Probation ordered for 2 charged in 'The List' investigation

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  • Allen#1 West Valley, UT
    June 8, 2011 6:37 a.m.

    Mr. Yapias vividly illustrated the hypocrisy of the illegal aliens.

    How many others get irritated when they go into a store and think they are in a foreign country? STOP printing instructions in any language but English.

    Why can't illegal immigrants learn English as my grandmother did when she legally immigrated from Denmark?

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    June 7, 2011 3:02 p.m.

    You cannot break the law...

    in an effort to enforce the law.

    This type of 'vigilante justice' is what is WRONG with America. The same logic supported:

    Cross burning
    and water boarding.

  • Neanderthal SLC, Utah
    June 7, 2011 12:54 p.m.

    Robroy - Mr. Yapias and other Hispanic leaders are only trying to protect people of their ethnic race... which makes him a racist, doesn't it?

  • Robroy Murray, utah
    June 7, 2011 10:46 a.m.

    While I do not condone the illegal behavior of the two women charged in this case I can't help but notice the wonderful demonstration of civility and humanity displayed by Mr. Yapias and other Hispanic leaders. He kindly and thoughtfully harrased and badgered one of the women involved as she walked down the hallway screaming at her that that she was a felon and criminal. Is that really Christ-like behavior?. Doesn't he know that at heart this woman is a good person with a family to take care of? The complete and total hypocrisy of Mr. Yapias is sickening and shameful. He who continually defends thousands of criminals and felons on a daily basis has the unmitigated gall to harass this woman because she is a felon. It's disgraceful.

  • CB Salt Lake City, UT
    June 7, 2011 9:58 a.m.

    From the sound of this board, the public has spoken:
    Women: YES
    Illegal's: GO
    Law Enforcement: STINKS

  • Mr. Bean SLC, Utah
    June 7, 2011 9:40 a.m.

    @Dektol: "How can one get in trouble by revealing the location and information on criminals?"

    It's easy. It's called inept, corrupt law enforcement.

    These women had a duty to turn the 'list' people in under federal aiding, abetting, and harboring laws (8 USC 1324). Sure, it's against state law to disclose private information on a public record. But that's a state law. Federal law supersedes state law. These women should get their jobs back and a 'thank you' for their diligence. The folks that should be indited are the management of Utah Workforce Services and other state officials such as the State Attorney General for harboring the names of illegal aliens.

  • nomo Draper, UT
    June 7, 2011 9:37 a.m.

    Tony is lucky one of those women were not a relation or friend of mine he would have been laying on the ground dreaming of his homeland.

  • wrz SLC, Utah
    June 7, 2011 9:25 a.m.

    @CHS 85: "@Chris B - Yes, did you read the story. The two who illegally obtained information outside the scope of their employment for their own vendetta are being charged."

    Did you read Chris B's post? He/she asked: 'If the criminals on the list have been charged.' In plain English, have the illegal immigrants in this country sucking up welfare benefits been charged? The answer is: No!

    If fact, these two women should be given their jobs back with a promotion and a vote of thanks. They did the right thing by turning in the illegals on the list. It is a federal felony to aid, abet, and harbor illegal immigrants (8 USC 1324). Their awareness of the illegality of the people on the list required them to act. And they did. If they had not turned the people on the list in, they and their employer (Department of Workforce Services) could have been brought up on federal felony charges.

  • Alfred SLC, Utah
    June 7, 2011 9:11 a.m.

    @Furry1993: "If these women wanted to be whistle-blowers, there were legal ways to do it. They chose not to follow the legal procedures. They are getting what they asked for."

    A just how would that be, Furry? They turned the names over to law enforcement. What more could they have done?

  • katy salt lake city, ut
    June 7, 2011 9:09 a.m.

    If most of the SS numbers are fraudulent, that is another crime, so what is the State doing to those people who received our tax money under false pretenses? State employees are paid to check personal records to be sure everything is in order.

    This is probably the tip of the iceberg as far as our tax money going to people who aren't citizens. As Utahns we should know how our hard earned money is being spent.

    Also I get tired of hearing families are being separated when parents are deported. I don't understand why kids can't go with the parents wherever they go. Kids don't have to stay here alone. The parents knew the risks when they came here illegally. And the argument this is the only country the kids know doesn't hold water. Our family was uprooted when they were young & older as we had to go to Germany & Spain and other US states because of employment transfers.

