Red roundup:'s Andrea Adelson pays homage to Utes

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  • J1234 Spanish Fork, Utah
    Jan. 31, 2011 10:03 a.m.


    I think the pac stinks (aside from Oregon) and I still think the Utes will battle with their new conference rivals (Washington State) for 11th in the conference.

  • Oswald Gilbert, AZ
    Jan. 30, 2011 9:04 p.m.

    When byu plays a pac team the pac is overrated. When the Utes become part of the pac the pac is so tough the Utes may not take the pounding of the amazing pac. Typical byu hypocrites.

  • SoCal Trabuco Canyon, CA
    Jan. 30, 2011 7:26 p.m.

    Two observations
    1) Yhe article is a total yawner
    2) Duckhunter really needs to get e life.

  • Hank Pym SLC, UT
    Jan. 30, 2011 1:38 p.m.

    re: Cali Coug | 9:24 a.m. Jan. 29, 2011

    "You know the best thing about the u? It's only 45 miles from a real University in Provo."

    It looks like you did some research. However, its just enough to validate an opinion. How ironic.

  • Wally West SLC, UT
    Jan. 30, 2011 1:32 p.m.

    re: Uteology | 12:00 a.m. Jan. 29, 2011

    "BYU runs college football? Is that why in 2001 BCS said no thank you to the mighty 12-0 BYU team?"

    Thanks. I'm glad someone else spotted this. Lets just see how tds' first year on their quest more more exposure goes before they are running the whole show.

    There is another word for Bottom Line's optimism; what is it? Oh yeah, delusional.

  • NewMexicoUte Albuquerque, NM
    Jan. 30, 2011 10:03 a.m.

    Amazing what two BCS appearances and two BCS victories will get your football team win or lose??? RESPECT!!! That is what I see and that is what Utah is getting. At the same time, so many teams nowadays want to feel and taste what Utah, Boise St, and TCU have all felt as non-AQ teams, the feel and taste of the BCS experience (no matter how corrupt it is). I have seen in the past five years teams have done what they have to do to be a part of that. I believe some teams are going out of their way and doing some things for attention not on the field but in the media to compete in the national spotlight. Its become ridiculously crazy that college football (IMO) has gotten out of hand. Money, recruits, and mega TV contracts are now all part of the business in college football. I love college football but dislike how it has turned into a business and made high school recruits premadonas yet they don't get paid for their services. All I can say is...go UTES!

  • Utah'95 FPO, AE
    Jan. 30, 2011 6:52 a.m.


    You may be assuming that I'm a BYU hater. I'm not. My comments about schedules were in response to those who claim that BYU's 2011 schedule will be tougher than Utah's.

    You're right, judging BYU's move to independence by the 2011 schedule is premature. It will take 5 years before we really know what BYU's independence means where scheduling is concerned.

    Like you, I question whether Utah has the "weapons" to compete sucessfully in the Pac 12. I can't wait to find out!

    I may have offended you by saying "BYU fans feeling deserving of national respect." I was trying to point out that winning 9-10 games in the MWC (or the WAC before that) didn't mean as much in the eyes of the nation as it did in the eyes of Utah Valley.

    If (hopefully "when") Utah wins 9-10 again, it will "garner more respect" because of the level of competition that they faced. And in a few years, when BYU's schedule is beefed up, that will apply to the Cougars as well.

    So, do these comments meet your criteria for being appropriately "down to earth?"

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 29, 2011 7:12 p.m.


    Just a gut feeling. Scout shows the Utes giving him an offer several months ago. Dan Sorensen at rivals has hinted as much.

    I'm wondering if academics or other issues are in play. I also wonder if there might be a Shaky connection as he's from the Baltimore area.....

  • pocyUte2 Pocatello, Id
    Jan. 29, 2011 6:39 p.m.

    There has been a lot of confusion about Tre James

    It first came out that he committed to Utah in December. Upon further review, the reports were a bit erroneous and he hadn't even been offered.

    Hedge, where are you getting info on his newest verbal to Utah?

    I'm looking into it as well.

  • --JEFFE-- Cedar City, UT
    Jan. 29, 2011 6:23 p.m.


    ESPN reports Tre James has given Utah a soft verbal commitment.


