Southern Utah University VP pleads guilty to patronizing a prostitute

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  • SouthExposure Cedar City, UT
    Jan. 25, 2011 10:44 p.m.

    The truth of the matter is that this is a public position and working for an institution or business that must "sell" itself to those around them, it becomes imperative that he resign. I know him as well and have truthfully looked up to him throughout my life, but being involved publicly and then having this happen publicly made his decision to resign pretty close to the only decision possible. If you were to compare this to another public official, senator or politician that was convicted or plead guilty, they would be under extreme pressure to resign and would most likely do so to save public "face". It's unfortunate but it is what it is. I hope he can find employment somewhere else quickly and also within the community because he is an asset that this area would sorely miss.

  • sniggy Payson, UT
    Jan. 24, 2011 6:23 p.m.

    The consequences are up to him and his family now the law has spoken pagan. Unless he broke some sort of law with his employer. I'm sure there is many chicks running around in Southern Utah willing to forgive in less than 10 years. Maybe the next 10 days. Hot-tubbing with a minor is not against the law by the way.

  • Rifleman Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jan. 24, 2011 5:52 p.m.

    JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt| 1:40 p.m. Jan. 24, 2011:

    John: He was only following in Bill Clinton's footsteps. We were told it was none of our business.

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 24, 2011 4:18 p.m.

    'He made a terrible mistake yes but why resign. (sic) This is a personal matter between him and his family.' - sniggy | 3:19 p.m. Jan. 24, 2011

    Sniggy, you have to admit, Utah does make it it's buisness to involve itself in other peoples marriages.

    Perhaps if he was hot-tubbing with a minor, he would have gotten standing applause instead....

    Repentance is all well and good, but there does need to be consequence.

    I will agree that forgivness is devine. A 'brand for life' as you put it is too long.

    Maybe the next 10 years...

  • sniggy Payson, UT
    Jan. 24, 2011 3:19 p.m.

    He made a terrible mistake yes but why resign. This shouldn't be the end of a career. This is a personal matter between him and his family. Some laws ruin peoples lives when those laws should not.
    I hope he finds a new position somewhere. Utah people don't forgive they brand people for life. Repentance isn't good enough for most Utah folks.

  • JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt Beverly Hills, CA
    Jan. 24, 2011 1:40 p.m.

    Another republican busted for infidelity.

  • spunkykat Ferron, UT
    Jan. 24, 2011 12:47 p.m.

    This is so sad. I knew Wes when he was in my ward when I was little. He was such a sweet and wonderful guy. I'm completely in shock that this happened. It just lets you know that anyone can fall and we need to watch our thoughts and actions always because the smallest misstep can lead to larger things. I hope his family finds the healing they deserve.

  • Johnny Triumph American Fork, UT
    Jan. 24, 2011 12:11 p.m.

    It's amazing to me what people will give up or jeopardize for sex. Family, secure job, reputation, and for what?