Utah Jazz: Halfway home, Jazz not satisfied

Excuses about all of the injuries don't cut it with Sloan, team

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  • wheres the fire
    Jan. 23, 2009 10:17 a.m.

    jazz to me are flat. they show no emotion on the court, no spark. goin through the motions. losing these "easy" games lately shows me that they are not focused. hopefully the second half of the season, the team can get healthy and get that spark of energy and high level play we saw last season.


  • Anonymous
    Jan. 21, 2009 1:08 p.m.

    get real and put the igniter in the lineup, mr ronnie price. if price dont start playing soon we might just barely make the playoffs. but if he plays like he did last year backing up williams we blow denver out and win the division. get real sloan and do the right thing free ronnie price.

  • akjazz
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:55 p.m.

    Who are these bloggers praising CJ. If he was so good he would be getting coverage around the league and on the net.

    Millsap earned it on the floor. CJ can't earn it in the bloggoshere. get a life you luzers.

  • Funny
    Jan. 20, 2009 6:34 p.m.

    To Miles!!!!!What a joke, Miles the best player on the
    team....That's not the Jazz Team for sure!!!!You must be
    talking about the other Miles!!!!

  • Anonymous
    Jan. 20, 2009 6:16 p.m.

    @ magnus

    When AK Boozer Millsap and Okur are all healthy - Knock on wood

    Start AK, Boozer and Okur

    Sub in Millsap for AK at the SF
    Okur, Boozer and Millsap on the floor at the same time. If you have Korver and Williams on the floor with them.

    Then Sub AK in for Okur and go to Millsap, Boozer, and AK and then sub in Okur in for Boozer. This is kind of like when we played Harpring at shooting guard because we just played our best players.

  • magnus
    Jan. 20, 2009 6:02 p.m.

    @ AdROCK

    I like it. Maybe a little tad on the creepy violent side, but all good things.

  • AdROCK
    Jan. 20, 2009 5:23 p.m.

    That's it... I've had enough of the losing. Here's what I want to see for the next 41 games:
    1. Millsap: Don't let Booz take your starting spot. How do you do that? Simple, beat the heck out of everyone.
    2. RonnieB: Shoot one mid range jumper for every two dunks you get. I like the addition of the jumper, but go to the whole and hurt people!
    3. Deron: Take it to the whole like 30 times a night! You should never shoot less than 10 free throws: Oh and run the pick and roll with Kosta at least 4 times a night, when he's in at center... it's like a guaranteed 2 points.
    4.Memo: Just keep being Memo... but don't be afraid to hurt people... I mean, have an attitude (Get a little more Harpring in you).
    5. CJ: Dunk the ball! Everyone in the world thinks you're going to shoot the 3... Pump fake, drive and show us some of that crazy athleticism.

    If the above things happen, the Jazz will contend for a title. We need to collectively stop taking everyone's crap!

  • I agree with the optimist
    Jan. 20, 2009 4:54 p.m.

    I agree with the optimist, there's no reason why things won't fall into place for the jazz, if they get healthy, they probably would be the team no one would want to play; right now, they're already a team most wouldn't want to play. They've done a good job so far, better than you'd think with all that has befallen. I'll keep the rose glasses on, and smile in the sun. I'm behind the optimistic predicitons.

  • Miles
    Jan. 20, 2009 3:28 p.m.

    Best player on the team,no doubt,just take a good look at his stat`s,without his all-around game,we are probably the worst team in the league,he` on a par with Kobe and LeBron,just say "Miles" and everyone knows who you`re talking about.... the one and only,the best player in the NBA

  • magnus
    Jan. 20, 2009 3:25 p.m.

    I think the doubters are going to be seriously surprised at how good this Jazz team is when (if?)they get everybody back and healthy.

    With Okur, Williams, Boozer, AK, Millsap, Brewer and Korver playing the majority of the minutes and solid role players like Miles, Harpring, Kufos and Knight this Jazz team is deep and good, really good. better than last year, and way better than the record shows this year.