    Wow, things must be getting really bad you are talking up getting a prospect with absolutely no offer from any other FBS school.

    It came down to Utah and Temple.... And Temple did not even offer him?
    Does it make you feel good that he chose Utah over Temple??
    Oh, and he is a staggering 2 Star prospect. What happened to your prediction of 4-Star "athletes" flooding to the hill?

    Thanks for playing, and come again!

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 29, 2011 4:30 p.m.

    Cali kewg,

    Thanks for your insight into Utah football. Though I take your comments with a grain of salt I would suggest Maryland actually offer Tre a scholorship offer.

    Thanks for playing and come again.

  • Cali Coug Visalia, CA
    Jan. 29, 2011 1:43 p.m.

    Re: Hedgehog

    Tre has already made three unoffical trips to Maryland. His mother and Grandmother are encouraging enrollment at Maryland...not sure how the u plays into his college selection. I will be surprized to see him at the u.

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 29, 2011 11:13 a.m.

    I've got a feeling the Utes have a silent committ from Tre James LB/DE out of Washington D.C..

    Check out his mug on Rivals... don't want mess with this guy.

  • uteBusters Park City, UT
    Jan. 29, 2011 9:25 a.m.

    Dave S

    The insecurity of Ute Nation and their little brother syndrome is astounding. I never said anything about BYU's schedule.

    Utah fans would have considered every one of these teams to be weak sauce if the Cougars had played them last season:

    Washington State(2-10)
    Oregon State(5-7)

  • Cali Coug Visalia, CA
    Jan. 29, 2011 9:24 a.m.

    You know the best thing about the u? It's only 45 miles from a real University in Provo.

    OK, not that funny...but true. So the best team at the u played a PAC-10 opponent yesterday and got beat. If the Red Rocks have a .500 record against the PAC you can expect the rest of the school to be below .500.

    As they say, "Having Utah and Colorado join the PAC-10 is the biggest swing and a miss since Mighty Casey was at the bat".

  • Cali Coug Visalia, CA
    Jan. 29, 2011 9:05 a.m.

    ...projecting losses to USC and Arizona in conference play and BYU outside of it. Sounds about right to me.

    The UA game should be close, the other two will be beat downs.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Jan. 29, 2011 7:15 a.m.

    "BYU should finish 9-3, and could compile a better record. But as it's been for the last 20 years, that record may not garner as much national respect as Cougar Nation feels it deserves."

    Earth to Utah'95, BYU already has that respect and that ESPN 8 yr contract just adds to it don't you think?

    Unlike several Ute fans that feel their program DEMANDS respect for this and that, most BYU fans don't feel compelled to demand a thing.

    Going independent and the strength of this first season means nothing as you Ute fans try to compare your so called SOS to BYU's. It's means nothing. As BYU goes toward independence the schedules will improve.

    No one is arguing that your SOS will be better immediately. The real topic, which is subject to a lot of debate, is that your team has 'weapons' to compete in the PAC-10.2 at a 9-3 level.

    That is laughable like your teams losses from last season. Gone is the talk of dominating the PAC-10.2 like was so prominent in last year's discussion boards. Utes will be begging for cupcakes.

  • Utah'95 FPO, AE
    Jan. 29, 2011 1:14 a.m.


    Remember all the talk early in the year about BYU's 2010 football schedule being so much tougher than Utah's? when it was done, Utah played a slightly tougher schedule than BYU did.

    Utah met the MWC weaklings early in the season. They faced the tougher conference opponents late, and played (yes, and got spanked by) a top 10 team in their bowl game.

    BYU played some tough OOC opponents, and then followed with most of the tough conference teams. They finished by beating the worst MWC teams and handily beating an anemic UTEP.

    BYU, Boise State, and Utah have proven they can beat good teams from BCS conferences. The question is whether they can do it when they face them on a weekly basis.

    It looks like Utah's schedule for next year will be their toughest to date. Personally, I would be very happy with an 8-4 record, but I know a sub-0.500 record is a possibility.

    BYU should finish 9-3, and could compile a better record. But as it's been for the last 20 years, that record may not garner as much national respect as Cougar Nation feels it deserves.

  • Utah'95 FPO, AE
    Jan. 29, 2011 12:47 a.m.

