Friday Minute: Friday Minute: Offering our whole souls to Christ is a true test of devotion

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  • MPeace Provo, Utah
    May 28, 2011 12:39 a.m.

    Some peoples in the past misunderstood the sacrifice principle regarding animals and carried it to extreme extremes. -Even to the state of human sacrifice.

    Some, it seems may have been miscarried on to after the visit of Christ to the Americas. -A case where the population came to disbelieve the truth and went back to very bad things.

    This Offering to Christ sounds So Difficult and Bad to those without knowledge of really what it is.

    It is really so simple and easy to those who have been trying to do their best.
    -We know we cannot know enough to do all the law all the time, and letting Christ take care of what we cannot do is so easy! -Even those afraid of doing so He has already forgiven, or by the law they would be dead.

    A Broken Heart and Contrite spirit is the nicest and easiest thing anyone can do. -Especially for those that want to always do their best and are always trying to. Christ is a Very Very Nice Person. He has made things so easy. Sacrificing animals was not easy at all. And taking the Sacrament - what is difficult about that.