UVU men's basketball: Big second half leads UVU to win over Chicago State

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  • Puddles ,
    Feb. 13, 2012 3:55 p.m.

    I'm a little confused here. I'm pretty sure this article is about Utah Valley University beating the Chicago Cougars. Nowhere in the article did it mention BYU, UofU, or TCU. Do you bloggers just pick a random article that has to do with sports to continue the BYU, UofU bashing. Cause none of these posts were about the article. You could always create a blog you know and move the bashing there.

  • FB Eye
    Nov. 1, 2009 9:31 a.m.

    I've said it before and I will say it again. If this exact same BYU team was being coached by Urban Meyer or a coach of that caliber, BYU would be undefeated and heading to a BCS this year.

    You have to lay all of the blame on the coaching.

  • 35 year fan
    Oct. 31, 2009 3:46 p.m.

    I am not about to jump off the bandwagon, but the talent level is as good as ever; coaching is not. Game planning is non-existent. Just execute is the mantra. But if there is no game planning, all the execution is not going to get anywhere. Our offensive and defensive coordinators are inferior to many in the past- especially on offense. Norm Chow is much better than Anae.

  • BYU Fan in CA
    Oct. 31, 2009 1:57 p.m.

    The Cougars were forced early on this season to get creative when golden child Unga pulled his hammy! What a concept...lets use the great talent of other running backs and receivers to overcome the loss of brain fade by running Harvey up the middle every time! When the Cougars were mixing it up on offense using DiLuigi and Kariya running different routes than "up the middle," the Cougars opponents did know what to do.

    As soon as golden boy gets "healthy" (don't get me wrong, Harvey can seriously run the ball well) Anae puts the same old same 'o offense together again and guess what? The Cougars oppenents know how to whip us. Look at SDSU, they were cleaning our clocks during the first quarter of that game. BYU had some luck to leave QualComm with a "W" instead of and "L."

    Come on Coach Anae, use the right side of your cranium for a change!!!!

  • Ron
    Oct. 30, 2009 8:48 p.m.

    I was very disapointed with my BYU team. They are better players than that. BYU needs a new Off. Coordinator.......Anae is good, but He does not prepare the team for what they are facing each week. If He stays He needs to rethink his approach. That is all I have to say. They can still make a very good year out of this. Good luck Cougs.

  • soft bear
    Oct. 30, 2009 2:06 a.m.

    Anyone can make an excuse, but simply put--we got out played!! There's enough blame: poor coaching, lack of fire, poor excution, lack of defense etc. But the true fact is TCU on Saturday was better than the Y. Coaches and players will recover for the rest of the season and probably end up with a winning 10-2.

    The one thing I see missing from this team and the those of the past few years, is the ability to come out after the half and take control. We got spoiled in those former years, because it didn't matter what we did the first half, corrections were made and we took control the second half.

    I've heard alot of people say "we needed Mckay". I agree he could have made a difference, but a team with the history of BYU should always have a stable of deep receivers ready to step in an make the big play. Opening up the rest of the game. What counts now is what the team does the rest of the season, I believe they are good enough to come back!!! We'll Bowl somewhere!!

  • Hmmm
    Oct. 29, 2009 2:19 p.m.

    This season is remarkably similar to last year. Fast start, get creamed by TCU, squeak by mediocre MWC teams before getting beat (again) by Utah and probably lose to a 5th place PAC10 team in another rendition of the "Pampers, Who Cares?" bowl. If this is Bronco's idea of taking BYU back to past glory I think he better start rereading BYU history. LaVell always said he hired the best assistants he could find ie. Chow, Holmgren and Scovil (amonng others) at OC and guys that actually played defense in the NFL that knew what the heck they were doing ie. Whittingham (Kyle's dad among others) BYU has never recruited 4 and 5 star athletes but consistently won because of great coaching. Boise State doesn't get 5 star talent but Chris Peterson ALWAYS has his teams prepared to win week after week. Bishop Bronco and his Merry Men need to heed their own formula for success and start "performing at a higher level"

  • Unreal
    Oct. 29, 2009 8:05 a.m.

    This whole comment section is cracking me up. Let's complain about how predictable Anae is, and how he can't convert on 3rd down because of it. We are 3rd in the nation.
    Let's bring back coach Chow so we can be less predictable. People complained about how predictable Chow was the whole time he was here, I watched as over and over again fans would guess what he was going to do, and they were right. After leaving BYU Chow continued to show that he didn't have what it takes, right? Come on, ridiculous. Chow's approach, execution. Sound familiar to anyone?
    Let's replace Max Hall because Riley Nelson is so much better. We have really seen what Riley can do in the 10-15 downs he has been in. I recall like 3 passes, maybe. 2nd winningest QB in BYU history, better int/td ratio than Detmer, Young, and Boscoe. (Hiesman, NFL HofF, National Championship sound familiar to anyone?)
    2-2 against TCU, 4-5 against Utah, in their BEST decade of football. Things turn quickly, we’ll see who has sustainability. We'll continue to to back and forth with two great programs.

  • Re: Dave Schory
    Oct. 29, 2009 7:58 a.m.

    Wow, do you work for the alumni association or something? BYU actually has very good fan support with many people donating thousands every year. BYU might not have Nike like money (Oregon), with huge donors, but they have as many people donating a few thousand a year as probably anybody.
    Oh wait, I think this might be Bronco. You are saying give the coach more money, and all of a sudden he will be able to win? Hmmm. Where do you work at buddy? I would like to go where pay comes before performance.
    Bronco gets paid better than a lot of coaches. He probably got paid more than Kyle until this year, and he is still probably close.
    I guess Bronco is like a lot of people in their jobs. They figure out that they have a pretty secure job and basically just mail it in and do mediocre work.

