Death row inmate Michael Archuleta asks high court for new trial

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  • eddiethekid Chicago, IL
    Nov. 19, 2012 2:05 a.m.

    There's only 42 more day left in the year. Now we're going into 2013, and that means Mr. Archuleta will now have made it a quarter of a century since he committed his brutal murder. I have a feeling that this guy will outlive me. I'm 67 years old, and I figure I'll be dead in about 8 years, given the average life span of American males is about 75 years. This situation is pitiful, and it's going on all over the country. I was doing a little research the other day about how long some of these death row inmates make it, and I found one that shocked me. There's this guy in Florida named Gary Alvord, and he's been on death row 38 years, since 1974. I have a feeling Mr.Archuleta is going to try to beat his record.

  • eddiethekid Chicago, IL
    Aug. 11, 2012 10:48 p.m.

    How many more delays is this guy going to get? What seems to be the problem? Is there any doubt that he committed the murder? Have his rights been violated? The man has had 24 years since he committed his murder, and there's no reason to continue delaying his execution. It's time the state followed the law and imposed the sentence that the court ordered. Give him any choice of execution he wants - hanging, electric chair, gas chamber, firing squad, lethal injection, or even bring back the guillotine if it makes him happy.