Study indicates states still face more economic woes

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  • Predictions.
    Dec. 15, 2009 5:45 a.m.

    We can all predict but odds are you're more often wrong than right. Economist information is false and misleading and working on 10 year old information that no longer applies to our current situation.

    The economy will never rebound to previous levels, we don't have the infrastructure, jobs, or industry local and nationally to do it. Small business come and go and are not a stable job market.

    As for the state budget, we don't have shortfalls or losses, we have over spending and denial. The Utah state leaders are budgeting and spending as usual hoping things will regenerate from the dust to previous levels.

    Our hundred year old plus companies have all shut down to export our jobs to a cheaper labor force in foreign countries. Calling americans workers too greedy and expensive. One thing they didn't count on was that these well paid workers was their lifeline and economic success. To offset this loss of companies and cuts in labor and wages the government took over and created the spend and debt economy.

    This along with government failure to regulate and tax imports to keep american companies competitive with cheap slave labor countries.