    Many of you don't like it when objective measures are introduced into our endless "my team is better than your team" arguments, but consider this:

    Sagarin rated the Pac 10 as the toughest football conference in 2010. In the last 10 seasons, he has never rated the Pac 10 lower than 4th.

    The MWC was rated 8th (behind every BCS conference and the independents)in 2010. In ten years, Sagarin has NEVER ranked the MWC higher than any BCS conference.

    In 2010, the WAC was rated 9th. In ten years, Sagarin has ALWAYS rated it lower than every BCS conference and the MWC.

    Over 10 years, the Pac 10 has averaged being the 2nd-3rd toughest conference, the MWC was ALWAYS the 7th toughest conference, and the WAC averaged the 8th or 9th toughest conference.

    I'm not saying that Sagarin's rating is the only valid measuring stick for college football, but he's likely more knowledgeable and objective on the subject than any of us.

    In 2011, BYU will play a watered down (no BSU, Nevada, or Fresno) WAC schedule with some very tough "out of conference" games.

    Utah's 2011 schedule is tougher top to bottom.

  • Uteology Fort Worth, Texas
    Jan. 29, 2011 12:00 a.m.

    Good article on ESPN. As of today I think 9-3 and 8-4 season next year is fair.

    @Bottom Line
    "These 3 teams along with BYU, Texas, Oklahoma, ND, Ohio St., Michigan, Florida and a couple of others will run college football. There will eventually be 15-20 haves and a whole lot of have nots"

    BYU runs college football? Is that why in 2001 BCS said no thank you to the mighty 12-0 BYU team?

    And what will they be playing for, a ESPN National Championship? And even then BYU will only be printing "Perfection" t-shirts in the preseason.

    Its more likely that teams like Texas will demand and get more TV money within 4 Super 16 conferences (aka BCS on steroids).

  • Bottom Line Draper, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 10:11 p.m.


    Nobody wants to talk or think about what will happen. Notice I said will happen. USC will join UCLA and create a SoCal television package. Oregon also has the ability with Nike etc to create such a package. These 3 teams along with BYU, Texas, Oklahoma, ND, Ohio St., Michigan, Florida and a couple of others will run college football. There will eventually be 15-20 haves and a whole lot of have nots. Utah will remain with the Pac however many, but it will not be recognized as it is today. This will all happen in the next 5 years and Larry Scott won't be able to do anything about it other than long for the day he almost had Texas.

  • Dave S Holladay, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 10:06 p.m.

    Re: UteBusters

    I find it hilarious you dare compare the Utes schedule with that of the kitty cats next season. How many WAC teams are you playing next year? That's right take a look at it again and you will realize what a juggernaut of a schedule you have to look forward to.

  • A Man's Perspective Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 9:52 p.m.



    Yes. BYU is overrated.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 9:08 p.m.


  • uteBusters Park City, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 7:54 p.m.


    "The only down time the Utes will have will be Montana..."

    Sure, Washington State(2-10), UCLA(4-8), Colorado(5-7), California(5-7) and Oregon State(5-7) are all real juggernauts.

    ummm, I think that's half your schedule.

    No down time for the Utes? lol

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 28, 2011 6:48 p.m.

    "Will he have the weapons to work with, though?


    The Utes have more than enough weapons at the WR position....They just need to figure out how to use them. Enter Chow.

    RB positon is a wait and see...John White is the wild card. Personally I don't see Langi effective except for short yardage....he'd make a better LB.

    If the Utes can land Eubanks it could be a game changer in 2012.

  • GCTexas Kingwood, TX
    Jan. 28, 2011 6:43 p.m.

    All public universities have to disclosure their athletic budgets (revenues & expenses) for each sport per Congressional Act. There's a website to download all the data. Texas easily makes $120MM annually and one of only a handful of teams to have a profitable athletic department. All the profits for football pays for everything else. Even Texas Baseball is profitable.

  • NevadaCoug Overton, NV
    Jan. 28, 2011 6:34 p.m.

    I think it's pretty safe to say that Utah's D will be solid next season. The questions certainly will revolve around the offense. As the article pointed out, Wynn is a big questions mark right now. If he comes back as good as he was at the beginning of this last season, I DO think that Chow will help him get better. Will he have the weapons to work with, though? If he does, Utah certainly can reach a 9-3 record.