  • Dave Schory
    Oct. 29, 2009 2:26 a.m.

    I feel that is very easy to criticize and condemn the BYU football team and coaching staff. But are we going to be part of the problem or part of the solution as a BYU fan base?

    Many schools that are very successful in sports such as USC, UCLA, TCU, ... also have a very supportive fan base. Their alumni donate and raise millions of dollars to help their athletic departments. The fans help their coaches recruit top notch athletes from around the country.

    So why aren't BYU fans and alumni donating lots of money to help us become a great football team? Why aren't we as fans helping refer and encourage the top notch athletes that we know who are either LDS or non LDS to come to BYU and play for the team? The BYU coaches like Mendenhall and Edwards can only do some much with what they have been given. I feel it is time for the BYU fans and alumni to start donating tons of money like other top notch schools do. Mendenhall doesn't get paid like other top notch football coaches do. So are we part of the problem or the solution?

  • Add variety & surprise
    Oct. 29, 2009 2:13 a.m.

    I think BYU could improve their game a great deal just by adding more vareity to their plays and formations, have specific plays that you practice all the time just for the Utah and TCU games which are outside the usual BYU repetorie, and dont go away from running the ball when Harvey is cutting through TCU's defense like he did. We have a huge offensive line, and prior to getting behind so bad we should have run and play smash mouth football. Defensive linemen, linebackers, and db's dont really like getting pushed around and hit all day by big linemen and tight ends out there continually knocking them around. Also, Hughes speed is mitigated by running between the tackles or having a TE and an OT double up on him and knock him around.

  • Re: 2010 Class
    Oct. 29, 2009 12:27 a.m.

    Players don't need to run faster than a 4.5 except for maybe in the WR and DB spots, genius.

    And don't get going about all of that nonsense about how all of Utah's players run 4.2's, good freak.

  • Correct...
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:45 p.m.

    Utah is no TCU. Utah has been superior in the Whittingham era winning 3 of 4

  • No cigar
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:24 p.m.

    BYU continues to displace its inability to play-make when it counts. Anyone can beat a lackluster mountain west conference team, but when it comes down to it, BYU can't make the plays when it counts. To be a top level team you need to handle pressure well, something BYU has consistently failed to do in the last several years.
    This lack of focus by the BYU team will not improve until BYU fans expect to see more than a conference championship and a trip to the Las Vegas bowl out of their team. What kind of message does it send to the players if the fight song is played after LOSING?! It says that losing is acceptable.
    The church and sports are separate activities and should be treated as such. Graciousness towards a rival team douses the flames of competitive edge.

  • 2010 Class
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:45 p.m.

    Still not one kid with better than 4.5 speed. Keep recruiting slow and you will keep being slow. Anybody remember the definition of insanity?

  • Clueless
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:19 p.m.

    I think BYU did run the ball against TCU....I remember a series where BYU had a 1st and 20 following a holding penalty,,,and BYU ran the ball...three times! on 4th and 9, they punted....great play calling, great BYU strategy....at that point I said "they have alreay thrown in the towel....I think the rest of the game Bronco was speaking "French"!

  • Clueless Fans
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:14 p.m.

    Geez...I have never read so many clueless comments! You can't run yourself back into a game that you are trailing....ever! TCU had us 21-0 and unga at ten yds a whack is not going to get you back into the game....this loss belongs to Hall...period! Retire him...YESTERDAY!!

  • Getting it done today
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:22 p.m.

    Utah is getting what done today? Not what they were doing last year. At least BYU is staying consisent. We've just got to figure out how to correct where we are falling short, and that is finding a way to beat the more athletic teams.

    With more athletic recruits coming next year, the problem should work itself out. I'm optimistic.

  • Deja Vu
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:09 p.m.

    What did Bronco and the Cougars expect? It was almost identical to last year. Outcoached, frozen by speed, missed tackles, inability to excute plays and bonehead plays on defense that cost the Cougars the game. Bronco needs to man up and realize that he failed to prepare his players, coaches and himself for the game. He can't get his players up for the game and they came out flat. the whole stadium was dead (players and fans) and this was our homecoming? Recruiting must change, coaching must change and our mindset that we are superior must change. 10-2 or 10-3 is good, but we shouldn't accept it. Once you get there year after year you need to make your team better, not plateau!

  • Knock Em Off?
    Oct. 28, 2009 5:23 p.m.

    The problem is those little fast guys were knocking our big sluggards off the ball.

  • Utef@n Posing as a Cougar
    Oct. 28, 2009 5:16 p.m.

    I think "we" should fire Bronco. I think "we" should bench max hall and put in Riley Nelson. I think "our" program is in the dumps. I think "we" are going to lose to Utah and AF and maybe Wyoming. I think "we" have terrible coaches. I think "we" should go jump off a bridge and cease to exist.

    It's become a little obvious that Yewts want cougarfans to be saying certain things so badly that they're now posing as BYU fans. Don't get me wrong, a frustrated BYU fan might say just about anything, but these boards are inundated with posers.

  • Re: Edwards better than Bronco
    Oct. 28, 2009 5:00 p.m.

    I see many here still believe the myth that Lavell Edward's teams finished 11-2 or 12-1 or 13-0 every year, played awesome defense, and were NEVER blown off the field by faster, more athletic teams.

