Red roundup: Kyle Whittingham weighs in on Urban Meyer's future

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  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    May 13, 2011 7:35 p.m.

    @meet me in the muss

    I highly doubt anyone associated with BYU as a fan, player, coach, whatever, is jealous of utah getting a committment from from a bottom of the top 20 qb. Maybe he turns out to be a good one. Maybe not. But when you have 6 top rated qb's already who cares if someone else gets one? But get back to us if he ever turns out to be any good and maybe we'll reconsider our position.

  • mussingaround Palo Alto, CA
    May 12, 2011 11:19 p.m.

    Jealous of the first Top 20 QB Utah has signed during the Whittingham era?


    BYU signs one or two of those every year, including one just a little over a month ago.

  • meet me in the MUSS Sandy, Utah
    May 12, 2011 5:50 p.m.

    I smell some jealousy in here..

  • EdGrady Idaho Falls, ID
    May 12, 2011 4:35 p.m.

    Yeah Norm Chow just churned out All-American quarterbacks at UCLA.

  • IDC Boise, ID
    May 12, 2011 2:25 p.m.

    Here is a quick preview of Chow's play calling that BYU fans learned to expect from Chow. 3rd and 8 on the 25, draw up the middle. 2nd and 18, draw up the middle. Here is a hint for the Ute o-line, you had better work on your long yardage "draw up the middle".

  • TJ Eagle Mountain, UT
    May 12, 2011 2:03 p.m.

    No BYU doesn't need to covet that type of national attention. Why covet something you've already had for many years. It started in 1984 and is still building up steam. The moves that both teams made this year will give them both additional exposure. BYU gets the national exposure and broadcasting freedom they want and Utah gets lot's of money they need badly and will be exposed for what they are which is somewhere between becoming a national success story and being a BCS league doormat. Time will tell.

  • Ibleedcrimson Cottonwood Heights, UT
    May 12, 2011 12:58 p.m.

    1 star 5 star who cares! I give the following 10 stars though:

    Want to know if Utah has arrived in the Pac-12 yet? Just take a look at recruiting.

    The Utes, who once mostly battled the likes of BYU and San Diego State for recruits that BCS programs usually werent interested in, outdueled five Pac-12 schools for a quarterback this week.

    Is that some that national attention you peeps down south covet so much?

    "The likes of" pretty much sums it up....

  • TheSportsAuthority Arlington, VA
    May 12, 2011 12:31 p.m.


    "Sidenote. scout has him ranked higher than Tanner Magnum?"

    #17 Travis Wilson 3-stars
    #19 Tanner Mangum 3-stars

    You are talking about the Idaho recruit you had NOTHING good to say about just a few weeks ago, right?

    So, Wilson, ranked two places higher than Mangum, is a blue chip recruit, but Mangum, according to you, was a wasted scholarship offer from Bronco?

    You're too funny for words hedgie.

  • TJ Eagle Mountain, UT
    May 12, 2011 12:06 p.m.

    Wilsons stats don't say much for him. Maybe he diddn't start or play the whole season his Junior year. Let's hope he develops into a solid college QB. Way too early to tell or be very excited about him. If he has a great senior year then I will be hopeful he can be a good college QB.

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    May 12, 2011 11:54 a.m.

    Truth Machine.

    Rivals has yet to rate him.

    Sidenote. scout has him ranked higher than Tanner Magnum?

    So you point is?

  • Truth Machine Salt Lake City, UT
    May 12, 2011 11:41 a.m.

    Blue chip recruit hedgie?

    Travis Wilson, 6-6, 210 lbs, Class of 2012

    Rivals users gave him 4 stars; Rivals didn't give him any.
    Scout gave him 3 stars.

    Strengths: Release, Size
    Weaknesses: Accuracy/Consistency, Arm Strength, Running Ability/Mobility

    "Wilson has a terrific frame and a good release to get rid of the ball quickly. He is a good athlete who puts up decent rushing numbers on the high school level, but not much of a running threat on the college level. He shows good touch on the deep ball and is accurate underneath, but his accuracy breaks down on the intermediate passes in which he needs to muscle up on a throw...Scouts"

    Sounds like a larger version of Jordan Wynn - the prototypical Utah QB.

  • Swoop Salt Lake City, UT
    May 12, 2011 11:20 a.m.

    "We noted -- INCORRECTLY -- that Utah had beaten California for the rugby national championship... Actually, the Utes beat the Bears last June in an invitational 7-vs-7 tournament -- 31-26 in overtime -- after the college season was over."

    "From the sports information offices in Berkeley: "It was branded as a 'championship' but it was not -- that name was co-opted by the organizers and, in fact, NBC Sports, which televised it."

    "Speaking of rugby, football's crazy uncle, this Saturday the 2011 national semifinals take place in Glendale, Colo."

    From Berkeley: "These are for berths in college rugby's real title match."

    Typical of the Utes trying to claim a "national championship" for something that really wasn't. Makes you wonder how many of those "81 national championships" the Utes cite on their promo really were "national championships." For example, 1944.

    Good luck BYU and Utah this Saturday. It would be fun to see the Cougars and Utes square off for the real rugby national championship.

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    May 12, 2011 10:42 a.m.

    "Norm Chow was a big part of my decision too because he is one of the best quarterback coaches out there and he will teach me everything he knows"

    I don't expect Coach Chow to be with the Utes for more than a couple of years. what I do hope and beleive is that he'll establish a strong offensive system and bring in several blue chip QB's.

    Looks like we've got one....expect more.