    It sounds like the women who made the lists tried to tell the appropriate people before publishing it - what would we do without whistle blowers in Gov.?

  • BP Salt Lake City, UT
    June 7, 2011 8:25 a.m.

    I don't think its right to terrorize families in immigration situations. I've seen families ripped apart through the deportation process. I've even had friends deported that didn't know Spanish, and had no friends or close relatives in their "home countries." What most people don't know is that being deported back to Latin America is often a death sentence for some of these people. They are often targets for kidnapping or murder, because people believe they have a lot of money since they are from the US.

    I'm not saying that illegal immigration is a good idea...I would never do it myself, and I have always discouraged my Latin American friends from doing it. If the energy used able bodied and capable Latin Americans to get to the USA were focused instead on improving Latin American countries, I believe we would see a real change in those countries. However, I think its important for all Americans (and especially all who claim to be Christians), to understand some of the possible ramifications of "sending 'em all home." I favor humanity over regulation in this regard.

  • JP Chandler, AZ
    June 7, 2011 8:19 a.m.

    The amount of ignorance of the law, ignorance of the crime committed by these two people, and general prejudice represented in these comments sickens me.

  • Cats Somewhere in Time, UT
    June 7, 2011 8:01 a.m.

    I saw Tony Yapias on the news last night. He was taunting one of the ladies as she left the court room. I don't think he did anything to help his cause by his behavior. I think he lost a lot of sympathy from many people.

  • dustman Nampa, ID
    June 7, 2011 7:42 a.m.

    Now I have both State workers and illegals messing with my private information. And my tax dollars are paying for both illegal activities. That's weird.

  • dustman Nampa, ID
    June 7, 2011 7:40 a.m.

    Immigration is only a problem during the election years and politicians, Dem's and Repub's, only talk about it to polarize the voting base. Immigration reminds people which party to vote for. Immigration is not a priority for our elected officials.

    The sad fact is a lot of our country's industry is dependent on cheap labor. Although illegal aliens or undocumented workers apply for benefits, they are the only ones, apparently, who will do the work at a price employers are willing to pay in certain jobs.

    Contrary to popular belief you just don't have to fill out an application and 48 hours later you can come legally into the USA. For the people Americans complain about, the process is filling out an application and getting on a 10 to 12 year waiting list. You'd be surprised what you would do to feed your family today, rather than wait 10 years.

    As for these ladies, what they did was wrong and illegal. Maybe a lot of the people on the list were not here legally either, but there is a procedure to follow and these ladies didn't follow it.

  • patriotandmore Spanish Fork, UT
    June 7, 2011 7:14 a.m.

    Still waiting to hear how many, if any, on the list were in fact illegal and if they were/are receiving free government handouts. If there was just one, our government officials need to be brought to justice for allowing it to happen.

  • cjb Bountiful, UT
    June 7, 2011 6:21 a.m.

    There see ladies? Amnesty isn't so bad after all is it?

  • JBrady Murray, Ut
    June 7, 2011 2:25 a.m.

    The list came from our states own database. And the names were not all Hispanic, although the majority were if I remember correctly. They were a list of people claiming benefits in the name of a birthright child, but the state never checked them out for authenticity.

    Can we believe anything coming out of the Attorney Generals office regarding illegal immigrants anymore?

    It's very alarming that these women went to law enforcement with what they perceived as a misjustice, and were arrested.

  • Boo Ya!!! SLC, UT
    June 6, 2011 10:49 p.m.

    Were all the people on the list illegal??

    I really want to know the answer to this question.

  • coleman51 Orem, UT
    June 6, 2011 10:34 p.m.

    The real issue in this case was that the State of Utah is providing benefits to undocumented people with no attempt to determine if they can legally receive those benefits. These ladies have done a public service in exposing what the State of Utah is really doing: providing tax-payer benefits to illegals. Leniency toward these ladies should be extended. In light of recent Supreme Court rulings, employers will be punished for providing jobs for illegals. The State of Utah should not be allowed to be complicit in breaking the law either.

  • christopherK WINCHESTER, KY
    June 6, 2011 10:00 p.m.

