HIT Web Design forwards customers to another company

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  • Firefighter1998 Spring Valley, CA
    March 10, 2011 3:30 p.m.

    You can file a claim with the PROVO, UT POLICE DEPARTMENT. They are taking reports against HIT WEB DESIGN for any FRAUD OR SCAM ACTIVITY. I just filed a complaint and received a case number. When I called and mentioned HIT WEB DESIGN they already knew about the company & complaints that have been coming in.

  • herewego Camas, WA
    March 10, 2011 12:13 p.m.

    This is no shock, what a horrible, thieving company!

    We signed up to have them create our website. Long story short, after they didn't do the TOS agreement right and we didn't sign, they still charged my card for a total of $678 without authorization. Our credit card company refunded us since they hadn't and we filled with the BBB.
    It makes me sick to think about how many people's money they are stealing.$200 here, $480 there.. not enough for anyone to really justify a law suit, but with many customers loosing that money, they were bringing in the money.
    I know of three people who are in the same boat as me with this now non-existent company.