    Here's some scores from BYU's bowl games during the Lavell Edwards era:

    1976: Lost to Oklahoma State, 49-21
    1979: Lost to Indiana, 38-37
    1980: Beat SMU, 46-45
    1981: Beat Washington State, 38-36
    1986: Lost to UCLA, 31-10
    1989: Lost to Penn State, 50-39
    1990: Lost to Texas A&M, 65-14 (still the worst loss in modern BYU history)
    1998: Lost to Tulane, 41-27

    I don't see many defensive slugouts in that list.

    You people are seriously, SERIOUSLY deluded if you honestly believe that Bronco's recent losses are the worst in BYU history, and that Lavell Edwards always had tough teams.

    Learn your own team's history, for cryin' out loud.

    And that applies to you Ute trolls pretending to be disgruntled BYU fans, too: For starters, you can learn about how prior to Urban Meyer the Utah football program was mediocre at best and downright putrid at worst.

  • Defense
    Oct. 28, 2009 4:56 p.m.

    No question that BYU's defense is the problem with the team. Next is wide receivers. Third is offensive play calling and offensive preparation.

    Bronco actually thought BYU won the special teams phase of the game. Why the self-deception?

    I guess the BYU coaches think they need to protect the defense. The defense, specifically scheme and technique, are huge problems. Once a team steamrolls you on offense, your offense can only come back if the other defense is mediocre.

    Still, even with a relatively weak defense, the team will still win a lot of games and has a chance to win 10 or more games 4 years in a row and 5 times in the decade.

    The fear is slippage in relation to other programs and embarrassing losses. If this team loses to a middle or lower tier team in the conference, then we need to think about coaching changes.

    Why is the offense not designed around getting Pitta and George 15 to 20 touches per game? Where are the formations that would allow it to happen? Don't let the defense take away your best players!

  • Anonymous
    Oct. 28, 2009 4:49 p.m.

    BYU fan gets all hot and bothered about next years recruites; but as Lee Corso says "not so fast". Current recruiting rankings (Rivals) has BYU at 22 Utah 33 and TCU 63. Unfortunetly, BYU has extended all of its offeres for 2010. Utah still has 11 and TCU 17 - watch how the gap closes. My point is BYU's belief that some stong recruitment class is coming to save the day is simple unfounded. My guess is BYU's 2010 class will end up around 50 to 55 nationally.

    TOTAL 5star 4star 2star Avg Stars pts
    BYU 25 0 4 13 2.84 1001
    UTAH 14 0 4 10 3.00 591
    TCU 8 0 0 7 2.63 170

  • Hey Max
    Oct. 28, 2009 4:39 p.m.

    How's that Heisman thing working out?

  • Out of Utah
    Oct. 28, 2009 4:00 p.m.

    A couple of observations:

    1. BYU coaches sometimes drop the ball recruiting.
    Some years past, I put Coach Doman, who was visiting northern California, onto a top local junior college corner who was a 3-sport athlete, black, 6' 3", fast and devout LDS. He was never contacted.

    2. The coaching staff sometimes seems wooden and inflexible with game plans. One antidote to defensive speed is a smash mouth running game. Several opponents and analysts have mentioned the hard hitting of BYU's offensive line and backs. Against TCU Unga's running game was working. But instead of wearing TCU down with a steady diet of Tonga, Unga, Tonga, Unga BYU coaches kept trying to establish a non-existent passing game, allowing TCU to just pin their ears back and rush Hall silly.
    I hope coaches can learn to adjust their game plan to something other than pass, pass, pass, when necessary. If not, they will consistently be outcoached by good coaches.

  • Kelf
    Oct. 28, 2009 3:45 p.m.

    I don't buy the "superior athletes" thing. Does TCU have better athletes than BYU? No question. Are they so vastly superior as to explain a 70 - 14 beatdown in the past two years? No way. The real difference comes down to two issues:

    1. Lack of coaching
    2. Lack of heart


  • Elite?
    Oct. 28, 2009 3:40 p.m.

    The church hierarchy needs to extend a calling to Andy Reid or Mike Holmgren, as they did to Kim Clark, with a multi-million dollar salary per year to get things on track. When this happens I’ll be a believer. Keep the faith and here’s to a top ten-football program.

  • Y Grad
    Oct. 28, 2009 2:43 p.m.

    I hear alot about 1984. I hear alot about 2010 recruting class being the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery, today is where you get it done!

    Bronco: Get some fire, let it out, give it to your team. On the side line you look like Andy Gump after someone stole his jello.

  • cbute
    Oct. 28, 2009 2:24 p.m.

    Umm, I think BYU's defense definitely got the job done by holding TCU to only 38 points. I mean, they are BYU, what do you expect them to do, hold a team to 14-20 points? Not a chance.

  • Re: 2010
    Oct. 28, 2009 2:19 p.m.

    No defense eh?

    Here are our "non-defensive" recruits coming in for next season:


    #7 MLB Zac freaking Stout! (when is the last time Utah had a defensive recruit like him?)
    #11 OLB Kyle Van Noy from last year
    #45 OLB Alani Fua
    #56 OLB Sae Tautu
    #65 OLB Joey Owens
    #84 OLB Collin Keoshian (this guy's highlights are amazing, he'll be moved to middle linebacker and will be very athletic for the position, especially next to Zac Stout).
    #115 OLB Teu Kautai

    Defensive Line:

    #11 DE Bronson Kaufusi (he won't play until 2012 unfortunately because of injury, but dang that guy will be a beast)
    Graham Rowley give or take could be placed on the D-line if necessary, he was #21 at DT before being profiled as one of the top #10 guards on the offensive line, (#7 specifically). He will be a force on either side of the trenches
    #34 DE Kona Schwenke
    #50 DT Tuni Kanuch
    #105 DT Jordan Afo
    #125 DE Hauli Jamora

    Defensive Backs:

    #85 CB Jordan Johnson
    #111 CB Kori Gaines

    We'll have a strong front 7, and we've loaded up on defensive backs already this year.

