Utah Jazz: Sloan gets ejected late in loss

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  • StillJazzfan
    April 29, 2009 9:45 a.m.

    Hey Calgary and others-

    How bout this to chew on: What do you think would have happened in this series, if WE had been the ones that were GIFT-WRAPPED Pau Gasol, for say CJ and Jarron Collins??? The Lakers lost nothing for Pau, correct? So what do you think would have happened in this series???? We would have CRUSHED the Lakers. And most likely taken the whole championship. Think about it. The Lakers got an ALL STAR for Javaris Crittenton!!!! Hit the jackpot for a nickel!!!
    How can anyone, ANYONE go off on Jerry Sloan, or any of this team when a) we missed 148 games to injury, and b) we played the Lakers, who already have the best (and most hated by me) player in the league, paired with an all star center?????
    Get a grip all!! Give us an all star, and we too would dominate.
    by the way, we were in most of those games in this series. I was impressed.

    Last note. I hope Boozer is gone next year, and we make a smart trade for a player who can shoot outside AND create his own shot.

  • defenseless
    April 29, 2009 1:27 a.m.

    Game 5 MVP's Gary Zelenski and Steve Javie.
    only way to guarantee a more lopsided officiating game is to add Dick Bavetta.
    Anyone who believes these games are called straight up, has been at the pharmacy window far too long.
    not mention smoking something other than tobacco.
    That said, the coach dictates who plays and who doesn't.While Whiskey was "injured" the Jazz were winning with younger less expensive players. It is a team game. When whiskey returned it was no longer team play. you could read the players faces as Whiskey was barking at them. Ask Korver away from the camera.I am certain he is not a Whiskey fan.
    Let Whiskey opt out. Then when no one wants to pay him 30 million a year. Offer him 1.2 mil a year. Payback for lost time.Sloan needs to give all players the green light to keep them in the game.
    horney is shooting coach, right? Can't move up till you do your current job.

  • todd to calgary
    April 28, 2009 10:36 p.m.

    they do not care. It is beyond belief we have to do our own thing with the letters and the emails, because Jerrys family and family of 20,000 refuse to see the obvious and are more afraid of change like when Bear Bryant came into ALabama.

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 10:21 p.m.

    lol at proud sloanaholic: Keep up good work? 0-4 vs Phil in playoffs is a good work? Keeping Price on the bench for half season is a good work? my oh my....

  • proud sloanaholic here.
    April 28, 2009 10:16 p.m.

    Please tune these idiots out coach. Keep up the good work.

  • todd santa ana
    April 28, 2009 10:09 p.m.

    unfortunate the vote in this poll is split down the middle, translation "sloanaholics please go"

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 7:56 p.m.

    anonymous, do not be ridiculous. Of course Phil is much much better coach then Sloan. Popovich is better coach then Sloan, heck even Nate MacMillan always outchoaches him as well. Sloan had the best point guard ever and best PF ever to play the game for 15 seasons that is far from talent scraps. Lets put it this way. If not Miller, Stockton and Malone Sloan would never last so long. He is average coach who got lucky at the right time. Don't forget he was fired from Chicago.
    And let remind you that Phil still was coaching Chicago when Jordan went for first retirement. So he did not quite because he did not have Jordan. There you go.

  • Anonymous
    April 28, 2009 6:51 p.m.

    To Calgary Jazz: Well, should I believe you or my own eyes? Maybe they broadcast different games in the Great White North. You think Phil Jackson is a better coach than Jerry Sloan? Jackson has only coached the NBA's darlings in Chicago and LA, while Sloan has spent his career in the NBA's bargain basement market. Apples and oranges, CJ. Make Sloan and Jackson switch teams and Sloan would have a better record than Jackson has. Phil Jackson would not dare take a job without a Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant or some other celebrity player, and without David Stern's bootlicking, because he knows his teams would would lose like all the "ordinary" NBA teams. My dog could have coached the MJ-Bulls to a championship. Jerry Sloan has made competitive teams out of scraps of talent for 20 years, and without him, the Jazz franchise would have been moved out of SLC a long time ago. Maybe even to Calgary?

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 6:05 p.m.

