Sundance film panel: Make movies to tell truth, improve humanity

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  • Travis Burnswell Logan, UT
    Jan. 26, 2011 6:22 p.m.

    You can't use the word truth in a headline, and then quote Michael Moore. The dude makes films, not documentaries.

  • awsomeron1 Oahu, HI
    Jan. 22, 2011 5:39 p.m.

    It is that Quality Of Life thing that is so vital.

    That following the Example of those Wise Movie Stars.

    My Grandfathers Retirement Job, was as an Usher, Full Outfit. His pre retirement job, passion and career, was being Sports Editor and Sports Writer for The Chicago Defender.

    My Grandmother on my Fathers side took me to see him at his movie house. I was a child of 8 or 9. I remember I was not scared of him and I liked him.

    The next time i saw him he had died.

    So see your Grandkids and take them to the Movies.

  • awsomeron1 Oahu, HI
    Jan. 22, 2011 5:32 p.m.

    Yes Movies can help in real life for goodv or ill.

    The Blob was very inportant in shaping my life.

    So wasen't to Kill A Mockingbird.

    So was Guess Whos Coming To Dinner. (which by the way is a two way street).

    Lillies Of The Field.

    Beach Blanket Bingo

    Cleopatria, (with the gross miss casting of Liz Taylor in the lead Role).

    Later on Star Wars.

    Later Still. Juno and Driving In Cars With Boys.

    Of course lets not forget Johnny Lingo.

    However all and all it was the Blob that changed my young life. Why. Because it was the 1st time i had to sit upstairs in a movie House. I discovered I liked it, and letting wet Pop Corn fall into the drinks of those below me.

    Most of the Upstairs became in most movie houses, where closed do to lack of repair, a few years before the One Screeners closed.

    The Last Movie I saw in a One Screen House was The Wiz. in the 70's in Phoenix Az. I liked that movie.

  • Moracle Blackshear, GA
    Jan. 22, 2011 11:18 a.m.

    Absolutely! Let us see more truth in our movies! Especially truth about the positive side of life, rather than so many downer movies, leaving us feeling like the world is a rotton apple, full of worms!

    Also, let's see movies that reveal the truth about creeping government control of our lives and the advancement and intrusion of socialism, communism, fascism, and Marxism into our nation's government and schools. And while you're at it, show the truth about the hidden movements toward a one world government in which we will no longer have the freedoms, rights, government by the people,or voice of the people afforded by our Constitution and Bill of Rights! These are the truths I see blatantly missing from truth in movies.

  • John Adams Miami, FL
    Jan. 22, 2011 9:14 a.m.

    "It's wrong to live in a country where if you get sick, it's not a human right to be able to see a doctor without having to worry about paying for it," Moore said.

    I could not disagree with him more.

    Next time you're sick, have the doctor or hospital send the bill to Moore and see what happens.

  • ER in EUR Belgrade, Serbia
    Jan. 22, 2011 3:38 a.m.

    DANG-IT, I hate Moore with a passion but on this one he stood up to be counted. It is important that we have those in society that are willing to stand up. I hate to say it, to have the integrity to do what you believe even when it is not popular.

    On this one, Moore is right.

    It would have been so easy to just do it. No one would have noticed or even said anything. But he made it a play to bring the issue up.

    Same day that Citi's CEO was given his salary back (up from $1). I wonder if it will mirror his $32 million 2008 total package? The mil guys that were incorrectly foreclosed upon- I wonder if their whole mortgages were worth $32 million?