  • Duckhunter American Fork, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 6:06 p.m.

    I don't think there is any doubt they lose to BYU next year, BYU is simply going to be better. It is the rest of her prediction I find to be irrational. No chnce utah goes 9-3 next year. 7-5 is the high water mark and I think it will be 5-7. They have lost alot from this years team and honestly were exposed at the end of the year as being no more than mediocre. What they have lost was the best part of that mediocre so I don't have any idea how anyone can think they'll be better other than deluded ute "fans".

  • Chad S Derby, KS
    Jan. 28, 2011 5:42 p.m.

    So, in her homage she predicts a loss to lowly BYU out of conference? I'm afraid Ute fans won't appreciate that.

  • pocyUte2 Pocatello, Id
    Jan. 28, 2011 5:42 p.m.


    I recall something about USC saying something about looking into their own tv contract. I'm pretty sure nothing came out of it. I think Larry Scott is too shrewd of an individual.

    The only other entity that is in the same ballpark as Texas is Notre Dame. A friend of mine told me that Texas was far and away the biggest money maker in all of the NCAA, their net was bigger than anyone else's gross. I don't know where he got his info, but I tend to believe it.

    I think ultimately we will have 4 16 team conferences that will squeeze out any team not in that 64.

  • MacNasty Rexburg, ID
    Jan. 28, 2011 5:25 p.m.

    Recently, the University of Texas football team signed a separate TV deal with ESPN. Oklahoma most likely will try to follow suit. The Big 12 is hurting and just might dissolve because of this.

    The only team in the West that can possibly get an independent TV deal in my opinion is USC. You would be in the land of OZ if you don't think the idea has crossed the minds of USC's AD and administrators. Yes, USC has been hit by NCAA sanctions, but still USC has the tradition, respect and national cache every bit as much as Notre Dame or Texas; maybe more than Texas. Pandora's box has been opened.

    The question is this: if USC goes for a separate TV deal and gets it, what will be the effects on the PAC-12 in the short run and in the long run.

    Serious, well thought out answers will be appreciated.

  • So. Cal Reader Escondido, CA
    Jan. 28, 2011 5:12 p.m.

    I blead blue, but still-- a 9-3 projected finish in the Pac 12 will definitely get Utah into a higher paying bowl than the sorry LV Bowl. Still amazed that's the "best" MWC can do for its Conf. Champion!

  • pocyUte2 Pocatello, Id
    Jan. 28, 2011 4:50 p.m.

    9-4 with their bowl win.

  • R.Burgandy Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 4:35 p.m.

    Who cares what Andrea says! What does she know? I think the U will go 7-5 so there!

  • --JEFFE-- Cedar City, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 4:28 p.m.

    Well 9-3 next season is very generous. Honestly, Utah will have a really hard time playing against PAC opponents every week. Utah's offense looked horrible this season against TCU, ND, AF, SDSU, BYU, and Boise. With most of the talent of offense leaving, its not looking much better. Good think Utah has a solid D or they would be in serious trouble.

    It is way to early to make any kind of accurate predictions as so much can change in the next 8 months. But here is what I see happening in 2011 for the Utes.

    Losses to USC, Cal, Arizona, and BYU. Best case scenario 8-4.

    Possible losses to ASU, Pitt, and UCLA. Worst case scenario 5-7

    I will give Utah the edge against UW, WSU, Montana State, Colorado, and Oregon State.

    Utah is extremely fortunate to avoid both Oregon and Stanford next season.

    It will be 3-4 years before Utah is really competitive in the PAC. But I'm afraid they will always be in the shadow of USC, Oregon, and Stanford.

  • TJ Eagle Mountain, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 4:11 p.m.

    At least Andrea was being non-biased when she predicted a loss to BYU next year. I think the Utes will be more like a 7-8 win team but that would still not be to bad in the PAC with all the seniors they lost this past year.
    Good Luck Utah.

  • Utes21 Salt Lake City, ut
    Jan. 28, 2011 4:11 p.m.

    Man Ute haters are out in full force. And you wonder why we trash talk on your boards..?

  • Observation-ist Ogden, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 4:10 p.m.

