Linda & Richard Eyre: Mormon Parenting: A Christ-centered family

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    July 2, 2011 5:47 a.m.

    God, our Father in heaven through His Holy Spirit, looked with charity and mercy upon fathers and mothers. Why? He organized them before the earth was created and where His Will [the words of His Only Begotten] are a source of hope.

    May God deliver us from them with whom God has an indignation forever. The US lawmakers everywhere. They competed with with Jesus for His sheep, but do not obey the 10 commandments or the Articles of Faith! The term "nuclear" family did not enter in our language until after WWII. They allowed the middle class family unit to shrink and it was based on the idea of marriage and traditional gender roles and morality. This hallmark is obsolete in the US. These lawmakers' self-serving abominations have brought a variety of blended households and have popularized the "broken" family.

    May God show mercy on the USA.