Utah Jazz notebook: Millsap won't wait long for offer

Jazz to make contract proposal as soon as negotiating is allowed

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  • altadawg
    June 30, 2009 9:20 a.m.

    Millsap will get several offers in the 5 year, $40 million range. The Jazz will not match.

    Does anyone realize he played half the season with two bad knees? Boozer doesnt play when he is hurt. Millsap did/will.

    Boozer will not opt out because he knows his value. He will probably never earn more than the 12.6 he is due this year.

  • louisiana jazz man
    June 29, 2009 2:56 p.m.

    if you would pay boz 13 mil for doing nothing you shouldnt have a problem paying milsap 10. if boz worth 13 milsap worth 20. why you think boz wasent in the game at the end of the game and milsap was. before boz was hurt.

  • todd from santa ana
    June 29, 2009 12:04 p.m.

    Guys amaze me. Birdman great but like Denver will not resign him. He has become maybe the most popular Nugget player in the City with Chauncey.

  • Can't Wait
    June 29, 2009 9:14 a.m.

    Can't wait to see Korver's shooting wrist healed. Can't wait to see Korver starting! Can't wait to see Korver get the green light and be the smooth shooter the Jazz need! Can't wait to see Korver give his 110% every night! Can't wait to see Korver in a Jazz uniform this coming season!

  • MJB
    June 28, 2009 10:54 p.m.

    The Jazz need the Birdman from Denver. I would trade memo and AK for him and them we'd have the size and energy down low to dominate the laker bigs.

  • Ernesto de Bajo
    June 28, 2009 8:53 p.m.

    I was watching some Millsap clips on YouTube. I saw a lot of dunks but no Js. Can the guy shoot a jump shot?

  • Who to keep? At what price?
    June 28, 2009 8:25 p.m.

    Millsap should get 7 million max. 6 would be better. Boozer needs to go. Wake up O'Connor!!! Do you see the rest of the top teams making trades and getting better!! What are we doing?? Keeping AK around!! Dump AK now for whatever. 16.5 million for 8 points and 4 rebounds off the bench is horrible. Go get some defense like MARCUS CAMBY. He is only 7.5 million in last year of his contract. Move Okur to PF. Dump AK and with that money go sign Ben Gordon. Now we have a championship team...(If Millsap demands 10 million send him out the door with Boozer. Pick up Drew Gooden if you have to.)

  • Wake up
    June 28, 2009 8:17 p.m.

    The current Jazz team and philosophy will not produce a championship season. Don't rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • Can't Agree On Korver
    June 28, 2009 7:35 p.m.

    After this surgery you will see his shots FALL if given the green light. Keep him he's a flat out shooter. Even with issues this past year he did fine most nights. Some of you act like he's a stiff, but the man gives 110% always--A KEEPER. Same goes for Okur at the same salary. Out with Booze & AK & Miles. Release Fess mid-season if he isn't cutting it or if he isn't in shape because his salary is peanuts in this league and make a trade before the trade deadline to fill his roster spot. All solved--That wasn't too hard was it? Ha ha

  • Anonymous
    June 28, 2009 7:33 p.m.

    I agree that Boozer has flaws in his game, but he and Williams were far and away the best two players we had against LA. Booze's defense isn't great, but he still manages to grab in rebound within six feet of him. He is also a much better defender against a guy who plays with a back to the basket (Duncan) then against a player who plays facing the basket (Odom). The problem is the league is filled with PF's that insist on playing small.
    I've seen Booz do a great job guarding Duncan.

    I agree with the above comment that Boozer is probably going to have the greatest season of his career in 09-10.

  • EM3
    June 28, 2009 5:46 p.m.

    I think that we should keep Milsap, no matter what he is asking. He, d-will,Eric Maynor( aka EM3!), ronnie brewer, memo, all those guys are good, talented players who fit in sloans system and will make a good core. Boozer is a talented player, yet soft, unwilling or unable to play well on the defensive end (considering the Jazz's offensive firepower, we won't lose much in letting a split mid range shooting/ lefty low post scorer go) Milsap has blocked a shot, something boozer seems incapable to do. Yes, paul milsap is the same hieght as boozer, but he can be a mid range small forward if we need, so thats not a problem. The thing we really need to worry about is getting a big athletic 4 and a back up shot blocking center with height. Deron is only getting better, and having possibly the best passer in the game will draw scorers. Hopefully we man up and make a sign and trade, maybe rip hamilton sometime? Any way, the way i look at it is get some better players up front, keep every body but Knight, Korver, and Boozer, and get out running, = wins

  • crf
    June 28, 2009 3:13 p.m.

    I have said from the start that I want Boozer to go & Millsap to stay. However, Millsap getting 10 million per year is a joke. No way would I pay him that much. Try 6-8 million.

  • jaymoneybags
    June 28, 2009 11:46 a.m.

    Millsap is a keeper. Let Carlos Boozer go and explore his options, and no doubt he's a good player, but he stays hurt and often plays soft when we really need him to man up.Why should we have to wait for Boozer to be motivated, Millsap always plays harder then most players on the team, he's a definite keeper and it would be mistake to let him go. And as a full tome starter he'll be that much better.

