are just two examples. Haley had to face real criticism when she just did "okay" (not bad, but not her best) like on "Earth Song". She wasn't "faking nice", I think that she genuinely was nice. Just because she got angry because she was the ONLY contestant who had to face criticism (when others clearly deserved it) doesn't make her not nice, in fact, the expression on her face showed that she was genuine. She was genuinely nice most of the time, and during that one time, she was genuinely angry.

    Haley, for me, symbolized justice and standing up for yourself. She was nice, but she was also real. And also the most talented. Some people can't handle that.

  • On the other hand Spanish Fork, UT
    Aug. 16, 2011 10:32 a.m.

    "Think about it: Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard, Lee DeWyze, Allen, David Cook and Jordin Sparks were all nice. Were there any more humble than they were?"

    Yes: Melinda Doolittle.

    Aug. 16, 2011 1:31 a.m.

    Based on your praise of Haley's talent, you should clearly understand how this girl must have been feeling to be unfairly scrutinized and isolated almost every week, when the rest of the contestants were constantly given a free pass. She had, by far, the most amount of criticism of all contestants. Now how does that make any sense if, as you said, her "talent was far superior". And then she gets branded as "not nice" because of an expression on her face when she was being unfairly judged? Really? How would you have reacted if you were being singled out unfairly every week in front of millions of TV viewers? Would you have looked upset like Haley(she genuinely felt that emotion), or faked a smile?

    I'm sorry, but you were fooled by the show. That's exactly how they wanted you to think. That's why the two finalists had the most story/air time, and Haley had pretty much no story at all.

  • mariadan Acapulco, Finland
    Aug. 15, 2011 7:50 p.m.

    I am sorry, I do not agree with the author.

    It is not because of NICE! There were so many really nice people who didn't win. It is about the American vocation for mediocrity. 90 % of the Americans who actually vote for America Idol want to vote for people who represent them (the voters): no talent, no guts, no money, no funny. So they (like it or not) vote (with or without realizing this) for the "personality" who better represent them: so we end up with DeWyze, Allen, Studdard, Hicks, McCreery, etc...........

  • mi-guel HOUSTON, TX
    Aug. 15, 2011 5:11 p.m.

    Another comment:

    "I went to high school with Haley, and she is such a sweet girl. She may be strong willed, but shes definitely the type of girl who just stands up for what shes passionate about. She (was also given) the LEAST (back story) from the producers of anyone in the top 6I

    m sorry that people who think Haley has a horrible attitude and is a diva think that they know her. And Im sorry you fell for the manipulation of the producers

    From a Chicago-area newspaper article:

    "Lichtenberger said the Haley he's been watching on the show is the same cool, approachable person he remembers from school...

    Another Wheeling senior who was in jazz band with Haley, sax player JT Teichert (says)..."She's a total sweetheart. She might look like a diva, but she's not an attention hog. She's just talented and nice and she really jokes around a lot."

    As an example, he said that when he was a nervous freshman first meeting other students at variety-show auditions and practices, Haley was the first person to walk up to him and talk to him."

  • mi-guel HOUSTON, TX
    Aug. 15, 2011 5:08 p.m.

    What happened to the America where merit mattered? What happened to the America they believed in the rugged individualism? What happened to the America that championed the underdog? What happened to the America where we were taught not to judge a book by its cover?

    Comment made on EW:

    "I knew her personally as a former teacher, and I can comfortably say there isnt one sense of entitlement, or snobbery in that kid. Shes humble, eager to improve, and totally laid back. She was incredibly encouraging, helpful and supportive of her peers...Shes always well liked, very respectful, and is the furthest thing from a diva. Shes not one to look for praise, she just loves any opportunity to sing, and it shows when she performs. I always have fun when shes singing, because I feel shes welcomed me to enjoy with her what she loves about singing...If you see a snob, youre really off!"

  • djc947 BELLFLOWER, CA
    Aug. 15, 2011 5:06 p.m.

    Haley did not have an attitude! She is a strong woman that defended herself against biased judges. If defending yourself is wrong, I dont want to be right.