Utah Jazz: Boozer's touch still AWOL

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  • @Anoymous
    April 5, 2009 2:56 p.m.

    Boozer missing his shots isn't all that's wrong with the Jazz. Ronnie Brewer's shot is off, Milsap can't make freethrows half the time. What's going on with every one? I don't blame the boos in the crowd at the home arena. People spend good money to see their favoite team win.
    It's been real painful to watch the Jazz this late in the season when ever game counts. Every bucket, freethrow and jump shot is important. I feel they don't want it very badly, that's what it looks like.
    BUT I'll still be watching, good or bad although it's hard. GO JAZZ!!!

  • Re: Worthless
    April 5, 2009 12:53 a.m.

    Everything you say about AK doesn't make any sense. He doesn't need to score. He does everything else. That's what makes him so good. The Jazz are a whole lot better with AK and always will be.

  • Worthless
    April 4, 2009 8:43 p.m.

    The only person on the Jazz more worthless than Boozer is Kirilenko. Boozer can't guard anyone, and the only person Kirilenko is better than offensively is Jaron Collins. I don't care of the Jazz make the playoffs, they are so far from a good team it's ridiculous. If it wasn't for Deron, Millsap and Brewer, this team wouldn't even be a .500 team. Trade Kirilenko, hope that Boozer options out, and give your young guys a chance to develop or get rid of them also.

  • Anonymous
    April 4, 2009 3:07 p.m.

    the jazz have no heart. how can you keep giving up those big leads its because they have no heart. this team does not have a true leader. they are not physical like they use to be either. we need somebody with heart on this team.

  • Let's go for a win.
    April 4, 2009 11:59 a.m.

    Williams is NOT the only team member that cares! His team mates are hustling and playing hard to win....unfortunately not all of them, but let's not blame it on the whole team! Korver and Milsap play hustle on every play! They both go for rebounds and dig for the ball! Do we need more hustle players...sure... Brewer is struggling right now and AK is up and down! Oh where is Okur? Where's the team psychologist? Someone is playing with their heads! Could it be the negative coaching! You bang heads long enough and the will to win is drained away! Some of our players are trying to stay positive amid all the turmoil. It is getting harder to play their best when the team is not together!
    Have a meeting guys....pull it out! We want the Jazz to win and be an upbeat team! You did it when Boozer was out.....now pretend he's still out...because he is. Get that energy back. Win again!

  • Start Millsap!
    April 4, 2009 10:07 a.m.

    Put Millsap back in the lineup as the starter. Bring Boozer back for 20-25 min off the bench and let him get his rhythmn back that way. Just because he makes millions doesn't mean he's earning it.

  • Defenseless
    April 4, 2009 9:59 a.m.

    Boozer, you obviously don't want to be here, so leave. D-Will seems to be the only one who cares. As I already predicted last week. The Jazz will fold and play Lakers in the first round. Atleast we can get the pain of their losing in the playoffs early. Prove me wrong Jazz. You guys get paid millions and can't even play defense. You make average players on other teams look like super stars.

  • Dave
    April 4, 2009 8:52 a.m.

    I'm not so much worried about his offense as I am his pathetic defense. He is a liability on the defensive end. Defense is all about playing with heart and unfortunately he doesn't show much of that.

  • Boozer's a fraud
    April 4, 2009 8:48 a.m.

    He needs to be recycled back to Jr. Jazz. He looks like he's never become acquainted with the cowhide globe.

  • Boozer
    April 4, 2009 8:10 a.m.

    needs to be proactive right now. He is rapidly becoming the "Tracy McGrady" of the Utah Jazz. If he can't score right now he at least needs to rebound and put wholehearted effort into defense. His play was harmful to the team last night. His whole game was AWOL.

    He is not the only one sandbagging but he will be a lightning rod as some fans still remember his play against LA in the playoffs. His comments on opting out have really added to his problems since then.

    I want Boozer to succeed. He can't if he won't put in the effort to do what he can do when his shot is not falling.

    If he is not going to play hard and smart then he should not be on the court.

    Sloan is old and will retire some year. When he does a new system will emerge. New types of players will be needed.

    This summer would be a natural great time to remake this team instead of letting Sloan dictate years of transition when he decides to retire.

  • Mental Toughness
    April 4, 2009 5:46 a.m.

    I remember distinctly when Karl Malone would struggle shooting. The answer then should be the answer now ... take it hard to the rim. Then again, Karl did not shy away from physical play. Boozer is soft.

    He much prefers the jump shot. He's as much a 'power' forward as my brother's Dodge of the 1970's ... was a power RAM. He's right when he says he's a scorer. He's a 6-4 shooting guard in a much bigger body. What a waste.

    He's like a streak shooter. Detroit had one in the eighties. He's come of the bench and shoot a couple. If he hit them, he was hot and he'd stay in the game till he cooled down. If he didn't, he'd come out and wait a bit and try again. While he was in there, they fed him the ball incessently. He was NOT a starter. He was a hired gun.

    If Boozer keeps playing defense like he does and can't produce on the offensive end, he's no good on the floor and Deron, the 'leader' needs to tell him as much.

  • rvalens2
    April 4, 2009 1:51 a.m.

    It's sure starting to look doubtful that Carlos will decide to opt out of his contract at the end of the season. Still, if I was him I wouldn't count on being with the Jazz next year.

    The Jazz are sure to shop his expiring contract around the league.

    Boozer's play of late has proven he's more of a liability to the team.

    The Jazz just flat out play better without him.

  • todd from santa ana
    April 4, 2009 1:30 a.m.

    I can tell Boozer is not healthy. It is no excuse. If he cannot give even 75 percent, then he should be man enough to sit out if a couple days off will help. Carlos Boozer was close to a hero for me but this whole year, I have changed my opinion and I doubt he will earn my trust again. Carlos I felt had Karl Malone talent. He does not have the heart. He hurts the team if the legs are so bad he cannot play defense. Whether any of you want to believe it or not, He was not that bad earlier in his career or DUke on defense-trust me..

  • the whole picture
    April 4, 2009 1:06 a.m.

    boozer doesnt understand, its not the scoring he needs to work on, its the rest of his game. if he scores 20 points in a game but lets his guy score 22 then his points dont mean a thing. our team is full of offesive players, we can make up the points. he needs to prevent the other team from gettin points first and foremost. when is he gonna figure that out?