    I totally support your notion of having the ability to select between AQ and Non-AQ coverage. I don't understand, in this electronic version of the D-News, how you can't just stop clicking your mouse when the hand icon is over an article about BYU.

    You can stop reading and blogging about the non-AQ stuff RIGHT NOW. Just click on those UofU articles or go read the SL Tribune. Either way, I for one look forward to the day when your anti-BYU comments are a distant memory.

    In parting, I look forward to the day when I only have to tolerate anti-BYU dribble once a year (in September).

    For now, let's just say I wish Coach Whit well. I have always, and will always, prefer to beat a 9-1 Utah team rather than a 2-8 team. For now, I'll just have to settle for BYU beating the U early in the season.

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 28, 2011 3:37 p.m.

    I do agree that depth (excluding the D-line) will be an issue next year. Utes are probably two-three years away from have the same quality of seconds/third strings as the elite PAC teams. Not much you can do except continue to build and develop.

  • Just Wondering... Gilbert, AZ
    Jan. 28, 2011 3:27 p.m.

    Just wondering why Andrea didn't predict next year's record for the basketball team? Oh yeah, like most of the Ute fans and the rest of the country...she doesn't care either!

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 2:40 p.m.

    Utah will surprise some people next year in the Pac 12 but will find that playing places like Oregon, Oregon State, Standford and Arizona very difficult. I think injuries will play a factor the U when they have to withstand the weekly pounding of conference opponents.

  • TRUTH Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 2:39 p.m.

    I just hope that win by BYU is match the two games Jimmer dumped 47 on the Yews!

    It will give new meaning to the Days of 47!

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 28, 2011 2:28 p.m.

    Hey Dick,

    You really need to step it up on your recruiting coverage.... your competition at the other paper is running circles around you.

    Not sure if the Dnews has restrictions on what and how much you can report on the Utes... but your simply getting beat.

  • utahcountyute Cedar Hills, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 2:24 p.m.


    "Hope that BYU can do as well, with their schedule, which may be more difficult than that of the Utes."

    Guaranteed, Utah has a waaaaaay stronger schedule compared to byu next year. The only down time the Utes will have will be Montana and of course byu :)

  • panamadesnews Lindon, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 2:13 p.m.

    I believe the Utes will also lose to UCLA, so that would give them an 8-4 record. Then depending on whether they win their bowl game, they would be 9-4 or 8-5. Not too shabby for their first year in the PAC 12. Hope that BYU can do as well, with their schedule, which may be more difficult than that of the Utes. It will be an interesting year. Go Utes, except when you play BYU at LES.

  • RossE Redwood City, CA
    Jan. 28, 2011 2:11 p.m.

    Lolz @ Hedgehog... Seriously, dude, you need to get some change and buy a clue - "conference of champions" is so amazingly overrated. Besides Oregon and Stanford carrying the rest of the conference, the Pac-whatever is a bunch of wanna-be's... Spoiled, self-indulgent whiners most of 'em - I know, I live in the middle of it.

  • hedgehog Ann Arbor, MI
    Jan. 28, 2011 1:23 p.m.


    As always, thanks for your interest in following the Utes. You seem to know a lot about a team you claim not to care about.

    And yes, the BCS "conference of Champions" is very interesting follow....I can't really blame you.

    Now if we can only get the DNews to create a BCS & Not BCS sports pages- that would be nice.

  • Duckhunter American Fork, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 12:50 p.m.

    Sounds like andrea is giving the ute football team more love than they deserve. I doubt they are any better than .500 next year. Honestly I don't expect them to even be .500 5-7 is my prediction.

  • USAlover Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 12:37 p.m.

    If the Utes are going to be 9-3 in the PAC 12, they better find a new Quarterback.....FAST!

  • XelaDave Salem, UT
    Jan. 28, 2011 12:12 p.m.

    9-3 with all the issues that come with the transition- that might be a pretty good outcome- better than most Az and Az St. seasons that for sure

  • Utes21 Salt Lake City, ut
    Jan. 28, 2011 11:07 a.m.

    Glad we no longer have to read Andrea's thoughts anymore ESPN never respected the non AQ's like they should. Hope for that kind record though besides the loss to byu.

  • pocyUte2 Pocatello, Id
    Jan. 28, 2011 10:50 a.m.

    I hope Smith gets traded to a condtender. I love watching him play.