6 years later, we haven't forgotten

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  • Amy Galvez
    March 23, 2009 12:50 p.m.

    I am astounded to read some of the comments posted here. What short term memories Americans have. You may not agree with the war but has our homeland been hit with another attack since 9/11/01? The war has been kept off our home land by those who are willing to go out and do the job regardless of what it may cost. Freedom didn't just happen in America and unless it is protected, it will not remain. We have become a self centered society and can't see beyond our own lives. Thank you James Cawley and all those who have been willing to sacrifice on behalf of others who only care about themselves.

  • Mandi
    March 21, 2009 9:50 a.m.

    I did not know Jim personally, but I married into his family. Kevin (above) is my husband. I am extremely proud of people like Jim and Kevin for going and defending the rights this country was based on. You do not have to support the war, but please support our service men and women who are out fighting it.

  • Kevin
    March 21, 2009 1:26 a.m.

    One last thought: don't presume we are doing NOTHING in Afghanistan. Just because they don't tell you everything that's going on doesn't mean nothing's happening. This is one situation where secrecy is not only permissible, it's morally necessary. The unnecessary loss of American lives for the sole purpose of reassuring you that we ARE doing what we set out to do would be a REAL case of murder at the hands of ANYBODY in the administration responsible.

  • Kevin
    March 21, 2009 1:06 a.m.

    Correction: men ARE free to set out on whatever they want to dedicate their lives to. If you don't believe me, look up the term "lasseiz-faire capitalism." It's the very DEFINITION of freedom.

    The next thing I want to do is also to say that this war may in fact be surrounded with lies, but the destruction of evil is NEVER an unworthy cause. Is there still evil here at home? Absolutely, and you can bet that I never pass up a chance to fight the injustices that I can here, through a hobby I never knew I shared with my uncle: debate.

  • Kevin
    March 21, 2009 1:03 a.m.

    Jim was my uncle, and I would like to throw in a few words as well.

    On tuesday, March 24, I'm being sworn in to the Army. My decision, six years after my uncle was killed, is not a direct result of his death, or his service, but it is very much for the same reasons that he was willing to put his life on the line. He was out there trying to protect the good from the evil. The "Good" are those who try to live their lives to the fullest without invading the freedoms of others, the "Evil" take what they want from whoever has it, even if it costs others their life. There are two things I want to accomplish in this comment: 1) If you must use this story of rememberance as a discussion forum for your own ideals, know what you're talking about. America was founded as the closest thing ever to pure capitalism. It didn't quite make it all the way, but close. Men were free to set out on whatever they wanted to dedicate their lives to.

  • Mike Cawley
    March 19, 2009 8:53 p.m.

    Thank you to all who have expressed appreciation for my brother's service. Even those who don't agree with the war but appreciate his sacrifice. Our Dad served in WW2/Vietnam and once told me a story of coming home from Vietnam and walking through the airport. There were protestors and one of them spit on one of his men. And in anger and for protection of his men, he grabbed the protestor and "made it clear" he "better not do that again." We have grown as a country since then. Most citizens understand more about the sacrifice of those who serve. I am forever grateful to the press for the respect they gave and continue to give to Jim. I am very moved by the huge outpouring and display of gratitude they showed. Since then the outpouring has trickled down when the fallen return. Yes, soldiers who take their lives are casualties deserving tremendous respect. Jim gave life for country. But the men who r and LIVE lives for country with lost sight, hearing, limbs, brain injuries, mental anguish...they and their families are true heroes. Support them. See that politicians to do the same. Thanks again.

  • Mike Cawley
    March 19, 2009 8:26 p.m.

    Jim was my brother, a few thoughts I'd like to mention.

    Jim was a great debater as said in the article and I'm sure he would have many opinions on the war himself today. As do I. But to explain him, I've never forgotten something he told me once. "I don't fight for Presidents. I may or may not like the person in office. But it is my duty to serve the country. He had his reasons for serving. And they were not about his own personal glory. I can't speak for my family or his on the 4259 soldiers killed in Iraq. What I can say is I have never asked or needed others to cry in outrage over his own death. And for those who do cry in outrage, I'm sure many of you make some points that are worth discussion. But you can reduce the number of deaths as it changes by "1". He knew what he was doing, he did not have to go, but he went. The war will one day be judged by history. worthy or not isn't important, I'm proud of his sacrifice.

  • Cats
    March 19, 2009 5:44 p.m.

    To Justin and Smiley: Did you realize that some emotionally disturbed fruitcakes are writing blogs and posting them under your names?

  • SpySmiley
    March 19, 2009 5:10 p.m.