  • Reality Check
    Oct. 28, 2009 2:08 p.m.

    "TCU has better athletes and BYU will never match up to them"

    Really? In 2005 BYU scored 50 points against TCU at home. In 2006 BYU scored 31 points against them on the road and won the game 31-17. TCU was ranked #15 at the time. In 2007 BYU beat TCU 27-22 at home.

    Max Hall is a good passer but not a solid athlete in the classic sense. He has a talented but inexperienced offensive line and his one good wide receiver is injured.

    Next year with Riley Neilson, who is athletic (i.e. can run for yardage when the pocket breaks down like John Beck did), a more experienced line and McKay Jacobsen and Ross Apo at wide receivers I think the results are going to be quite a bit different.

    Harvey Unga will be back for his senior year as well and he rushed for 123 yards against TCU this year in spite of the blow out. The biggest concern to me is getting a defensive secondary who are athletic and well coached. I think this is the real ongoing problem for BYU.

  • Re: HSFootball
    Oct. 28, 2009 2:03 p.m.

    I didn't realize Usain Bolt was an LDS kid who played football in Utah. Your kid was not a 3.65 runner, or else he would literally be the fastest man alive. Bronco does a pretty good job getting local kids, but they do tend to let them fall into their lap rather than come after them aggressively.

    Re: Original Superfan
    I understand your frustration with going away from the run, but you absolutely DO have to spread out the feild. Also, when you are down by, say 21 points, your options are pretty limited. You have to throw the ball and score quickly. Not have 6-8 minute drives where you run the ball 20 times.
    Don't concentrate too much on the running numbers when you get crushed. Sometimes the other teams scheme is to give you a little on the run to close down the pass. That is a word that BYU coaches don't really understand, scheme. You know, their are certain strategies to winning football games that don't involve giving the best fireside the night before.

  • John Roberts
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:38 p.m.

    When BYU place UCLA last year they were mad. They had been the nation wide center of ridicule for a "fluke" win over Washington and everyone thought that UCLA was going to each their lunch. BYU doesn't play like this on a regular basis. Although I think the firesides are commendable, football, especially defense, is violent. Whenever I go to church and participate I become less inclined to hit people. Do the fireside after the game - (although it would be weird following a loss) - a loss like this points to coaching - the inconsistency in play this year also points to coaching - the kids are not mentally prepared to play - especially on defense (they were against OU, which appears to reflect the players commitment over the summer when no coaches were even around.

  • re: Rob the fairweather fan
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:27 p.m.


  • Little Jimmy Brady
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:20 p.m.

    Wake up BYU fans why do you think Coach Whitt picked Utah over BYU He looked down the road and saw where both teams were going and he picked the winner. You're going to lose to Utah at home...WATCH & SEE!!!

  • Oh brother......
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:20 p.m.

    so many jumping off the band wagon so soon? Come on now. Stay with the program. Developing slower than you like, but developing.
    Unga was great. Only 2 things I see really: need a better maybe more emotional leader at QB and please someone give me a pass rush.
    Let's go blue!

  • Original Superfan
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:15 p.m.

    What worries me is Anae's comment that "You have to stretch out a defense" which is NOT true. When your running back averages 6 yards a carry against a highly touted TCU defense (and his longest run was only 16 yards, so his numbers weren't skewed by a HUGE run), obviously SOMETHING was working. Even if a defense lines up 11 guys in the box against you, and you can continue to run the ball effectively, then DO IT. You do not have to pass to be effective. When Anae finally buys into the run game, he will find that the passing game is wide open. Stop trying to run laterally, just run straight up the gut of the defense, make them stop you.

    Harvy Unga is a manbeast, run his legs off. If he needs a breather, bring in Kariya and run his legs off till Unga is rested again.

    Oh, and for the love of all that precious, STOP having Tonga run the ball. He should be blocking and catching little passes out of the backfield ONLY.

  • island blue but....
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:13 p.m.

    thinking that play call will improve and put someone on the defense, and someone who can block on the O line

  • Rob the fairweather fan
    Oct. 28, 2009 1:00 p.m.

    I HATE Bronco's approach to the game. He needs to realize and remember that the players on the team already have a bishop. He is a football coach. His job is to do what he needs to do to win games. I watched carefully during the game, and every time Bronco was shown on TV I paid close attention. Guess how many times I saw his lips move. ZERO. Guess how many times I saw him say something to a player, another coach, an official. ZERO. Why does he even wear that microphone on the headset. He doesn't use it. Bronco, you are not Lavell Edwards. The quiet approach worked for him. It isn't working for you. Get some fire, get some passion, get some guts. I don't care what you say, you don't prepare for TCU the same way you prepare for Tulane. If you do, you aren't a good coach. You are holding your team back. They want intensity from you and from each other. Let it come out. Remember, they already have a bishop. They need a coach!

  • mjw
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:58 p.m.

    the byu coaching staff will never listen until fans attendance starts to decrease--lower ticket sales. Then they will listen to the need for change. So its up to the fans to protest and not attend games and sell the tickets. Start now if you want change to occur asap

  • HSFootball
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:55 p.m.

    Great recruiting by BYU???
    Stop looking at Sports Illustrated and others that rate recruits. They are not accurate. Bronco turns away too many great recruits who would love to play there while looking for problems from Hawaii, California and Texas. I had a kid play for me a couple of years back who was a 3.65 40, 180 lb. back who was a Utah All-stater twice and Bronco wouldn't talk with him. Great LDS player who went elsewhere because of Bronco's great recruiting. Lack of preparation by this coaching staff is the problem and it is in every facet of their game.