    To re: calgary jazz: Do you have on your resume playing at least one single game against current NBA players on organized level? Student? other leagues? I do and with few actually.
    If you so good why you do no analyse what went wrong instead sounding like broken record about how system is good but players do not execute it? This is absolutely utterly ridiculous. Jerry's system is outdated. I pointed that already. His defence is based on preventing layups and thus all players collapsing in the paint allowing long range shots which usually kills Jazz - 2 years ago San Antonio, last year and this year Lakers. Any team just needs to play either isolation in the post or draw and kick outside and Jazz are done unless other team is missing wide open threes. It is not players fault - they play how their coach wqnats them to play.
    Same goes on offense where it is based on pounding inside - last year Lakers had fun with that smothering smaller Jazz, this year was same. Boozer nubers are actually are very decieving, he was not a factor in these playoffs except in one lucky game where Bryant was off.

  • MUtah
    April 28, 2009 5:55 p.m.

    It was nice that the announcers agreed with Sloan - no calls inside for the Jazz - wouldn't necessarily have won the game but did slow down the momentum. Usually i'm biased, I admit it, but it's nice when there is some validation!

    Lakers are talented, have to give them that - but i'm going to have to go for anyone BUT the Lakers in the playoffs!

  • To Pro Sloaners
    April 28, 2009 5:52 p.m.

    You may not like the negative comments about Sloan, but remember ONE thing, Sloan and O'Connor built this team after Malone and Stock retired! I will guarantee that. Others had input but those two were the deciders. Now who's to blame? Miller only had control of the finances and money paid to players, the ultimate decision on drafting, free agents, and trades belong to the above mentioned two. Take that to the bank!

  • RE: At least the coach has fire
    April 28, 2009 5:46 p.m.

    YES you can blame sloan for talent and personnel the team has,

    sloan has a hand in every personnel decision, who they fdraft givng shis approval to trades and signings, helping decide what players they want, who to get rid of, and choosing who fits his system.

    So YES you can blame him, if not totally, atleast in part.

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 5:45 p.m.

    to anonymous posters who do not even bother creating nicknames:
    Answer this question - how decides who is starting, who is playing at all, when to make substitutions, what is the offensive and defensive game plan vs specific opponent, who is defending who and so on? I will answer for you - it is coach. Not like Boozer and Millsap say before game - "hey we are going to take care" of Gasol and Bynum. Not like AK decides that he needs to be on perimeter clearing up space for pick and roll and sets his time limit in game two at 16 min despite scoring 10 pts and going to free throw line more then any other Jazz player in 40 min. It is not like Price sits on the bench half season because he doesn't want to play. It is not like Collin starts in 3 games vs Lakers because he convinces his teammates he can defend Bynum or Gasol. It is COACH who makes those decision and they unfortuntaley cost Jazz numerous wins and were results of constant playoff failures.
    Heck Sloan even is calling every play from the bench and you say it is not his fault?

  • Giving up like the Jazz?
    April 28, 2009 5:18 p.m.

    Jazz are simply a mentally weak team, and everybody needs to stop with the ref. conspiracy theories, if Sloan would pay close attention to game, and not the refs. the players might do the same. A loss, is a loss, is a loss, stop with conspiracy theories, it is evident, the jazz need to change things, otherwise it is insanity to think results will be any different. I think I might give up on jazz, they leave me no hope. Literally, no hope.

  • Gabriel, Herriman UT
    April 28, 2009 5:01 p.m.

    Enough with the excuses, when will Utah finally admit that the refs., are refs, and that they are not out conspiring against the Jazz. Please! Man up, continue being great fans, but stop the madness! Stop the conspiracy theories. The Jazz's bench are those who came out on game 5, and made it happen. The Jazz starting line is mentally weak, that's it! I would fire all the Jazz starters, and stick with the bench who have a bigger heart, and a more refined mental ability for the game. One might remember that the definition of insanity might include the following: doing the same thing everytime, and expecting different results. As far as Sloan, well, now I know why the Jazz spend more time worrying about the refs. than the game. Thank you, for your time.