    In fact I'll go further and say that IF the Jazz get healthy like I think they will by the end of the year, people will be talking about them as the team nobody want's to play in the playoffs and the talking heads will start to mention them in the same sentences as the Lakers Magic Cavs and Celtics.

    Of course all of that may never happen if the Jazz don't get healthy.

    You can call the glasses rose if you want, I don't mind, I'll take the abuse if I'm wrong (just like I was about winning 60 games, stupid injuries), but don't forget to throw a little respect this way if I turn out to be right.

  • sloan lover @ Magnus
    Jan. 20, 2009 2:20 p.m.

    I just don't see the jazz getting to 55 wins. Everything would have to fall into place to get there with no margin for error. What we do know is this season we seem to have the injury bug. I haven't seen any reason why this doesn't continue. Milsap's knees are still a question mark..so is Booz's body? and our road record isn't very good when healthy...24-5 down the stretch? I think some people are going to look dumb in their predictions when it comes to the Jazz finish, Let's look at their final road games March/April.(Atl,miami,orl,port,den,no,dall,sa,lak) they probably go 4-5 at best through that stretch. According to you, you have them winning all of their other games? WOW!! Eternal optimist aside, let's be realistic!! 26-15 will get you to fifty wins. Let's start there. The Jazz still have 6 back to back games in March/April. What's our record this year in back to back games....you don't want to know Jazz fans....Take off the Rose colored glasses people!

  • magnus
    Jan. 20, 2009 1:45 p.m.

    @ Anonymous

    Hollinger himself said that his playoff odd simulations tend to wash out the final team records, trending everybody towards the middle. I bet all 8 playoff teams in the west have over 50 wins this year, just like they did last year when the Jazz won 54 games and had the 6th best record in the West, Phoenix won 55 and finnished 5th. The Lakers will win more than they did last year, the bottom 6 teams in the west will lose more, and we won't know the final playoff seeding untill the last game is played.

    I like your points though.

    If I had to guess now this is how I think it will end in the west

    #1 LA (62 Wins)
    #2 De (57 Wins)
    #3 SA (56 Wins)
    #4 NO (55 Wins)
    #5 Ut (54 Wins)
    #6 Ho (54 Wins)
    #7 Po (52 Wins)
    #8 Ph (50 Wins)

    You're right about the minutes of course, I would like to see brewer get some more 4th quarter minutes I think he has earned them, but once everyone is healthy there will be a rotation and on most nights the minutes will be fairly consistent.

  • Shat
    Jan. 20, 2009 1:43 p.m.

    First, I like the Miles from yesterday and NOT the one from today. Whoever took his place was far better. Let's all just remember how quickly a team can change when injuries occur. This whole season could change in an instant for any team. We should just hope our team gets healthy quickly and stays that way for a good finish.

  • blueball
    Jan. 20, 2009 1:28 p.m.

    Jazz looz on the road.

  • @pritty.good.guy
    Jan. 20, 2009 1:00 p.m.

    Who is O'Donnel? Could you be referring to O'Conner? A couple other guys on here a while back kept referring to O'Donnel, Keith Suds or somebody like that.

  • Anonymous
    Jan. 20, 2009 12:37 p.m.

    The Jazz get healthy, which they will, they will have a better record than last year. They are currently 1 game above last year pace.

    Magnus - 55 wins on Hollinger's playoff odds would put a team at number 2. The I really don't think any team in the west besides LA wins 60 games - and I think that they will be at 60 games. Anyway, the Jazz need to just plug along.

    Denver, San Antonio and NO are going to be the toughest but hopefully the Jazz can pass them.

    San Antonio - 11 of their next 15 games are on the road with games in (LA, Phoenix, Utah, Denver, NJ, Boston and Detroit)

    I don't think NO is deep enough team - Chandler and West are both injured right now - if Chris Paul gets injured they will lose every game.

    Denver has played a tougher schedule, and have a deep team

    LA 60 wins
    Denver 55 wins
    Utah 54 wins
    San Antonio 53
    New Orleans 53
    Portland 50
    Phoenix 47
    Houston 46
    Dallas 42

    Magnus as far as Minutes, The Jazz need to go to a lineup playing their best players than

  • ak vs. cj
    Jan. 20, 2009 12:12 p.m.

    don't even bring up that ak plays against 2nd stringers as he's on the floor in the 4th quarter against other teams' best players and he still is the best defender on the team. And if Miles can't handle playing defense against the other teams starters then perhaps he shouldn't be starting.
    What a lame excuse, Miles.