  • Football 101 Cliff Notes
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:48 p.m.

    1. Speed and athleticism are more important than size.

    2. Defense wins championships

    BYU is loaded up with offensive talent. We don't need two All American Tight Ends. We need more of a pass rush. Why not train George to rush as a Defensive End or Tackle?

    We need speedier DB's. Why not train some of our faster receivers to be DB's.

    Utah converted Kruger from Quarterback to Defensive End. They converted Sean Smith from a receiver to an amazing cornerback who starts on Sundays. Weddle was an offensive player in High School and converted to Defense.

    BYU has to think outside of the box and get more creative with their personnel and develop the talent that they have.

  • and the Defense is??
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:41 p.m.

    Neither is worth a darn right now! It falls on both players and coaches.

  • Money
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:19 p.m.

    Let's hear it for TCU.....they are a true powerhouse this year. May they run the table and bring all of us a share of that $17million BCS loot!

    (Hey Boysie State, figure a way out of your sorry conference and come get you some in the MWC......you'll love it! And, so will we!!!)

  • Ute4now
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:05 p.m.

    Re: Utah is not TCU or BYU

    What??? We've had THAT many down years?? I did not know that.

  • re: Utah is not TCU or BYU
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:59 a.m.

    Cry me a river BYU fan...."waahh"

  • 27 correctable errors
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:39 a.m.

    I'm wondering if Bronco got those 27 easily correctable assignment errors fixed that he saw in the FSU game and what we saw against TCU was 27 new easily correctable assignment errors.

    Seems to me the team shot the whole wad on the OU and Tulane games and since then has had a "we're great" attitude that has caused them to think they didn't need to prepare that hard for their other games. Very bad news if that's the case, but it's part of the coaches jobs to be able to spot that and correct it through good motivation techniques. Maybe the coaches also had that attitude.

    Even Texas State-San Marcos (whoever the heck they are) put up 21 points on TCU.

  • wet
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:37 a.m.

    For those who continue to blame the QB for losses, you miss the obvious: football is a TEAM game. The difference between BYU and TCU wasn't the talent of the QBs, it was the protection they got (or missed) to throw the ball. If Hall had the time that Dalton was given, he would have passed for more yards, TDs, etc. (Dalton is a better runner, but not passer.)

    So, let's lay off the criticism of a senior QB who has done a yeoman job with limited support on the field

  • re:"Excellent recruiting efforts
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:31 a.m.

    Holy cow what cool aide are you drinking guy? BYU got exposed 70-14 over two years against TCU and the obvious reason for anyone who actually paid attention was the mismatch in talent level of the two programs. When Edwards ran the show BYU had some awesome defensive players many of which found their way into the NFL. How many of Bronco's defensive recruits are in the NFL or even have a chance? None of BYU's defense would start on TCU or Utah. None. If the recruiting improves you will see BYU winning conference championships again otherwise BYU will continually finish third behind TCU and Utah.

  • Utah is not TCU or BYU
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:09 a.m.

    I think the Utes are not TCU and never will be TCU. TCU will beat the Utes going away.

    BYU will finally take some lessons from what others do to succeed against one of our opponents (after watching TCU whip Utah) and BYU will win, going away, against a Utah team, when they are reeling from their defeat in Fort Worth.

    Or Utah will whip TCU and whip BYU every single year, because they never have a down year like 3 out of the last 4, or 40 out of the last 50.

  • Anonymous
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:09 a.m.

    Why so much whining about running the ball? Unga had 123 and easily could have had 200. Running wasn't the problem; abandoning the run was! Stick with what works, Cougars.

  • kw
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:05 a.m.

    I think it all boils down to getting some speed. Especially on defense and at the split end position. Our DB's can't stay up with opponents recievers, and we need more Jacobsen type receivers to stretch out opponents defense. We have never had an abundance of speed that I can ever remember.

  • Big Fan
    Oct. 28, 2009 11:01 a.m.

    Yewties?? Keep talking smack...I guess BYU can always adopt the Utah Winning Philosphy??

    So what if we lose to everyone, just so long as we beat BYU!!

    Go yews!!

  • Edwards better than Bronco
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:43 a.m.

    Lavell was a much better recruiter than Bronco. Edwards got better athletes for sure especially on defense. I don't know if Bronco is purposely recruiting these kids or if he is being told to but either way BYU needs a player upgrade otherwise they will finish third every year behind TCU and Utah.

  • "Excellent recruiting efforts"
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:42 a.m.

    This is what Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated online said after ranking BYU at #24 in his Top 25 Power Rankings this week:

    "This certainly wasn't where the Cougars expected to be after they shocked Oklahoma in Week 1. Unfortunately, despite coach Bronco Mendenhall's excellent recruiting efforts, BYU is not at an elite level quite yet."

    Even neutral national columnists recognize that Bronco is doing a great job of recruiting and building the program. Only Ute Trolls and BYU Whiners are so dense as to not see it.

  • TCU too much talent for Y
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:41 a.m.

    the penalties, the inept passing by Hall, the protection break down all stem from the fact that TCU was simply faster and much more athletic than BYU. If BYU wants to compete with TCU going forward they need better athletes. If not then just settle for third place in the MWC every year. Pretty simple. Utah's defense will also shut the Y down because they are on par with TCU athletically. Bronco can analyze and over analyze but it all boils down to getting better players.

  • 10-2 ???
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:29 a.m.

    How about 6-6? I think that's more likely based on how we're playing lately. I love the optimism of some BYU fans. Im just don't see how anyone thinks we'll go 10-2 with tough games against Air Force and Utah ahead. Wyoming may even be interesting.