    Totally Pathetic:

    You got it upside down, backa...words. I am a Vietnam combat veteran. I've killed people and I was wounded. That war was built on a Lyndon Johnson lie. The war in Iraq is Bush's lie. I weep for all who have died, are dying and will die in our wars.

    All GIs have my utter respect and profound appreciation. But, when we talk about Iraq, we're talking about a criminal act by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and Rice. A lie, a criminal lie, that has killed hundreds of thousands of human beings.

    Iraq should never have happened. If there is an after life, Bush will suffer for eternity.

    Those who gave their lives are owed respect. The war does not. Bush does not. Cheney does not. Rice does not.

    But through this all, those who died in Vietnam and Iraq did not die for our freedom. They died for Johnson's and Bush's lies.

  • katamb-midvale
    March 19, 2009 4:55 p.m.

    Please edit the line, "Cemeteries across the state, such as the Roy City Stoker Memorial Cemetery, are dotted with graves of those whom we won't see again." with "... dotted with graves of those whom we WILL see again." Life after death is real. God bless the families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom around the world.

  • Totally Pathetic
    March 19, 2009 3:42 p.m.

    This story is about people who made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedoms! You may dissagree with what they fought for but they at least deserve your respect. To those of you who come in here to voice your political agenda and try to bring light to totally different causes are all completely pathetic. Have you no shame? Are you that hollow that you will choose any forum to voice your political views? Shame on you all!

  • Anonymous
    March 19, 2009 3:16 p.m.

    We are all giving our lives, one day at a time, for what we most believe in. Some of us are giving our lives for a company. Others are giving their lives for lying, cheating, and stealing. You have to die sometime for some cause, even if it is the cause of "old age". Why not die for the cause of American freedom? At least there is honor in dying for your country. There is no honor in dying slowly over 80 years for some stupid company to get rich exploiting you!

  • Richard
    March 19, 2009 11:35 a.m.

    Our soldiers are the finest people in America. They, all deserve our respect. They and their families know the cost of freedom. No one else really does. There are many who demonstrate pitiful, mindless actions and speech, using the very freedom these soldiers provide. The fact that the USA is free, is due entirely to the American military, no one else. Our all volunteer military, law enforcement and other public safety are the ONLY ones to protect America, politicians, except President Bush, will never protect America.

  • KaDe K.
    March 19, 2009 10:43 a.m.

    Let's not forget about those who have taken their own lives because of what they were forced to do and see in Iraq.

    We love and miss you Rick...

  • Anthony S.
    March 19, 2009 10:43 a.m.

    I love all the people attacking President Bush and his administration in this tribute to a soldier that died protecting our country. All I know is that 4259 men and women joined a military force that volunteered to fight and possibly die for our protection. I am trying to think of how many citizens of our country died from a terrorist attack over that time. There might be a few, but apparently the sacrifice of our soldiers worked. Our country has been protected. Those soldiers chose to fight and die. The victims that died on 9-11 did not. You might say that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, but since we liberated that country from the dictator Saddam, our country has been relatively free from terrorism. Thank you soldiers for your sacrifice. Thank you for protecting those who don't even want your protection, but you do it anyways. You Rock.

  • Karen
    March 19, 2009 10:41 a.m.

    This is NOT a forum to voice anyone's complaints about this war. That's exactly right, get off this great man's grave and show some respect for those who've paid the ultimate price. As a Marine Mom whose son was injured by the detonation of an IED, I find these remarks re: the war extremely offensive. Go somewhere else to complain. And, while you're at it, silently thank those who gave YOU the freedom to do so.

  • @eartha
    March 19, 2009 10:21 a.m.

    Nice name! Blame Bush huh? What about all those fine polititians on the left that supported this same war? Lets start prosecuting them also, starting with our secretary of state - Hillary Clinton.
    Give the GWB thing a rest and thank God you have true patriots in the military willing to risk all to defend the USA.

    March 19, 2009 10:21 a.m.

    "In operations leading up to the start of the war, former Utahn John Darren "J.D." Smith, 32, a pilot, was killed when his Blackhawk helicopter crashed during a training mission in Kuwait."

    Darren lived three houses down the street from me growing up. I am well acquainted with his family (particulary his mother and youngest son). This was devestating to all, but it hit closer to home when it became somone I knew.
    On the same street I grew up my next door neighborhood friend, now 32, came home last year from his tour (multiple) as per a car bombing that left him badly burned and limbs amputated.

    This war has effected me in that it effected my neighbors and friends who have so bravely done what they were asked to. I am honored that I know both of these men. God bless you for what you did to help ensure our freedom is protected. I pray that cost was not paid for per a political agenda. That would be the ultimate slap of disrepect these men laid down their lives for.

