Utah Jazz: Kirilenko returns to bench, finisher role

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  • jazz in vegas
    Nov. 20, 2009 2:41 p.m.

    AK is my favorite player to watch period. i love him gambling on everything. he moves like a cat. if it doesnt work out the effort is always there. he seems more focused this year and if he keeps improving like i think he will, we are all in for a good time watching him. keep it up AK 47, i want to see another 5 x 5.

  • King Black @ miles
    Nov. 20, 2009 5:27 a.m.

    Is this the same guy who says chemistry is not a big deal? Yea OK

    I think we all stopped listening to your opinions a while ago. But maybe it wasn’t you.... anyways

    But just to let you know +/- says how productive a player is while on the floor compared to the rest of teammates preferably in taking care of the ball.

    This is not only derived from steals and turnovers but also from assists, field goals attempted and free throws attempted and then there is a formula that they use to get the +/- ratio

    So I’d say they are not that dumb but then again it is you speaking, so I guess there are exceptions to that word.

  • Miles
    Nov. 19, 2009 4:00 p.m.

    Plus/Minus comments are just dumb. They tell nothing about an individual. There are 5 players on the court, not one.

  • I wrote
    Nov. 19, 2009 2:37 p.m.

    ...the plus/minus comment.

    I think criticisms of AK are fair for sure. He does plenty of things that annoy me ie. getting stripped/flailing/gambling on defense.

    He should do less of the gambling in my opinion. He gets to the FT line a decent amount in comparison to the other soft sissies Booz and Okur so I won't fault him for driving into the paint to flail/get stripped although it is tough to watch him finish.

    BUT in the bigger picture AK is valuable to this team overall and we would simply be a defensive disaster without him as evidenced by the veritable layup drill that occurs every time he sits on the bench!!

    On an unrelated note--I'm glad Okur is out tonight. He is the biggest sissy on the road. He just vanishes. Hopefully Fesenko can keep his head in the game/stay out of foul trouble against the Spur BIGs and give us some quality minutes tonight.

    Leave Matthews on the floor to replace Okurs outside shooting and send Fess in to bang for rebounds.

  • houdini
    Nov. 19, 2009 2:00 p.m.

    miles defense was fabulous last night,

  • Gazelle
    Nov. 19, 2009 1:27 p.m.

    Why is it all or nothing ?? Its like AK did this so you cannot talk about that.

    He is a good player. The bottom line on this issue, is he does keep making stupid mistakes. Thats right not just mistakes, but STUPID mistakes. I just want to ask him sometimes what he is even thinking.

    Re: Its true

    I agree with everything you said.. The matthews stuff was great. Best defensive player for sure. I watch him alot. He is always helping. He seems to see the whole floor while playing defense.

    Maynor is a stud as well. Very poised. These two just know how to play. I think these guys get enormous amounts of credit !! What makes these two good is not out of this world athletic ability, but how smart they are. So sick of the stupid player.

    All and all the future looks bright. The rookies have been a breath of fresh air for everybody. Thanks Maynor and Matthews.

  • King Black @ A.K. Is Wild & Soft
    Nov. 19, 2009 12:37 p.m.

    How is AK soft

    First of if your frequently slashing to the hole allot like AK does, trust me your expecting some contact cause your going to the hole where the big guys are at but hey AK still goes there,
    and this is why he gets free throws hence the contact.

    And normally he doesn't score allot of points maybe but so far this year hes been on fire just like the old AK47.

    And how is he super soft on defense.... what categorizes a person to be soft on defense.. is it the steals he gets a game, or maybe its the blocks he gets a game, ooo so he gets screened you ever play basketball screens are not that easy to get by.

    inconsistent on offense so your saying just be one dimensional, yea ok that a work. did you even realize his shot percentage this year on threes and twos
    the guys on fire plus the amount of assist he gets, so by looking at the per game stats and the +/- ratio Id have to say he is very much consistent!!

  • re anonymous
    Nov. 19, 2009 11:42 a.m.

    you are right

    if sloan would use him right ak could shine every game

    talk about negativity, the guy had a great night offensively and all he comments about is his defense, i hope he said the same about the others

  • Plus/Minus
    Nov. 19, 2009 11:08 a.m.

    I have not looked after the last couple of games (when AK has even been playing better) but as of a few games ago:

    With AK on the floor? The Jazz PLUS 4.
    With AK off the floor? THe JAZZ MINUS 24!!

    You people can babble on all you want about AK and his weaknesses (every player has them) but this team is UNQUESTIONABLY dramatically better when AK is on the floor/

    The are a defensive ABYSS without him!!!

  • santa
    Nov. 19, 2009 10:55 a.m.

    Which player on the team gets to the line the most? AK. That is not an statistic that suggests an unwillingness to accept contact.

  • Its true
    Nov. 19, 2009 10:16 a.m.

    With the ABSOLUTE VOID of any shot blocking and rim protection this team has we can not afford to gamble on defense.

    Just stay in front of your man.