    These two ladies are true American heroes! Hopefully the 1300 illegal aliens on the list have been or are in the process of being deported! Illegal isn't a race. It's a crime and illegal aliens are comitting a crime just by being here!

  • RichardB Murray, UT
    June 6, 2011 7:48 p.m.

    Now the state is on trial. Will the problem be corrected? Will those getting help illegally be prosecuted?

    Do you want us to report crimes? Burbank refuses to enforce laws so the illegal community talks to him. It seems the state of Utah doesn't want it's citizens reporting crimes.

    These ladies did everything right according to the whistle blower act. They turned it in to ICE first. Then local enforcement and media. They never made the list public.

    So, do you want the backing of the legal citizens, and do you want us to report crimes or not?

    If Tony kept yelling "criminal" at her, I have lost any respect I may of had left for him. Wow.

  • DN Subscriber Cottonwood Heights, UT
    June 6, 2011 7:48 p.m.

    I disagree with the prosecution of these two employees, even though they technically broke the law. I will accept that, and their punishment as being appropriate, but only if the state uses the excellent methodology these ladies came up with to track down illegals.

    Unless Utah's Attorney General promptly takes actions to investigate and prosecute illegals here in Utah, he should resign!

    Mr. Yapias' harassment of the woman is just as inappropriate as if she were to harass him for knowingly protecting illegals.

    The reporter's use of the inaccurate and prejudicial term "undocumented worker" instead of the true term "illegal alien" seriously undermines the reporting on this case.

    The judge in this case, Robert Hilder is the one who had at least one major case overturned, and was refused confirmation on the Utah Supreme Court- casting great doubts on the fairness and accuracy of his decisions in this case as well.

    It is revealing that the three major leaders of the Hispanic community were all there to condemn the actions of these fired state workers, but do not speak out about the need for people to obey all the other laws, like our immigration laws.

  • pharmacist South Jordan, UT
    June 6, 2011 7:35 p.m.

    The judge should be sent to jail, and the ladies given awards. They were the ones that exposed State protection of illegals. The people on the list were breaking Fed. government law, not these ladys. The judge is a piece of very very bad work in what he did.

  • watchman Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 7:22 p.m.

    So Tony gets in Bassett's face and repeatedly calls her a criminal.

    What is really criminal is that this state agency is still giving the freebees to the illegals even though now they know who they are.

    We can't argue with the AG having to prosecute these former state employees because we try to live by the 'rule of law' but why doesn't the rule of law apply also against people who have broken immigration laws, committed identity theft, and worked fraudulently in this country?

    It appears a little 'out of balance' to me and I am sure that is what Bassett and Carson saw and tried in many ways to correct.

  • jim l West Jordan, UT
    June 6, 2011 7:21 p.m.

    The group of people who should be sought out are the politicians that allow this to happen. Like Mark shurtliff. A few years ago he came up to a big scouting event and gave a wonderful speech about camelot and how we all need to obey the law and what happens when we dont. Well, i quess he forgot what he said. But he does not forget how to speak a few spanish words when talking to the illegals.

  • WestGranger West Valley City, Utah
    June 6, 2011 6:55 p.m.

    This is not just anger about people who are breaking the law. This is about people who are different. Different languages, different customs, different appearances.These two were angry about law-breakers and then justified breaking the law themselves.This was a blind headhunt. Many on list were legal, just Hispanic. Today is a great blow against intolerance and hatred.

  • Cats Somewhere in Time, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:52 p.m.

    What they did was illegal, but it wasn't wrong. Sorry, that's what I think. The sentence was appropriate.

  • Jonathan Eddy Payson, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:43 p.m.

    What did the jackbooted thugs of Germany that did their "duty" by turning in "criminals" and many posters in this forum have in common?

    They both think it's normal to assume that someone (brown or otherwise) is a criminal and worthy of expulsion without a trial.

  • toosmartforyou Farmington, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:36 p.m.

    Who would ever have guessed that a person's utility bills were confidential? Isn't is just unfathomable that those who support illegal immigration demand that the informants go to jail? Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? Was the information factual? Why shouldn't illegals be a little nervous if their deeds are uncovered? They don't seem to have any problem using stolen identities, fake green cards, manufactured drivers licenses, etc. But whatever, we better not reveal who they are or else we've commited some serious acts against humanity. After all, stealing identities is OK if its to feed your family; never mind the victim whose life you have messed with. They are just a regular working citizen or the child or one, who pays taxes and higher health insurance rates so the illegals can get free medical care and then slip back into the shadows.