  • 223speed
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:20 a.m.

    Everyone can yak about speed, execution, etc, etc but the fact remains that the Cougs have just not 'clicked' since the Tulane game. Seems like something is amiss. No confidence. Just can't seem to maintain any consistency in any game. Hopefully they can get things polished up. Go Cougs!!

  • Moose on the Loose
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:02 a.m.

    I think Utah's defense is going to do the same thing to BYU that TCU did: Shut us down.

    Utah will win that game going away.

  • 2010
    Oct. 28, 2009 10:02 a.m.

    BYU's recruiting class is great next yr... for offense... GET SOME DEFENSE!!!!! Common guys seriously, please someone recruit some secondary, get some speed. I love TCU's idea for defense, put Tonga and other huge FB's and RB's at D-End and lineback, teach them how to play it, that is genius. Byu out done once again

  • LaVar the Utah Cat
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:44 a.m.

    Re: Perspective
    I don't know about the "over achievers" part of your comment, but you certainly have the "self-righteous" part right.

  • RE: Rivals
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:31 a.m.

    BYU fans claim to have a top recruiting class coming in 2010. Although Rivals and Scout rate the class CURENTLY between 12 & 22 the reality is that this group will end up somewhere between 30-50. Outside of Heaps the class is pretty typical — big and slow Mormons. The reason for the somewhat high CURRENT ranking is based on the number of scholarships (25 and maxed out for the year) BYU has offered to date — which averages a 2.8 star average. Utah has 14 scholarships with an average of 3 stars. I would not be surprised that when all is said and done the Utah recruiting class of 2010 will be ranked higher than BYU.

  • RockOn
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:28 a.m.

    Play of the game... 1st Q. 2nd and 2 while driving. Everyone figured it to be a passing down. Hall behind center to drop back and TCU rushed heavily. 3rd and 7 resulted. Bad call. Bad position. Rest of game followed suit. If we'd have rushed or gone to shotgun, 3rd and 1 at least and drive alive. Could have been 7-7 at the quarter. Disaster instead.

  • Vegas Baby!
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:27 a.m.

    As a Cougar fan I am disappointed in the performance against TCU. The one thing I did see that looked familiar (see FSU game) is that the Refs were letting the "athletic" TCU cornerbacks use a handful of jersey as part of their strategy to guard the "very atheletic" BYU receivers. If they don't call that, BYU has no chance. I wonder if that is the way Gary Patterson coaches them to play--it isn't cheating, unless you get caught. Hmmm. That said, I don't think BYU wins that game last Saturday, anyway. I just wish that the MWC didn't have the worst refs on the planet.

  • Re: Scooter
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:25 a.m.

    Okay, Riley Nelson brings a whole new what? What is demention? I finally realized you meant to say "a whole new dimension" and not that Riley was somehow a demented person. Too bad this doesn't have a spell check. Some things you can let slide and others are pretty funny. This one was very funny.
    We have recruited well this last year with the verbals we have for 2010. Where we have a weakness is in getting tall, athletic, and fast cornerbacks. We don't need to change the honor code. We need young men that will follow the honor code. In the past we've had some great safties, linebackers, and defensive linemen. We've always had trouble with corners. We've had some good smaller corners.
    We just don't get the tall ones. We do our best with corners when we go after some successful JC corners who are a bit taller and more athletic.
    I like Patterson's idea of recruiting speed and shifting them to another position that is needed. I do think we could follow that model with corners.

  • Fundamental Problem
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:24 a.m.

    BYU has to face the fact that what it takes to have a high-caliber athletic program and what it means to be "BYU" are drifting farther and farther apart.

    At some point, BYU will have to decide whether it wants to have an inter-collegiate athletic program or whether it wants to adhere to "BYU" standards. Unfortunately, that day will come, and as an alum, I hope that the decision is made in favor of maintaining BYU's academic and conduct standards.

  • re: Bay Area Coug
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:21 a.m.

    First off, I agree about thursday and friday stuff, thats great. Here is where it is wrong, our linebackers and D-lineman are the only average defenders we have, its our secondary that is terrible and Jamie Hill is the one who recruited them, I think it is a sign when SDSU says no to Logan and we jump all over him like we won the lottery when this kid is a divison II DB at best, him and Bradley are terrible along with Rich. Our D recruiting is terrible, Robert Anae has no excuse, he can beat up on UNLV's all day we need some creativty and execution VS good teams, like TCU... With that said the truth of it is that BYU just isnt very good and TCU is excellent, great recruiting, great coaching, a lot of fire... We lack all of those, but the upside is we have firesides for the players!! Suppppperr duppper Cougs, we beat everyone there!!!!

  • Ute Trolls are at it again
    Oct. 28, 2009 9:18 a.m.

    Number of comments in today's story about Utah's offense: 3

    Number of comments in today's story about BYU's offense: 30

    Come on, Ute fans, if your team is so superior why then do you continue to obsess over BYU and Bronco Mendenhall?

  • Bay Area Coug
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:50 a.m.

    Bronco is the man! What he's done for the BYU football program is amazing. Thursday's Heroes and Friday firesides make me totally admire him and the team. He's got them winning practically as much as they ever did and has consistently had them in the top 25.

    That said, his coordinators are getting out coached. They do not game plan very well-especially on offense. Hill will have better years when he's got a more typical group of BYU linebackers and D-line. This year's group is good, but no NFL prospects in the crew. So I think Hill will see better days. But I think Anae has plenty of offensive talent to work with and never seems to out think and out coach the opposition. In game adjustments either don't happen or don't work.

