Utah Jazz: Questions for Greg Miller

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  • Anonymous
    March 6, 2009 10:43 p.m.

    I admire the way your family has accepted your Father's passing. I know that great strength has come from you parents. They are a great example to you and your family. Your whole family has been a great example for good and a great missionary tool for the Church. I wish the peace that your mother, sister and brothers deserve. May the Lord bless and keep you. May you have the guidence that you so deserve.

  • Robert
    Feb. 1, 2009 10:43 a.m.

    Greg, thanks for the comments. As a man, husband and father working on a smaller level than your organization, but still very substantial for me, raised by a single parent who gave me an education and I have been able to make what I believe are good opportunities for others, I appreciate your comments, especially about your dad. At the end of the day, working 80+ hours a week for many years, I reflect through pictures, thoughts, laughter about my family and my six children. Best of all, I like your last comment on leadership. You don't remember who won the game, just that your dad and John came back on the floor. Great thought, very true, I have seen the difference just to show up sometimes. Thanks. Creativity, doing something different, setting the bar higher has great challenges, but also great rewards and hopefully making life better for others in the process. I appreciate your father and your organization.