  • silly fans
    April 28, 2009 4:52 p.m.

    fans are so dumb. Honestly, blamming a coach in basketball is lame. You might blame the front office for getting sub-par talent or you might even want to blame the players themsevles but please don't blame the coach - especially a coach like Jerry who has a ga-zillion wins under his belt as well as conference titles. Sloan is a great coach and the Jazz's problems are not coaching they are player problems. Utah needs better players - pretty simple really. Darin Williams is actually the only keeper in the bunch.

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 4:39 p.m.

    to anonymous: San Antonio is neither big city nor it does have flashy players who sell lots of jerseys: Duncan is called mister fundamental for reason, Parker and Ginobili are not americans so their jersies are not even in top 20 for sales. But San Antonio has great coach and they won how many titles in last 10 years??? So take of you "NBA against Utah" glasses and accept the fact that Sloan is a loser in playoffs, you can't argue with numbers, his 94-98 record in playoffs, and 0-4 record vs Phil is more then obvious to tell anybody who is to blame for Jazz failures.
    And if you want to talk basketball lets talk strategy, Jazz defensive lapses, offensive startegy, game switching momentum, coaching and not that "refs hate Utah or NBA doesn't want Jazz to win bias".
    But you obviously have no idea about it right?

  • Sloan the Overacheiver
    April 28, 2009 4:27 p.m.

    Jerry has overacheived his entire carreer. He has stood by principle and loyalty. He may not have won a championship, but in my eyes he has been a bigger winner than any other coach in the league because of his example and principle.

    Thanks Jerry Sloan!

  • 3 pointers
    April 28, 2009 4:00 p.m.

    Calgary Jazz

    Phoenix had the four best 3pt fg% in the league this year and we see how will that worked for them.

    Phoenix also scored the most points per game this year, again we see how wil that worked.

    Charlotte was in the top 10 for giving up the least ammount of points a game, that really seemed to work for them.

    Phoenix was the top fg% team in the NBA this year, but that also didn't work.

    Charlotte was in the top 10 for oppt fg%, but still didn't make the playoffs.

    Phoenix, Indiana, & New Jersey all finished in the top 10 for 3pt fg%, but look how good they did.

    New York had the 6th best 3pt defence, but that didn't help much.

    Toronto was the best ft shooting team, that sure won a lot of game for them.

    So everyone can keep throwing out all the stats, but it take the right combo of all of them to win. Most of the top teams are pretty good in all areas not just one or two. The jazz could score pretty good, but not defend very good.

    I'll always be a Jazz Fan.

  • Re: Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 3:49 p.m.

    Nobody wants him back including the players? What is your source for that global idiotic statement. By the way, I know something about basketball and I can pretty much guarantee I played it at a higher level than you have. The system works when the team executes it. Unfortunately the team struggled with execution at times during this season. Sloan is a great coach and a first ballot hall of famer. They don't let underachievers or people who don't know what they are doing into the hall on a first ballot.

  • Fedor
    April 28, 2009 3:35 p.m.

    You silly fools....Sloan called the time out because Ronnie Brewer was hurt. Go back and watch the replay, he asked to come out.
    Sloan will leave when he wants to. I laugh when people suggest Hornecek...I love him, but he has never coached, he is unproven and who knows what kind of coach he will be. Sloan is one of the best coaches in history of this league. There are so many coaches who have never won the big one....so lay off. I think it's so funny how someone says, "a season ticket holder told me......"
    Nice source. The Jazz are so tight lipped....you honestly believe that they would leak something like that to a season ticket holder? Season ticket holders aren't the Crimson club...they aren't boosters. Get a clue. One more thing....some guy who I walked past on the street told me we are going to trade Brevin Knight and Jarron Collins for Dwight Howard. It's on!!!

  • @Anoymous
    April 28, 2009 3:12 p.m.

    What a load of disappointment in the Jazz turned out to be last night. Booooozer is just that, maybe a boooozer under a towel but he was absent last night. AND Okur, if he's really injured ok but even when he wasn't injured he didn't do much in defense. True he is usually a good perimeter shooter but in the paint he's hopeless. Brewer and C.J. Miles ought to go back to school if they were ever there to begin with. AK had a good game in the beginning. D-Will received no help from his team mates. Ronnie Price was doing very well in the 4th quarter until Sloan sent in a cold D-Will and things went downhill from there. Ronnie Price should be the back-up to D-Will all season long, not Knight. Knight can't fight his way out of a paper bag let te truth be told.
    Come back next season coach Sloan with a monster forward and center to offset the Lakers.