    Anae seems like a nice guy and is a good OC, but definitely not a great OC. If Bronco indeed wants to take it to the next level, he should find a great OC.

  • loveless
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:44 a.m.

    I can easily live with losing to a better TCU team. What I can't forgive however, is BYU not trying to win. A great example of not wanting to win was in the third quarter with the score 24-7 and BYU had the ball near midfield. It was fourth and two, and what does Bronco do? HE PUNTS!!!! Naturally, TCU gets the ball and they score on a 70 yard bomb!! 31-7 game over!! Hey, Bronco, a little suggestion, when you are playing a team that is clearly better at every position, give yourself and your team an opportunity to win. Go for it on 4th and two!!! What difference would it really have made if TCU got the ball at midfield versus on the ten yard line? Your defense couldn't stop TCU anywhere on the field!! Give your offense an opportunity to sustain a drive, get some confidence, and maybe, just maybe, get back into the game. You may still have lost, but at least you go down fighting!!!!!!!!

  • Gretkzy
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:18 a.m.

    i agree changes are needed...the weaknesses are in recruiting defensive speed who can live the honor code. Also, the QB coach needs to be replaced and Anae is on the bubble IMHO. Ty Detmer has expressed interest in coaching...give him a chance at QB coach..especially with Jake Heaps coming in. Brandon Doman is not cutting it. Detmer could then take over Anae's job in a few years and then take over the HC job when Bronco retires in 9 years or less.

  • Quote of the year...
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:16 a.m.

    "So possibly we'll have to continue to look at scheme and personnel to combat that type of team speed".....B Mendenhall.

    Coog fans get used to hearing that every year. Bronco thinks it's possibly a problem. I love it - that philosophy will keep byu a good team but will prevent them from ever reaching the next level and being great.

    Thanks Bronco.

    Go Utes!!! I like our chances every year against that mentality

  • Scooter
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:08 a.m.

    I agree that Maxie is not the one we need as nono robert nono stated. Riley Nelson is the future and brings a whole new demention. Get maxie out and put Riley in!!!

  • Perspective
    Oct. 28, 2009 8:00 a.m.

    BYU will still go 10-2 or 9-3 with a trip to a bowl game. I went to the Y when Matt Berry and John Beck (he wasn't really good until his senior year) were quarterbacks. I've sat in the top corner of the north endzone with room to spare all around me.

    The 3 consecutive losing seasons composed 75% of my time at BYU.

    Chill Y fans. Stop acting out like the lot of self righteous over achievers everyone thinks we are. Cheer hard for the Cougars and support a program that continues to improve recruiting classes and garner national attention.

  • re:10-2
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:32 a.m.

    10-2 my friend is a good season and guess what... Its the type of season we have every year!!!! Please I wish there was a BYU fan that wanted a little bit more for the fball program instead of 10-2 seasons with the Las Vegas bowl every yr. Also, we will not win out, Air Force is 10th in total D in the nation right now which we have proven we stink VS a fast D which they have and their #1 in the nation for rushing Offense... We will lose to AF and could easily lose to Utah. Utah has something BYU doesnt, its called athletes who run faster than 5.6 40 times and DB's taller than 5 foot 2 inches. This yr will not be pretty for us, hopefully we make the papa johns.com bowl vs Alabama State Western

  • THEeyepatch
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:29 a.m.

    I thought Max was about to break some of BYU legend Ty Detmer's records. BYU simply got out coached, and out played. Give credit to TCU's defense, they thought who they thought they were, but this time they weren't let off the hook. If that makes any sense let me know.

  • nono robert nono
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:26 a.m.

    Robert Anae do you want to know why we cant convert 3rd downs? Because your running the ball or doing QB draws on 3rd down, that is not BYU!!! He would like to commend MAx Hall on a good game??? What is wrong with our coaching staff? Get some fire, Max played terrible, BYU played terrible, lets all admit it and make the changes, get Riley Nelson in... Max your great for 1 game we need you a yr and VS. highschool teams like UNLV, but please learn how to step up in a big game more than once a yr...

  • Anonymous
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:13 a.m.

    BYU leads the MWC in total yards per game and points per game.

  • Texas Ute
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:11 a.m.

    BYU is a great football team, but a bit of a head case. BYU is not as good as TCU, so they have to play with a chip on their shoulder. It seemed to me a self-fulfilling prophecy . . . I don't think they thought they could win, and when the first bad play came around, they lost their fight. Bronco has to inspire this team . . . he needs a little fight in him . . . more church ball, less seminary teacher.

  • Re: The Game is Changing
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:10 a.m.

    "How many fast athletes would rather play on natural grass vs. the newer rubberized, synthetic fields like the one at RES? Answer, very few."

    Answer: probably the best recruiting class BYU has ever had in 2010.

    Oct. 28, 2009 7:06 a.m.

    Bronco should have been impressed before the game wilth TCU"s talent a little late after the game. Not sure if the talen level on the Y is that bad or TCU is that good or if it is not preparing for games like they should, may be a little of all three. Can we ever look for a MWC title in football not with the way things are going, 10-2 or 9-3 is not a bad season if we can beat Utah.

  • Gimme a break
    Oct. 28, 2009 7:01 a.m.

    We need bloggers who have a clue.

  • Re: one word; Y fan
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:54 a.m.

    But they beat Oklahoma, It was no fluke. Utah beat Alabama. BYU isn't trying to "bust the BCS". BYU is simply trying to try to play like they did in 1984 be the best they can be.

    to wow and young:

    Anae is a good O cordinator, BYU is lucky to have him. The OL needs work but the DL and secondary needs work also. BYU needs This Bye to work things out. Don't be to harsh on the guys who coached the game against oklahoma, UNLV, Tulane, sandeigo.....

