Teen from polygamous LeBaron family abducted

Fundamentalists and others decry crimes in Mexican region

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  • anonymous lebaron friend
    Aug. 25, 2009 10:23 a.m.

    Rest in peace Benjamin LeBaron and Luis Widmar. Heroes, always.

  • Bystander
    July 23, 2009 2:09 p.m.

    Learn something new everyday...hope the law abiding citzens of this area realize this is what Americas 2nd amendment is for. To protect your family and If I was in there shoes all you would see is bullets, if I dont know who you are your getting shot. I would not be waiting for a corrupt Govt. to come save my child.

    Hope it gets better but you may have to do for yourselves and get blood on your hands to save your own.

  • Ileneni (Sydney, Australia)
    July 8, 2009 7:23 p.m.

    My hearth goes to the families of the hurt, regardless of creed or nationality. There are good and bad people all over the world. May the lord give Le Baron family strength.

  • Anonymous
    July 7, 2009 11:26 a.m.

    Benjamin LeBaron was taken from his home last night by these same men that kidnapped his brother in April and was shot and killed in retaliation to this protest. :( What more does this family have to suffer through?

  • Geeez
    May 28, 2009 6:55 p.m.

    Aren't these polygamists part of the same polygamist family that was recently on the news where the father impregnated his own daughters, so that there special seed would multiply only the righteous people who were chosen???

    These people are way too religious for me.

    May 28, 2009 6:41 p.m.


  • Ma
    May 19, 2009 11:53 a.m.

    Eric has an uncle who is a mayor of galeana, there you go, this uncle has 3 WIFES, and Eric was at his uncles house. They say they have NOTHING to do with polygamy, they say FLDS this and that, and they also practice the polygamy, Its like a sect thing, you see on brooks blog people protecting labaron like family and attack the FLDS, and at the end Lebaron still practices polygamy, still get involved in politics............. bla bla bla bla bla

  • Anonymous
    May 11, 2009 11:37 a.m.

    Please provide more details of how he came back. Thank you and Praise to god.

  • Thank God
    May 9, 2009 10:18 p.m.

    God came through for us

  • Mrs. LeBaron
    May 9, 2009 10:07 p.m.

    eric has returned home safely. thanks for all of your prayers.... they worked. lets not forget to thank our heavenly father now. thanks again

  • Anonymous
    May 9, 2009 9:59 p.m.

    eric has returned home safe and all is well

  • praying
    May 8, 2009 8:22 a.m.

    I pray for this family that has showed courage, strenght and determenation, all while hurting in uncertany for the outcome of their son. whatever the sacrifice you are doing to help send the message first for the love of eric, your faith in god, and hope in the government, will give the rest of all of us some hope. Dont loose your faith.i am proud of this town united supporting and willing to be so united at a time like this. Eric may god be with you at alltimes.

  • Doris
    May 7, 2009 6:06 p.m.

    Eric is a beautiful, hard working young man. We have too see his happy face again. All our love and blessings for Eric and his family.

    Correction on the statement made above about when Colonia LeBaron was founded. The land for Colonia LeBaron was not even found until 1944. I know because I was the first baby born near the area during that time period. My father, Floyd O Spencer, took my Grandfather, Alma Dayer LeBaron scouting all over the states of Sonora and Chihuahua. Grandfather was looking to colonize a place for his future posterity, that he would call Colonia LeBaron. Grandfather never drove anything except a team and buggy in those days. My Father had a truck so he was asked to assist him in the search. They were very successful and we are in a beautiful area today.

    Keep praying for Eric's safe return...

  • love for eric
    May 7, 2009 3:30 p.m.

    thanks. we appreciate all the support we can get! eric is my family and it is making tremendous problems for us. keep praying for all those who have been hurt or touched by the drug cartel/ mafia people!

  • Come Home Safely Eric
    May 7, 2009 9:41 a.m.

    So many people are praying for your safe return. To Eric's family members. You know that our hearts go out to you and you have our prayers and love.

  • Anonymous
    May 6, 2009 9:48 p.m.

    pray for him every one for who had ever had something happen to them or their friends like this no one deserves to have someone token away from them for no reason.

    May 6, 2009 7:46 p.m.


  • Anonymous
    May 6, 2009 5:42 p.m.

    Anyone else thinking the anti-gun laws might be a mistake in Mexico? It seems that only the bad guys have em. I hope those people get armed and stay in groups! I hope Eric makes it back home!!!