  • Lionheart
    March 19, 2009 10:17 a.m.

    Paramhansa Yogananda, a realized master, predicted in the 1950s, that American would fight a great war, virtually alone, that angels of the Lord would be born to fight in this great conflict against evil. To die as a warrior in a just war, was the highest achievement of a man and would bring great karma. Marine Staff Sgt. James Cawley surely epitomizes these angels of the Lord. Who decides what is a just war? Not you or I. God decides.

  • Jacob S.
    March 19, 2009 10:12 a.m.

    And what about the 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians that have died as a result of this ill-begotten war? Are they not worth our remembrance? Our soldiers are brave and well trained and they deserve our honor, but the cost of this war is grotesque and we should be fully aware of its consequences.

  • To Justin
    March 19, 2009 9:57 a.m.

    If you must debate the wars please get off of this great man's grave to do it. God bless our men and women in uniform, past and present.

  • Ultra Bob
    March 19, 2009 9:46 a.m.

    All wars are economic wars. Fought to gain or retain an economic advantage for capitalistic players in the world game of wealth and power accumulation. All governments ,no matter what their name is within their borders, are capitalists in the game of the world and there are no rules to restrain their actions.

    Governments give phony reasons for their war. Only to deceive the people who are to do the actual fighting. If the phony reason is found out, they come up with another just as plausible. But they never get around to telling the truth about the real reason for the war.

  • Eartha
    March 19, 2009 9:39 a.m.

    Six years ago we were going into a war because of the imminent danger that Saddam Hussein was posing to America with WMDs and the ties he had to the terrorists of 9-11. We've since come to realize that G. W. Bush and his administration was lying to us and the war was merely to advance his personal, selfish agenda. Forty eight Utahns died for reasons that were not true. A great lawyer and author, Vincent Bugliosi, has laid out the case for bringing those responsible to justice in the book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder." Are there any brave prosecutors in Utah who would dare to bring justice to those 48 brave Utahns and their families?

  • Socialism
    March 19, 2009 8:59 a.m.

    Personally I would like to thank all those that have fought for our freedom in this great country. And a special "THANKS" to the families who have lost love ones during these turbulent times. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Justin Credible
    March 19, 2009 8:47 a.m.

    RE: 8:04 am

    Exactly my point. The war started in Afghanistan and should have stayed there. The Bush administration was looking for a a quick victory but couldn't find it so they moved to Iraq where George Sr. had a quick win. Iraq has been everything except a quick victory. The world was supporting the US in the war in Afghanistan but the world saw the mistake of going into Iraq and withdrew their support. Do you really think it was worth 4259 deaths and trillion of dollars? Obama has inherited a giant mess from the failed Bush era do you expect him to make an immediate unilateral withdrawal?

  • Jay Yazzie in AZ
    March 19, 2009 8:00 a.m.

    Every morning I thank you Sgt. Cawley and others before I set for my daily chores. I don't ask why but I know in my heart that it was deem necessary for us to have freedom in this great country of ours. Your kids will be fine I'm sure, they are in good hands and surrounded by loving people in beehive state. God bless you in your journey...

  • Justin Credible
    March 19, 2009 7:21 a.m.

    Where's the outrage from all of these unnecessary deaths? In any other situation of mass killers George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and a host of others would be facing war crime convictions.

  • Arthur Healey
    March 19, 2009 6:14 a.m.

    A touching rememberance of a brother and comrade in arms. James worked with me on the Salt Lake City Police department. He was a wonderful officer who loved the people he served both in Salt Lake and in Iraq. And in service he gave his life, an example to all of us of what it means to love your neighbor as yourself. I read this while currently serving a mission among the people of Japan that James also loved with all his heart. An excellent example to all of us to love one another and to lift where we can, to edify one another and to let our lights so shine. I know he was welcomed with the pure and simple words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" from a Master well pleased.

  • Boudreaux
    March 19, 2009 5:58 a.m.

    While I mourn the 4259 Americans who lost there lives in a military effort for which they volunteered.

    Where is the outrage over the 36,000 teenages who have died in the last 6 years from traffic accidents?? What is being done about that??

  • TommyP
    March 19, 2009 3:52 a.m.

    Thank you very much Marine for doing what you were called to do and paying the ultimate sacrifice that others might be able to feel the safety and freedom that we in the U.S. take for granted all too often.

    All Gave Some, Some Gave All.

  • Utah Transplant
    March 19, 2009 1:06 a.m.

    May God bless the family of Marine Staff Sgt. James Wilford Cawley. He is one of many who heard the call and followed their hearts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your life for your country.