    Complain some more, activists, about how tough your buddies have it here in America! Why do they want to come to such a bad place to begin with?

  • danaslc Kearns, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:34 p.m.

    Bad laws made by our own politicians causes this kind of thing to happen. How many in Utah knew about how are taxes were being spent before these two women as everyone is saying did the wrong thing. I appreciate the fact that my eyes have been opened. I am sad that these women are being treated like dirt.

  • dlw7 LOGAN, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:13 p.m.

    These two women DID break the law. They DID expose many others who WERE and ARE still breaking the law. It's hard to get too upset about what they did when many of those who were exposed have not been charged, and probably will never be charged. There are injustices here, it's just hard to blame them and not the ones who began this by entering this country illegally.

  • hpr Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:12 p.m.

    Actually, CHS, you don't know what the scope of their employment was. You are guessing. Their job was to enter data and verify information on recipients. The problem is that they looked at others besides their cases. They had reported fraud in the past to their superiors and been told it wasn't any of their business. I'm sorry but anyone who is aware of fraud in government payments should be REQUIRED to report it. Their mistake mostly was in sending the list out and it was a bad move on their part. They should not have done it but acted out of frustration. They received a punishment that was fitting the crime. It is not a felony. They did not tamper with the information. They did not falsify it. Now Shurtleff should investigate within DWS to have them pull fraudulent records instead of hide them but I'm sure he won't. You don't think what the illegals have done is bad unless they are using your SS number. Jonathan calls the posts ridiculous. I say they are honest.

  • RichardB Murray, UT
    June 6, 2011 6:06 p.m.

    Maudine, the 32 out of 34 number was stated in a press conference by Attorney General Shurtlefff and carried by the local media. He was unsure at the time if he would press charges. I don't think he ever did.

  • Bajashark Upland, CA
    June 6, 2011 6:02 p.m.

    They violated ethics and tampered with confidential state information, they published said information with the purpose of harming the people on the list...The said acts are felonies under state law. They got probation? What part of real criminals don't you understand? Looks like the "good old boy network" at work!

  • Gruffi Gummi Logan, UT
    June 6, 2011 5:40 p.m.

    1. As for "community service", they already performed it.
    2. The guilty plea was a mistake. No jury would convict them.

  • Jonathan Eddy Payson, UT
    June 6, 2011 5:11 p.m.

    These women were willing to break rules to expose alleged border crossers; possible rule breakers of a different color.

    How ironic that they should be charged with a misdemeanor crime. Illegal immigration is a class B misdemeanor people. A class B misdemeanor! Some of you praise the "courage" of these law breakers while screetching for the deportation of living, breathing humans and ban them from their children; all because of a class B misdemeanor?! Talk about hypocrisy at its basest form.

    I thought Utah was supposed to be the bastion of civility, good will and virtue. I read some of these ridiculous posts and I sometimes wonder.

  • Maudine SLC, UT
    June 6, 2011 5:08 p.m.

    @ RichardB: "32 out of the 34 social security numbers reported were fraudulent."

    I've seen that stated before, but can not find that information anywhere other than these comments. Could you please let me know where you are getting that information?

    @ anti-liar: "The state already has acknowledged that the persons named on the list were in fact illegal aliens."

    Same question to you: where are you getting that information from, because I cannot find any proof of that statement.

    (This article even refers to the 1300 individuals named on the list as "supposed" illegal immigrants.)

    Any additional information you can provide will be appreciated.

  • calou84523 Ferron, Utah
    June 6, 2011 5:07 p.m.

    Oh yeah, this makes a lot of sense, these two women get fines and probation and the criminal illegal aliens get "entitlements". I heard one Hispanic "leader" say that he was "disappointed" because the penalties didn't fit the "crimes" (exposing criminal invaders) how about the crimes that illegal aliens are committing every day?

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    June 6, 2011 5:02 p.m.

    The end Always justifies the means for scofflaws and those who would support any kind of profiling that doesn't point at them. It's sad how many who would proclaim to be on the right, would back this kind of criminal activity.