  • Anonymous
    April 28, 2009 2:37 p.m.

    To Calgary Jazz: What works in the NBA is (1) be in a big-time city that David Stern likes, (2) buy the flashy players that sell NBA jerseys, and (3) let the NBA officials baby your players and handicap the no-name players [you can make the calls in the NBA without watching the game---just ask who was involved in the play]. Today's NBA is about nothing but entertainment and sales, and Jerry Sloan is about nothing but basketball. [I'll take basketball any day, wherever I can find it, which means either watch Jerry's team or watch only the NCAA.] You need to learn at least this much about the NBA before posting your own nonsense.

  • jack riddle
    April 28, 2009 2:20 p.m.

    Jerry Sloan has been an underachiever during his whole tenure as coach of the Jazz. He shouldn't even be coaching because he'll never win anything. Jerry go back to your John Deere tractor and plow a field. You can't screw that up too bad.

  • Players lose
    April 28, 2009 1:41 p.m.

    On the floor where coaches can't interrupt. That's why Boooooooozer rhymes with loooooooooooser.

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 1:30 p.m.

    To Without Sloan and other Sloan lovers. Learn something about basketball before posting such nonsense.
    Jerry showed he has no clue how to beat Lakers by talking after 1 quarter and saying that "we are lucky to make some jumpshots but we need to get ball inside more and get to the free throw line". That is so predictable and exactly what Lakers wanted Jazz to do. Thats why Lakers went on the run in second quarter because instead of spreading the floor Jazz were forcing inside and got their shots blocked, passes picked and were as well destroyed by pathented way to destroy the Jazz - drive and kick back to open 3 pointers. Kenny was pointing that during halftime. San Antonio did that to us 2 years ago during playoffs. Jerry still doesn't get it. He can't accept the fact that you can win games other way then his 1 to 4 style. He still can't accept the fact that 3 is more then 2. Please just retire already with your outdated system - IT DOESN'T WORK in todays NBA. It is not players fault.

  • Anonymous
    April 28, 2009 1:30 p.m.

    No Jerry Sloan? Then no Jazz. Move them wherever you want, 'cause I won't be interested. Jerry is still the toughest guy in the NBA and in his prime he would have been all over an egotist like Kobe Bryant until Kobe sat down and cried. All of you couch-potato coaches at home who think you know more than Jerry? You need a slap in the head.

  • Sloan for governor
    April 28, 2009 1:16 p.m.

    When Huntsman steps down, time for Sloan.

  • Without Sloan...
    April 28, 2009 12:44 p.m.

    this team would be 25-57 at best. Williams is the only player on the team that can play with elite players in the NBA everybody else is undersized, one dimensional, or slow. If you would actually step back and watch the entire offense (instead of focusing on your insightful observations like "we should shoot more 3-pointers" and "we should let Miles go 1-on-1") you would see that Sloan is one the true geniuses of basketball offense. If all the players are not going at full speed then the offense stagnates, it's not the game-plan its the players.

  • At least the coach has fire
    April 28, 2009 12:25 p.m.

    You can't blame sloan for lack of talent. Collins, Okur, Boozer, none have the talent to play any interior defense. Trade for someone that is a force in the middle. (the Jazz may have to give up brewer, or anyone...)

  • rdc
    April 28, 2009 11:01 a.m.

    The NBA is entertainment. I think it is the hardest game to ref of all the major sports, and frankly the subjectiveness of the reffing hurts the credibility of the game.

    The consistency is terrible all around the league, and it is rather maddening to see so much talent and have the idea that it is skill vs skill and then have that image turned to illusion. Calls are missed all the time on both sides, or more correctly, they aren't called consistently. Sometimes a touch is a foul, sometimes two guys tackling another player is not a foul.

    I find I enjoy the NBA more if I think of it like "Professional Wrestling." It is a show put on, and the issues with reffing increase the drama and uncertainty of the show. For those who want credibility in athletics, I'd recommend a different sport that is easier to ref or a sport that is better ref-ed.

  • Anonymous
    April 28, 2009 10:11 a.m.