    As for playoff seeding, I for one see the Jazz winning the division still which puts them in ther rough position of meeting the Lakers in the 2nd round unless they can get to the 3rd seed. Denver has a schedule that's probably even harder than the Jazz's over the next month and they'll finally start dropping some games.

  • Good observation Miles
    Jan. 20, 2009 12:09 p.m.

    "At this point we are one game better than last year and that is without Boozer for much of the year."
    As I remember Boozer was playing last year for most of the time. What does that say about Boozer...maybe he should just sit it out and look pretty for the rest of the season. It's Millers money that is going to waste, not Boozer.

  • magnus
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:57 a.m.

    Here's how I see the rest of the season playing out...

    The Jazz have a tough stretch between now and the All-Star break. I think D-Will fully returns to 2007 form and Millsap gets back to 100% while the Jazz go 7-5 putting them at 31-22. Boozer comes back after the All-Star break (100%, because otherwise he wouldn't be back) CJ keeps his starting spot but only sees 10-15 minutes a game, Millsap and AK come of the bench for 25-30 minutes a game an the Jazz settle into this rotation

    Starters (minutes)

    Williams (35)
    Brewer (25)
    Miles (10)
    Boozer (30)
    Okur (35)


    AK (27)
    Millsap (28)
    Korver (20)
    Knight (13)
    Kosta (7)
    Harpring (10)

    With that lineup the Jazz finnish 24-5, Going 55-27 on the season, losing the division to Denver, finnishing with the 5th best record in the west and playing New Orleans in the first round.

    It wouldn't surprise me if AK moved back into the starting role after Boozer comes back, but he's playing so great of the bench it seems woth it to start CJ just to maintain that production.

  • Anyone
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:56 a.m.

    re: Miles

    Anyone with a brain could determine that CJ is not the reason for what success this team has had.

    Yes you are entitled to have your obviously/statistically/logically incorrect opinion.

    Sloan has been questioning all year whether he could even leave CJ in the starting lineup because his results have been poor. Lets not forget why Sloan had AK come off the bench--so they bench did not stink with CJ on it!! CJ gets the benefit of playing surrounded by starters to take pressure off him so he could perform.

    Everything and anything you look at does not indicate in any way that CJ is responsible for this teams success.

    All that said, if CJ actually did play both ends of the floor and work hard--this team could become alot better. He has the talent and athletic ability but as of yet he has not come close to meeting expectations.


    Any real fan who has examined the Jazz remaining schedule and considered our current situation KNOWS the upcoming schedule and the schedule to finish the season will dash any hopes of a high seed in the playoffs--possibly even making the playoffs at all.

  • bozo
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:44 a.m.

    jazz are fine dwill just has to remember that he saw the celtics win a championship through d fense and start playing some D. Then with him leading by example the others with follow suite.


  • magnus
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:33 a.m.

    @ pritty.good.guy

    Totally dissagree with teh sentiment that the Jazz won't, or can't, put it together like they did last year.

    In fact I think they are more likely to put it together than they were last year.

    Last year two things happened that helped them take off, Memo got his game back after struggling for the first half of the season, and Giri went away for Korver.

    This year they have had so many things go wrong it's hard to even compare but let me give you a list of things that I think will add up to a strong finnish...Williams is finally back to 100% after strugling for the first half of the season (26 pts, 9.5 asst, 3.5 TO over the last 4 games), Boozer will be back in the lineup mid Febuary (17th, to be exact) and play the final 29 games, Millsap will come back from his injury and 100% by the end of January.

    My prediction is that the Jazz will struggle for the next few games until Millsap comes back and then they will improve every game from there on out.

  • @pritty.good.guy
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:07 a.m.

    The Jazz couldn't beat their way out of a wet paper bag on the road! Hey are you really Good Guy Gary?