    That is why Matthews has such good defensive stats. He is possibly the best defender on the team and I don't think it is a fluke. He very much believes in Jerrys philosphy of staying in front of your man and bumping him which lets him be more physical and not have to defend with his hands.

    I have a DVR so I rewatched some of the plays as Matthews guarded his men. He moves his feet well and RARELY lets his man turn the corner to get to the basket. He fights through screens or recovers from being screened very well.

    If you were to rewatch the game and just watch Matthews defensive assignments, AND HIS HELP DEFENSE, you would see that he is one of THE BEST defenders we have.


    AK has been shooting from outside really well lately too.

    All the improved perimeter shooting has allowed Boozer to become the beast he used to be down low.

  • Ak Fan
    Nov. 19, 2009 9:44 a.m.

    Why is everybody talking about money? it's not your money and Ak did not steal or mob somebody. Jazz give to him. NBA is business so happens good , bad and average deals.

  • Anonymous
    Nov. 19, 2009 9:38 a.m.

    THE REASON KIRILENKO HAS A HARD TIME STAYING IN FRONT OF HIS OPPONENT IS BECAUSE THE OTHER TEAM SETS SCREENS FOR FORWARDS. Actually every team in the entire league set picks for their forwards outside of the Jazz. The only player the Jazz sets picks for is point guards. AK is so efficient in getting to the basket it would be nice to see a pick set for him.

    Could you imagine at the end of the game against Cleveland the Jazz had someone outside of AK throw the ball to AK at the top of the key. James is guarding him and the teammate who being guarded by Z come over and sets a pick on James. AK then drives the ball against Z and scores the easy layup

    If the Jazz want AK to bet better the Jazz need to set picks.

  • Miles
    Nov. 19, 2009 9:30 a.m.

    AK is better to come off the bench. Starting him makes the second unit weak. Starting Matthews with other scorers works out better. Brewer needs to be a bench player too. CJ will be the new 2 when he is healthy. Brewer is going to the bench.

  • Anonymous
    Nov. 19, 2009 9:26 a.m.

    Agreed he is super soft on defense. He struggled to get through a lot of pick and roles from the raptors last night. And normally he doesn't score a lot of points so it was strange to see him doing so well. But he takes the oddest moments to score. He'll drive to the basket one minute then take a god awful three pointer the next. He is highly inconsistent and I don't think meshes well with the strategy Sloan works hard for. The only reason he gets the big bucks is he was the only decent player we had a few years ago and the owners were desperate to keep some talent on the team. Now I feel he's a bit of an albatross on our team.

  • Ak haters stop.
    Nov. 19, 2009 9:18 a.m.

    its not his fault management structured his contract like this. when we singed him, all of you were on board. AK always does well on +/- ratings so why all the hate. maybe if we played him at 4 he would be an all-star again.

  • Sparks
    Nov. 19, 2009 8:19 a.m.

    AK is clearly head and shoulders above Matthews as a player! Not sure why an undrafted Rookie gets the starting minutes when Andre sparks the team! Matthews can spark the team by coming off the bench!

  • A.K. Is Wild & Soft
    Nov. 19, 2009 8:06 a.m.

    16 mil gets you this? The man is literally scared to death of contact! When he drives to the basket all hell usually happens, nothing good! He flays around throwing the ball at anything that will get him away from contact. Absolutely not worth the big bucks, but more like around 5-6 mil per and no more. He needs a different team that is more helter skelter like Phoenix and Golden State. He just doesn't fit this offense or defense. When did you see him set a hard screen last? Never! Send the softie somewhere else!

  • Boozer's defense is better this
    Nov. 19, 2009 7:03 a.m.

    Boozer's defense has improved, Jazz fans are just too blinded by hatred to see it. Bosh had to take 25 shots last night.

    AK has improved a great deal too, he's looking pretty good this year. It might be a mistake to start Matthews, but seems like it worked out okay last night.

  • VegasJazzFan
    Nov. 19, 2009 3:36 a.m.

    In his post-game comments, I think Sloan was too harsh on Kirilenko. Does Sloan publicly criticize Boozer, for example, on nights when his defense is lacking? I can't remember it! AK scored 20, had 7 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 blocks. Sloan didn't start him, but he played 32 minutes, including the entire 4th quarter. I liked AK's postgame comments. So far this year, I'm pleased with him (despite very high salary) and in my opinion coach should not focus on the negative with his *public* comments after AK clearly had a good game. Tell AK *personally* next practice something like "Overall you played well last night, but stay between your man and the basket more often." It makes me wonder if Coach Sloan resents AK's salary... if so, get mad at management which agreed to pay him that much. True, I was disappointed with AK's performance the last few years... but I believe he is still one of the few who can get impressive stats in FOUR different categories... on nights when he is given enough minutes, that is.

  • Ak Fan
    Nov. 18, 2009 11:16 p.m.

    Okay Sloan where is your beloved Boozer plays defense. AK got very good offense 2nite. Only jazz who knocked down trees. 2 of 2.