    Ronnie Price should have been the back-up point guard!! Knight doesn't belong in the NBA!!

  • Sloan-Backer
    April 28, 2009 9:59 a.m.

    Yeah, Jerry didn't guard Kobe a lick, Jerry didn't hustle after loose balls, Jerry let Lamar slide into the paint at will...it's all Jerry's fault...goodbye Loozer & Jokur...Mark ain't payin for laziness, Larry would approve!

  • Obolus
    April 28, 2009 9:55 a.m.

    Sloan isn't the problem. It's no-D playing pansies like Boozer that are the problem. Give Jerry some men to work with to surround Williams and the Jazz will do far better than going on a coach hiring/firing-a-thon.

  • Jimmy z
    April 28, 2009 9:41 a.m.

    What was Sloan thinking when he destroyed the
    momentum and called a timeout and then put a
    cold Williams back on the floor.

  • Calgary Jazz
    April 28, 2009 9:23 a.m.

    Just retire already please...Nobody ( fans, players) wants you back after this season. You to outdated for todays basketball.

  • todd to sloan is bad news
    April 28, 2009 9:21 a.m.

    Phil takes over in one year. Pray the rumor is wrong. YOu need to call the office and so does eveyone. I will by friday.

  • Paizao
    April 28, 2009 9:11 a.m.

    Did I read the article right? Did Ronnie Price get ejected? I think I missed something. I don't remember him getting ejected. I loved how Ronnie Price stood up to Kobe. Ronnie B. could learn something. He always looked so scared guarding him. Its great being a Monday Quarterback but Ronnie Price should have been backing up D-Will all season.

  • Nows The Time Jerry
    April 28, 2009 8:40 a.m.

    Youv'e reached THAT age, and staying here is only going to dimimish your legacy. If your as smart as you want everyone to believe then you will be able to make this decision fairly easy. It's the same in all sports, too many times people that have had great careers stay a few years too long and tarnish what they worked so hard for. Enjoy your favorite hobby as a collector and gentleman farmer, and let someone else take control of the rat race called the NBA. Best wishes in retirement.

  • Sloan is bad news
    April 28, 2009 8:24 a.m.

    could the news get any worse - another year of Sloan and his tired philosophy? Good thing we don't run plays for 3 point shots like the Lakers and other teams (like, say the 97,98 bulls) do, then we wouldn't have made it to that great 8 seed position! Please no more of Sloan/Johnson's 1950s basketball!! Bring in Hornacek.. I beg of you!!

  • todd from santa ana
    April 28, 2009 1:42 a.m.

    Just as I had thought. Then a season ticket holder told me tonight over the phone, he heard Johnson was going to be the coach in 2010.

    This franchise then has a very bleak future.

    Not much hope.

    This proves what I have been saying for months.

    Because the fans let it happen.


    Greg will still hear from me though.

    We will not go anywhere for 3-4 years with Sloan and Johnson-maybe longer

  • rvalens2
    April 28, 2009 1:07 a.m.

    I'm not a Sloan Hater ... but Jerry, I think it's time to go.

    You look tired, the team looks tired and many of the fans need/want a change.

    I have to admit. It's probably fitting for you toe leave the same year Larry left us. It would be a poignant end to a long and storied career.

    Thanks for all you've done.

  • CougarKeith
    April 28, 2009 12:54 a.m.

    Funny thing was I was remarking to my sister-inlaw, "If I were the head coach I would throw such a fit about the non-calls for my team I would get tossed and try to spark my team!" two minutes later Jerry was ejected! Funny thing!!! One after another after another arm slap, hand touch, shove and grope was totally ignored! Kobe was this "Untouchable" guy to the refs, they wouldn't call one on him near the end and he definately fouled TWICE! Do I think the Jazz could have won the game? YES! Do I think they could have won the series? Anything can happen but the reality is: "NO!!!!" However you have to call a game fairly! That is what I hate about the NBA, if your Kobe Bryant, you can get away with stuff, if your Mr. Off The Bench, then you can't! It is like the ref's, "Oh that was a travel, but it was Kobe, and it was a cool move, so we'll let it slide this time, and probably next time too if it looks that cool!!! Or If He Hit's That Wicked SHot Again!!!