  • pritty.good.guy
    Jan. 20, 2009 11:04 a.m.


    San Antonio could be beat. If Manu gets scraped up and breaks some bones. And Tim Duncan becomes paralyzed. But LA cannot be beat by the Jazz. They are too deep and to powerful in the post! Jack Nicholson could beat the Jazz with that old guy that sits by him. Just the lights in LA are enought o beat the Jazz. Did I say Derek Fischer! He has the mental edge on all of the Jazz. That includes O'Donnel and Sloan!

  • No pressure
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:57 a.m.

    I love CJ. Ak47 is my favorite player. I am afraid of dwill. Memo is the best 3pt shooting big man in the league.

  • @ Pritty.Good.guy
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:40 a.m.

    I would rather have LA in the second round than San Antonio in the first round on the road. At least we would make it to the second round. When was the last time we won a game in San Antonio?

    We can't beat LA or SA on the road.

  • Miles
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:26 a.m.

    If you don't like my comment on how good I think CJ is for the francise, you don't have to comment!! My opinion is not going to change. AK plays against 2nd stringers, his defensive should be better than Miles. Your stats mean nothing to me. You should know that by now. I only care about wins and with CJ in the starting lineup this year, we have more wins. last time I looked, wins get you in the playoffs. Not stats.

  • Anonymous
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:19 a.m.

    one more thing

    Last year, the Jazz were the 2 best offensive team - this year the Jazz are the 12 best offensive team - The Jazz defensive has been a lot better than last year.

  • pritty.good.guy
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:16 a.m.

    @ Miles:

    The Jazz had a horrendous first half of last season. They got rid of Gira Sick and then they started playing phenominal. They are one game behind horrendous now. I will gulldaim gaurantee you that they will not play at anywhere near the level they played at last year down the stretch. They were winning (75-80% of their games). The Jazz will be gulldaim lucky to even be in the playoffs. Now, just to put some light on it. The Jazz would be better off to be a 6 or seven than a four or five. Why, you ask? Because as a four or five you get LA'id out in the second round. A 6-7 gets San Antonio and New Orleans in the first two rounds. Withe Milsap and D'Will at full strength, that could be done. I wouldn't bet my cash on it but it is doable.

    This is how the west will shake down:
    1 LA
    2 NO
    3 SA
    4 DEN
    5/6/7/8/9 PHO/POR/HOU/UT/DAL (you tell me in what order!)
    Please Jerry's Jazz be a 6 or 7!

  • Anonymous
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:16 a.m.

    CJ deserves zero credit considering when he has been on the floor for 876 minutes this season the Jazz have outscored our opponents by -1 points. Virtually a push. When he is sitting on the bench, the Jazz have outscored their opponents by 132 points (which is the reason the Jazz have won any games this season) Maybe some of the Miles fans out there do not know that you need to score more points than your opponents to win. Considering Miles is a good offensive player, his defensive is really that atrocious

    The problem with some of the Jazz bloggers is that you complain about the Jazz defensive but you show so much love to bad defensive players (outside of boozer)

    Best Defensive Players - (what I looked at was the opponents PER and opponents production on 82games)

    Kirilenko - and it is not even close
    Koufas - shows promise
    Williams - He is getting better as his quickness returns. He was getting beat early and often when he came back
    Korver - takes a lot of charges
    Okur - although he is an awful at help defensive

  • Miles
    Jan. 20, 2009 10:14 a.m.

    Sloan Lover: Did we win the game at Dallas? NO...Your boy Jerry kept CJ on the bench and how did the game turn out? Bad example.......CJ plays good and Jerry keeps him on bench during 4th quarter....You must really love Jerry to stand behind him on that one!!

    To Nah: Koufus a different maker? How many total minutes has he played this year? Not many......

    To Yack: I'm back

  • Yack Macksen
    Jan. 20, 2009 9:58 a.m.

    The real "Miles" appears to be back today! Sheet!

  • Boozer
    Jan. 20, 2009 9:24 a.m.