  • pray!
    May 6, 2009 3:36 p.m.

    eric is a good person and doesnt deserve this. something needs to be and soon. things are going to just keep getting worse and if something is not done, it is putting the united states in harm! hes our family AMERICA! pray for eric and all those suffering :(

  • Anonymous
    May 6, 2009 2:59 p.m.

    Pray For Eric!
    Last year the stats of kidnappings in Phoenix Az were an astonishing 300 something, Apparently it is second in the world next to Mexico City for kidnapping. You think it hasnt spilled over into the US????? Mexico is so intertwined with the US Its corruption Is in the US and will continue to get worse if not stopped in a united effort for both countries to put a stop to these drug cartels.

  • from fargo
    May 6, 2009 11:05 a.m.

    please pray for eric, Please bring him home!

  • Carrie
    May 6, 2009 11:02 a.m.

    I was horrified when I found out that the ransom wouldn't be met and my heart goes out to Eric's mother. But you are right, paying the money will not stop the kidnappings, it will only encourage the kidnappers to take more children. I pray that the Mexican government has the courage to step in and fight this ever-increasing crime against humanity. Until then, my prayers are with Eric and the town of Colonia LeBaron.
    A side note to Remember Ervil. Ervil is long gone, and this town were the victims of his terror...get your facts straight. Kidnappings are happening all over Mexico and they are speading into the US. This needs to stop and both the US and Mexican governments should be working together to stop them.

  • Furious Citizen
    May 5, 2009 5:59 p.m.

    For those of you who care, I looked up the history of Colonia LeBaron. Many years ago when these people settled in Mexico, that country was peaceful. Throughout the years they built up the community of Colonia LeBaron, growing farms and building decent homes. Unlike the Warren jeff's group, their women marry for love and are not required to live polygamy unless they choose to. They have always been peaceloving and good citizens, only wanting their rights respected. Sort of like the Menonites. During the past couple of years, these drug cartels have moved into their quiet and peaceful area, disrupting the lives of the many different communities there. They have murdered the chiefs of police in almost every city, murdered and decapitated innocent civilians, and are terrorizing everyone. This whole subject is way bigger than Eric's kidnapping, horrific as that alone is. Terrorism is right at our doorstep, its not confined to the Middle East. Something has got to be done and done now.

  • TO - Furious citizen | 9:40 a.m
    May 5, 2009 4:31 p.m.

    "Our Mexican neighbors are being terrorized, right here in our back yard!!"

    I strikes me as somewhat strange to hear you all talk about Mexicans this way, when in most article you are complaining about illegal immigrants...

    the last thing the US needs to do is get involved in Mexico's crime spree. If they come across the border, we'll handle them.

    I don't suppose anyone actually heard the State Dept tell US citizens to stay out of Mexico, did they?

    and the most wild part of this is that if it were a partying college student, you would be saying it's bad but the student brought it on themselves for being down there!! seen you say things like that before...

    I sincerely hope the boy gets home unscathed.

  • debra stubbs
    May 5, 2009 3:49 p.m.

    please help us get eric lebaron back...call cnn at 404 827 1500 tell them that we need HELP some one got to step up,the USA needs to help we are all american citizents.....godd bless.

  • Loving Family
    May 5, 2009 3:12 p.m.

    The economy is devistating here in the U.S.A. many of us have been working hard to make a difference in our lives and in the world. If it gets harder to get work here many of us are thinking on moving back home to Mexico. Whith all this abductions and insecurity going on now where is it safer to be. Can anybody do something about it. Here in the U.S.A. and Mexico? I understand, President Obama has a lot on his plate, but come on, Mexico is your twin Country, and this cartels, orginized crimes, have got to stop becouse before you know, they will be up north thats if they're not already, can anybody shoot all the clan members and get it done and over with? Just kidding but How much longer do we all have to live in fear? Thinking who's next. Duo citizen people trying to live a peaceful life. Not harming anybody, on the contrary good social, moral, caring and hard workers that will stand for them selves if the goverment don't to protect our freedom and our families. I'm proud to be part of this comunity

  • Anonymous
    May 5, 2009 11:50 a.m.

    that person that is "remember ervil" needs to rethink her facts. ohhhh for sure, it was from a rival polygamists group. Everyone knows that it was no americans that took eric. prophets and religion have nothing to do with these money wanting men.

