This week is dog-bite prevention week

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  • EducateYearRound
    May 19, 2009 1:08 p.m.

    Great advice.
    Let`s have dog bite prevention advice year round.

    Dog Bite Info and U.S.Postal Service Info
    (Quoted from National Canine Research Council-Google and
    Click on Dog Bites)

    [quote]..The United States Post Office has been dealing with dogs and dog bites to its employees since the first mailman walked onto a dog owners property. Dog bites to mail carriers are an occupational or work-related injury. Therefore, the number of dog related-injuries cannot be considered under-reported and U.S.P.S. data on the number of mail carrier reporting dog bites is to be considered consistently reliable. Corresponding with other dog bite data from throughout the nation, the number of mail carriers bitten by dogs over the past three decades has significantly decreased:...[/quote]

    Utah Info
    Google National Canine Research Council-In Your State)