    As much as I hate to admit it, we need his offensive presence. His ability to command double and triple teams and create his own shot is vital to our offense. I am with Sloan Lover that I hope he comes back healthy and hits the ground running.

  • Jazz Overall.
    Jan. 20, 2009 9:19 a.m.

    C.J. is a good asset to the Jazz team, but to say that he deserves the credit isnt a completely true and deserving comment. I got the impression that the whole bench is really stepping up with the rest of the team. The Jazz have a good future, and they need to realize that when a situation goes bad, they need to think about it and turn it into a positive one. To finish, I would like to drop two quotes that I feel hit home.

    1."If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome."

    2"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

    My high school coach says that "Take all of your failures, take all of the times that you messed up or made a bad decision. And turn them into a positive situation that you can use for the future. The Jazz know what to do and how to do it, all thats left is to grit their teeth and get it done.

  • Sloan Lover
    Jan. 20, 2009 9:07 a.m.

    Hopefully the second half of the season, will go much better than the first. Last year at this time, it was a disaster. Now everyone is thinking if we can just get healthy we will be right there? Yet our record this time is about the same as last year. If Matt is getting healthy? he will start eating into CJ's minutes! you can see Jerry starting to turn to his veterans, cause the young guys aren't getting it done. @ Miles if CJ was so great and he was having a solid night against Dallas, why didn't Jerry play him in the 4th qtr? here is your answer, CJ is not a winner yet....meaning he's not doing the little things that help you win games beside jacking up shots! It doesn't matter what you say on this site....it only matters what Jerry thinks of his game! The only thing that is going to save this season is if Booz, despite Jazz fans issues with him, comes back healthy right after the All-star break so we have everyone back and more depth inside!! And or D-will plays out of his mind!!

  • Nah
    Jan. 20, 2009 8:52 a.m.

    CJ has my love, as do all the Jazz players, but he doesn't deserve that much credit. His PER this season is a measly 12.50 (well below average the league after of 15.00). Much more credit should go to AK, Memo, and Millsap, who have stepped up significantly. Compare their PERs this season to last season. Each of them are having banner years, while this is only Mile's 3rd best season (out of 4) when it comes to PER.

    I would also venture to say that Koufos (who has a PER more than three points higher than C.J.) and Brevin Knight have been larger difference makers than C.J. Both have added something we have lacked in the past. Koufos gives us a hustling big body to clog up the middle & dynamic scoring. Knight gives us veteran leadership and far superior execution of the offense on the second team than Hart or Price.

    Until C.J. steps it up on defense and starts rebounding,he's just a (replaceable) role player.

    Jan. 20, 2009 8:45 a.m.

    The only way we get past the Lakers and Spurs will be defense. When's the last time you saw the Jazz press and get steals. I say rotate Koufos in as much as possible while assuring a playoff spot and see if he can change our anemic d.

  • Bob 2
    Jan. 20, 2009 7:58 a.m.

    I love CJ too, but I don't think he needs to be congratulated for the one game improvement--he needs more to be encouraged to become better and tougher on the road. This team absolutely needs CJ and (both) Ronnies to become spitting, snot snorting studs every single night.

  • Miles
    Jan. 20, 2009 6:40 a.m.

    At this point we are one game better than last year and that is without Boozer for much of the year. Thanks CJ for making us a better team. You are the difference maker at this point in the season. Everyone else with the exception of Koufus were playing minutes last year. CJ is the difference this year. Give him the credit he deserves. Your my man CJ.

  • "Make the playoffs"
    Jan. 20, 2009 6:18 a.m.

    Talk about lowered expectations -- it's about as good as it's going to get this season.

  • I still believe
    Jan. 20, 2009 12:55 a.m.

    Hopefully what was said by B Knight lit a fire under some people. Considering what this team has been through so far we are in great shape. We all know that Denver is gonna be better but ultimately will choke down the stretch. Portland scares me just a little bit with how much talent they have but we have already took the Blazers in both those games at the ESA so if we can just still one on the road that would be SWEET. I still believe in this Jazz team. Try not to dwell on those bad losses(there has been a few) and let's support this Jazz team, Let's make a run and put some fear into the rest of the league.