  • Anonymous
    May 5, 2009 10:16 a.m.

    Nothing is worse than losing your beloved child to the Drug Cartels.I am so proud of that group of people who put there differences aside and joined together for the sake of there families and there lives. It took great courage. Meanwhile there are Drug Cartels on every corner in every town, spies and corrupt Police force, You have hardly any protection from the government. Every local resident in Mexico is either afraid of the Cartels or there bought off--or there the mafia themselves.When there are crimes going on constantly there are few who dare to report them, they risk there lives doing so. God Help us all.

  • Anonymous
    May 5, 2009 9:55 a.m.

    This has nothing to do with there religion. There have been child abductions all around that area including the local presidencias familiies in surrounding towns. They'll walk right in there home in the middle of the night take there child and demand a impossible amount of money. Its happening every week now where as before you would hear it once a month. Not only that the Cartel is tapping into the banks either they buy off or threaten the bankers--and they give information about peoples accounts and they know who has money and they target them. If this corruption is not stopped Mexico is going to crumble. the Local residents are losing there government protection. The Cops are bought off and corrupt and the chief of police, you name it. You cant trust anyone. God Help Us

  • Furious citizen
    May 5, 2009 9:40 a.m.

    These criminals have got to be stopped! This is TERRORISM!!!! Our Mexican neighbors are being terrorized, right here in our back yard!! We will be next. The U.S. Government must make this form of lawlessness a priority and help the Mexican government root these drug cartel monsters out! WHERE IS OUR HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY??? DOESN'T SHE SEE THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL??? Our dreams or "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" will fast become a distant memory if they continue to keep this on the back burner. What's wrong with the National Media that they have not picked up on this story??? My heart and prayers go out to the family. BRING ERIC HOME!!!

  • Laurie...
    May 5, 2009 9:36 a.m.

    Mexico's being overrun by thugs and well-armed drug peddlers while Presidente Fox is ineffectual and shows minimal leadership skills.


    Rescue ERIC America!!!

  • Carissa LeBaron
    May 5, 2009 8:29 a.m.

    I hope and pray that people will step in and keep going at what there doing god can help us out only unless we step in in and are will to want to be helped Somthing has to be done if not they will want to keep kidnapping more and more of our family because they got what they wanted in the begining

  • Loretta Le Baron
    May 4, 2009 9:42 p.m.

    Juletta, thanks for your prayers.

  • a mama
    May 4, 2009 7:55 p.m.

    it is time that the cartell be done this child is a us citizen and i know our country will stop this i pray God will bring him home safe to the arms of his mother and the ones who love him

  • Perry
    May 4, 2009 6:47 p.m.

    This is a Problem these people have faceed for quit a while. IT'S NOT JUST THEM BUT THEIR WHOLE AREA. I Hope the mexican gov. will do something. PART OF THEM ARE U.S. CITIZENS. Maybe the united States gov. will step in and try to help.

  • Anonymous
    May 4, 2009 6:18 p.m.

    I can asure you This has nothing to do with with our religion, these are people who think they can get away with whatever they want, they have been abducting people all around us for ransom. This is the first issue with our town. These are evil people and we will fight for what is right..he is a Citezen of Colonial LeBaron and the United States

  • Remember Ervil
    May 4, 2009 5:41 p.m.

    This is the same LeBaron clan that came to SLC and murdered several people years back. Are they sure it was Mexican kidnappers? It may be from a rival polygamists group. It's tough to have too many prophets out there.

  • Anonymous
    May 4, 2009 5:04 p.m.

    It's quite obvious that just praying is not going to do the trick! The government needs to step in and take control of a deteriorating situation.

  • monica
    May 4, 2009 4:28 p.m.

    this cant be happening, we need to stop it!!

    Lets just PRAY!!!

  • Juletta
    May 4, 2009 4:23 p.m.

    I am so appalled that this has happened to this poor family. I have three children of my own aging from 15yrs-20yrs old. I don't have any idea how any parent can possibly deal with this and be left with any sanity. I happen to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so proud of my Christian brother's and sister's setting aside any religious differences and standing as "ONE" to let the government and the evil miscreants who felt that they could take a child and put a price on his beautiful little body. I am praying and will continue to, hoping to soften the hearts of these criminals, and also to hopefully get the government to listen.