    If the police were to go door to door on random searches of peoples homes with no preliminary evidence, I'm sure they'd find lots of illegal behaviors, tax cheats and possession of all sorts of things which one shouldn't have by the definition of the law, but we don't live in a country like that, unless we let those like Fitness and Chris turn it into a police state.

  • CHS 85 Sandy, UT
    June 6, 2011 4:15 p.m.


    The problem is that the employees were working outside the scope of their employment. Their job was not to verify citizenship of the people they were supposedly helping. It'd be like an DMV person looking up your income tax information and then sending it to the press because they are suspicious of your claimed deductions. You may have illegal deductions, but it isn't the place of the DMV employee to go snooping for it.

    I have access to private confidntial information of the employees of my agency, but it is not my place to play police officer and go rooting through their files looking for illegal activity. That's illegal, unetical, and just plain sleazy.

  • Fitness Freak Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 4:04 p.m.

    I always hoped that this case could go before a jury. I always doubted that the prosecutors could have found 12 people in Utah who would convict the two women.

    I suspect that the state is jumping for joy that they could get a conviction at all!

  • RichardB Murray, UT
    June 6, 2011 4:00 p.m.

    I think everyone is forgetting that they sent the list to the Federal government several months before. And nothing was done about it.

    I think we are being warned not to report laws being broken by illegal immigrants.

  • Ok Salt Lake City, Utah
    June 6, 2011 3:58 p.m.

    These two ladies broke the law, and they are paying for it, as ruled by a judge, according to law.

    Now it's far past time to legally use information, contained at Workforce Services, to go after illegal immigrants and zip them out of the United States. Pronto.

    It wouldn't hurt to kick Gov Herbert and Atty General Shurtliff out of office.

    What do you think?

    June 6, 2011 3:34 p.m.

    you all seem to want to avoid a very simple fact anout how our system of law works you cannot break the law in an effort to enforce the law.

  • williary Kearns, UT
    June 6, 2011 3:18 p.m.


    By illegally hacking a computer to obtain the information.

    That's pretty clear isn't it?

  • RichardB Murray, UT
    June 6, 2011 3:15 p.m.

    32 out of the 34 social security numbers reported were fraudulent. It's time we cleaned house at the Department of workforce services.

    When the government doesn't do their job and do things honestly, it forces people to take extreme measures. These ladies are victims of the dishonesty of the illegal immigration racket being run in this state, and supported by some of our elected officials.

    For future reference, a child brought here has 180 days after their 18th birthday to return home and come back legally. Otherwise they are here illegally just like their parents.

  • Dektol Powell, OH
    June 6, 2011 2:52 p.m.

    How can one get in trouble by revealing the location and information on criminals?

  • anti-liar Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 2:52 p.m.

    @Happy Valley Heretic

    "Even though they at one point just added names willy nilly that sounded hispanic."

    False. The state already has acknowledged that the persons named on the list were in fact illegal aliens.

    Important questions being asked by honest Utahns remain unanswered:

    - Why hasn't Shurtleff vigorously prosecuted these persons who were named on the list for their various crimes?

    - Why did the government refuse to investigate and prosecute those on the list in the first place? These women HAD duly notified government authorities, LONG BEFORE releasing the list.

    But our corrupt government REFUSED to do so. It REFUSED to follow the law.

    This refusal constitutes TYRANNY, folks.

    Thomas Jefferson and others have pointed out that it is our duty to RESIST TYRANNY.

    These two women did just that. This makes them true patriots and genuine American heroes.

  • The Rock Federal Way, WA
    June 6, 2011 2:42 p.m.

    It was illegal and unethical for these two women to release this list.
    It is also wrong and unethical for the government to aid and abet illegal aliens in their illegal activity. Almost all illegal aliens are guilty of identity fraud. I have been the victim of this crime (although probably not committed by an illegal alien).

    There are two groups who want illegal aliens here:
    1. Businesses who want cheep labor.
    2. Liberal politicians who what them to vote.

    The first group is right of center (in theory). The second is not. Both parties are to blame for this mess and they refuse to fix it.

    Ordinary Americans bear the brunt of this invasion. Illegal aliens are also victimized by this mutually agreed upon blindness.