  • VegasJazzFan
    June 28, 2009 8:29 a.m.

    Of course I hope we can keep Millsap without overpaying. But those of you who are hoping Boozer opts out, and GM & KOC agree that it's best for him to move on, consider this... Boozer would probably play harder and with more passion during his final year of this contract, knowing he was auditioning for a new one from the Jazz or whoever. Even if/when he gets dinged-up here and there during the season as commonly happens in the NBA, he would probably be more willing to play through it (provided it was not another serious injury requiring surgery like this past season). If he goes to another team, it would not surprise me if he has the best year of his career next season. Considering these things, would it really be so bad if he does NOT opt out of his last year? Especially if Detroit or another team offers Millsap more than the Jazz can or should match? A healthy-ankled D-Will entering his prime, and a motivated Boozer might make for a solid "core" afterall... at least for now. What do you think?

  • detroiter
    June 28, 2009 6:21 a.m.

    Milssap go to michigan,we have money

  • yo mamma's jazzy
    June 28, 2009 4:22 a.m.

    Amare Stoudamire. Nuff said.

  • Jazz Cop
    June 28, 2009 12:18 a.m.

    No one is giving millsap ten million a year, not the jazz or anyone. his uncle has been hitting the bong or something. lee and booz don't have the hustle that millsap has, but they also have a bunch of more offensive moves that millsap doesn't have. i'm a huge millsap fan, i'm sure some team will offer him the mid level exception, i'd be shocked if he gets more than that. at ten mill a year, i don't know if i'd rather have lee or booz, maybe, i don't know, people don't pay ten mill a year for pure hustle, though they should, i don't think millsap has the offensive moves to get ten mill a year.

  • Boozer Bandwagon:Milsap's 6 mill
    June 28, 2009 12:09 a.m.

    Carlos Boozer has been a 20 and 10 guy and an All Star and he's making $13 million this year. Yes, I know about him being injured nearly 1/3 of the time. But I don't see us as a small market team paying that kind of money for Milsap. I would start the bidding at $6 million like the last comment suggested. We are not the New York Nicks with unlimited cap room. I don't care if their center with similar numbers is overpaid at $10 million a year. The cost of living adjustment is much less here. j/k If we're going to pay $10 million for him we may as well keep Boozer, who needs to keep his injuries down so we can have home court advantage next year and who I think is worth $11 - 13 million per year.

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2009 11:38 p.m.

    Millsap should think: at 6 mill per year, everyone will always love you and think you are a great player value. At 10, (even if you could get it, which you probably can't) you will spend your time in the contract being constantly scrutinized, subjected to trade rumors, and occasionally demonized for being a bad contract. Of course, that extra 4 mill per year can get you a good psychologist.

  • Shaybo
    June 27, 2009 11:24 p.m.

    I agree, don't overpay any of them. Milsap is a nice player but he's a piece of the puzzle and not a star you can't pay him $10 mil., that would be insane. He is an opportunity scorer, a good rebounder and an average defender, but not at all intimidating which is what they need. If him and Boozer leave, work out a deal for Chandler or Camby who would be the perfect compliment to Okur. I also expect Kuofus to be a much better player next year. The perfect solution would be to free up the money and get Bosh but that would be wishful thinking.

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2009 10:48 p.m.

    Providing Bozer, Millsap, Okur, Korver stays, I agree Jazz, at first glance, doesn't appear to have a championship roster (even healthy). Yet, I'd expect brass to give it a try with Fesenko, Koufos actually playing rotation minutes this season; I'd like to see Korver starting a little bunch of games at season start; and I expect Harpring to be healthier.
    If we can get a little bit of a spark from them, and if Maynor can contribute something by regular season's end, the Jazz can be a tad better and give West contendersa better fight.
    If things don't go as expected, we still can manage midseason trades to address needs, ot just to cut payroll an gain flexibility.

  • Don't over pay any of them
    June 27, 2009 10:19 p.m.

    The Jazz have made that mistake over and over. This is a horrible FA market. Please learn from your past mistakes.

    Worst case you lose one of the 4. Each and everyone of them can be replaced with a better player for less money. Take your time and the right trades or options will open up. Be ready to make some changes.

    The fans have your back. We want a championship team and we all know that Boozer, Okur, Millsap and Korver all have weaknesses. This current roster CAN'T beat LA or SA (even healthy).

    There has to be a major change this year. This is the best opportunity the Jazz have of creating a championship before Sloan retires.

    KOC would be very wise to drop the mantra "we want to see what this team can do healthy." We know they can't beat LA. We know that SA is now better than LA.

    Get real and stop the PR. If you pull the same stunt you did last year and trot out defenseless fakers, the fans are going to turn on you.

    You have a playoff team and nothing more. Persisting at losing is not a virtue.

  • Chuckles55
    June 27, 2009 9:59 p.m.

    Let Boozer go and give the money to Millsap. He is a great player who will suit the Jazz well for years to come. Let's do this right and keep him around.