A Woman's View: 'I am fat'

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  • Rock Calgary, Alberta
    Aug. 2, 2011 4:22 a.m.

    No, maybe for an overweight person, but I think that an overweight person is assumed to simply find food to be a vice in their lives, but an obese person is assumed to have no personal self image, no caring for ones self, bitter and ready to agressively defend her/his right to be obese. The obese are such, usually, because they refuse to develop that self control and food has taken control. Habits have formed and they(we) don't know how to replace those habits and get off the train. But I have lost 10 pouds and am on my way, again, I hope.

  • neudawn Jacksonville, FL
    Aug. 1, 2011 10:28 a.m.

    On the surface, there does not appear to be bias against one who is overweight, and many people would deny that they are biased. However, 3 years ago I was 75 pounds heavier. I walked into the store, bought groceries, clothes, went to work etc. I did not think people were being "judgemental", just perhaps they had a bad day, but after I lost the weight, suddenly people were nicer, more helpful, friendlier. I got the promotion that had previously passed me over. I was shocked. My personality did not change. The way I did business did not change. My work standards did not change. The only change was my weight. I heard someone comment "that if you take care of yourself, then you are assumed to be more responsible, reliable, dependable, whereas a heavier person is assumed to be lazy and sloppy."