    We must end the abuse without committing even greater abuse.
    Yes, illegal aliens must leave.
    Yes, we must take away the bait that attracts them.

    There are many illegal aliens brought to this country under the age of three. If these people are now in their teens or young adults, this is the only country they have ever known.

    It would not be just to deport everyone in a blanket action.

  • CHS 85 Sandy, UT
    June 6, 2011 2:39 p.m.

    @Chris B

    Go study Civics 101 about illegally obtained evidence. Illegally obtained evidence cannot be used against another person. It is a technicality, I know, but it is a provision to protect eveyone.

    I understood your question perfectly. Do you understand the 4th Amendment?

  • Third try screen name Mapleton, UT
    June 6, 2011 2:01 p.m.

    Let's not lose sight of the fact that there have been cases in the news where benefits have been given to those who are not eligible.
    And as a result, others have LOST benefits when their identification was used by someone else.
    The pro-amnesty folks among us have nothing to gloat about here. By punishing these two women they are emboldening others to commit crimes.
    Our authorities would do well to dedicate their efforts to using systems available (like SAVE) rather than chide these two women. There is no evidence that they had any motive other than exposing the problem to authorities.

  • Furry1993 Somewhere in Utah, UT
    June 6, 2011 1:37 p.m.

    To Chris B | 10:48 a.m. June 6, 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT
    And have the criminals on the list been charged?


    They were -- the result of the charges against the criminals is what this article is all about.

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    June 6, 2011 1:09 p.m.

    taking5 said: I would like to know what if anything Herbert and Shurtliff did to investigate the real crime. People stealing tax payer money. The wrong people are being charged in this case.

    That's what the article was about, the 2 criminals and their sentencing.
    Using tax payers money to steal and compile a "fake Illegals list" of hispanic
    sounding names is a crime, and they are being punished for it, weakly punished I'll add.

    The RIGHT people are being charged.. those who committed a crime, not those who's name sounds criminal to racists.

  • DeltaFoxtrot West Valley, UT
    June 6, 2011 1:08 p.m.

    Since the Supreme Court upheld Arizona's immigration policy these two need to go free. It's not a crime to uncover lawbreakers.

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 1:02 p.m.


    "On" is a relatively simple word, sad you didn't understand it.

  • westcoastlife saltlake city, utah
    June 6, 2011 12:56 p.m.

    So they Broke the Law working in a Goverment office.
    As this just proves a point-Thier no better then any one else!

  • taking5 great outdoors, UT
    June 6, 2011 12:40 p.m.

    I would like to know what if anything Herbert and Shurtliff did to investigate the real crime. People stealing tax payer money. The wrong people are being charged in this case.

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    June 6, 2011 12:38 p.m.

    Johnson 72 said: I say deport everyone on the list.

    Even though they at one point just added names willy nilly that sounded hispanic.
    How racist of you, Johnson 72.

  • Johnson72 Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 11:13 a.m.

    I say deport everyone on the list.

  • lion in zion salt lake city, ut
    June 6, 2011 11:09 a.m.

    this happens all the time in rural utah, workforce service in the south had a employee laughing at a job applicant along with another staff thinking no one else was in waiting room.. after i heard this i left cuz it apart of the good ol boy system that abounds. Got to keep a handle on the scandle and then it becomes gossip which they seem to take to higher degree of mocking and they know the rule or should as they are instructed to follow "do unto others" being a professional never was about copromize of confidentialty when you got hired!

  • CHS 85 Sandy, UT
    June 6, 2011 11:03 a.m.

    @Chris B

    Yes, did you read the story. The two who illegally obtained information outside the scope of their employment for their own vendetta are being charged.

  • vallejo saltlake city, utah
    June 6, 2011 10:56 a.m.

    They would make a pair at thier time serve.
    The Goverment Hired Them they spiked a list of counter attacks on everyone
    Finding the right way to be a loyal moral Trustful office worker!

  • Furry1993 Somewhere in Utah, UT
    June 6, 2011 10:53 a.m.

    If these women wanted to be whistle-blowers, there were legal ways to do it. They chose not to follow the legal procedures. They are getting what they asked for.

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2011 10:48 a.m.

    And have the criminals on the list been charged?

  • williary Kearns, UT
    June 6, 2011 10:33 a.m.

    Glad to see these "heroes" are getting what they deserve.