  • game is changing
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:50 a.m.

    Yeah, grass is the problem. That's why no NFL teams play on it.

    How do people come up with this stuff?

  • re: one word
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:48 a.m.

    Get back in the unemployment line so you can get a life and a job.

  • Excuses, excuses, excuses
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:46 a.m.

    "I was really impressed with their talent."

    Harvey Unga averaged 6 yards per carry -- and was only given the ball 21 times.

    BYU's secondary wasn't burned by speed, they blew assignments on trick plays.


    If they start believing the losses are due to "talent" (like Oklahoma didn't have "talent?"), then they will start being stupid, and gimmicky and thinking you win through psychology. Oh wait, Bronco is already way too enamored with mind games.


    If you are bigger, and they are faster RUN THE BALL. Don't pass on first down so much, just knock people off the ball.

    If they have a great pass rush, use three and five step drops, not seven step drops -- duh!!!

    Of course, what do I know, "my level of education about football" isn't that great, which is why BYU got pasted -- AGAIN!

    Let's have a fireside the night before. That'll fix it.

  • 10-2
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:23 a.m.

    Ten and 2 is a good year after BYU wins out. Utah will lose at least 3 and maybe a total of four. BYU is a good team, however TCU has put together a great team. Bronco is the coach we need at BYU. We need to keep the young men that go to BYU in the right perspective. Their is more to life then football. I agree the play calling is troubling. Not going for it on 4and 2, Try faking a punt. their was one situation the punter could of ran for 20 years, unless our punters are too slow. Where is Norm Chow when you need him.

  • Anonymous
    Oct. 28, 2009 6:02 a.m.

    Actually... I don't think BYU's win over Oklahoma was a fluke. Truth is that BYU seems to do very well against the best "big & strong" teams. Their problem comes when they play against "quick" teams.

  • Eugene
    Oct. 28, 2009 5:58 a.m.

    One game cannot define a program whether it is beating Oklahoma or losing to TCU. As I keep saying, playing the game has to have emotion and not be robotic.

    We we were charged for OK, then too workmanlike for TCU. If you can't bring the emotion and can only explain that "we simply did not execute", I don't buy into that.

    While I'm disapponted over the TCU and FSU losses, I still support the Cougs and predict a win out of their remaining games including their bowl game. 11-2 ain't bad! Should be the same record as the Utes when they lose to the Cougs and TCU in coming weeks!

  • elroy
    Oct. 28, 2009 4:28 a.m.

    Get a clue, Cougar Kingdom is not as it appears to be.
    In essence, faster, younger more athletic will win out.
    Patterson knows how to handle the tendencies and has out prepared the Y consistently since his Frogs entered the MWC.

    Oct. 28, 2009 12:24 a.m.

    EXPOSED. BYU was never good and the win against Oklahoma was a fluke. Don't plan on being BCS busters anytime soon, but you can enjoy in the your big brother's glory up North if you please.

  • wow
    Oct. 28, 2009 12:02 a.m.

    we need a football coach not a seminary teacher what a joke this season has been hope all is well in zion!

  • The game is changing....
    Oct. 27, 2009 11:39 p.m.

    going away from big and slow. Going away from natural grass fields. BYU wasn't in a "fog", they were being dismantled for the second year in a row by a faster, more athletic team.

    How many fast athletes would rather play on natural grass vs. the newer rubberized, synthetic fields like the one at RES? Answer, very few.

    Allowing the grass to be just a little longer and the field to be watered a little longer prior to a fast, athletic team's visit isn't cutting it anymore. Change with the times or settle for second best.

  • Really
    Oct. 27, 2009 11:13 p.m.

    After last year's beatdown in Texas why is their speed such a surprise?

    Does being on the Mtn preclude Bronco from watching highlights or getting game film to scout TCU? (oh wait, TCU is also in the Mtn deal, hmm. Maybe Bronco needs to pay some intern to DVR the TCU games so he can have a clue what they're going to do and how good they are.)

    It was clear, one team was prepared, the other team was still recovering from a week of the best practice in the history of BYU football. Seriously, the Cougars looked like they were in a fog, and had forgotten who they were and why they were there.

    Let's see, the biggest roadblock to gaining a BCS berth is coming into your home stadium and you can't prepare the team better than what they were. Deer in the headlights is an appropriate way to describe the Cougars response to TCU's play. Reminds me of the big kid on the block who constantly pushes around the little kids, but when a big kid from another block comes around and pushes him, he freezes.

  • I'm not sure
    Oct. 27, 2009 10:50 p.m.

    Without Jacobsen, we really didn't have receivers that could run past TCU's defensive backs. The run game was working, but it could only do so much against a top 10 defensive front in the nation.

    I think when you combine that, with the key plays given up at key times, then you get the result.

    I really think had BYU played perfectly they may not have won, but they at least could have made it a game. When you make mistakes against a team that good this is what happens.

  • Jack Wade
    Oct. 27, 2009 10:45 p.m.

    Even SMU whose record is 3-4 was able to score 14 points against TCU.

    When BYU can't score more than 7 points at home has to be an all-time low mark for the BYU football program...

    Changes are needed!

  • Young
    Oct. 27, 2009 10:04 p.m.

    TCU knew what plays BYU was going to run, as did a good number of people in the stands.

    Anae has to make the offense unpredictable.

  • Anonymous
    Oct. 27, 2009 9:44 p.m.

    Anae revealed himself to be unequal to the task. That is where personnel changes need to be made: Offensive Coordinator!