Silent health issues stymie women

Hotline doctor says there are often 'simple solutions'

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  • About time
    Oct. 11, 2008 6:46 a.m.

    The light does need to be shined on these issues. My mum had prolapse for seven years without anyone knowing. It complicated her life in so many ways. We even took a trip to Hawaii that she couldn't enjoy as she might have. The effects of the prolapse kept her from going to the beach at all.

    As soon as we found out what was wrong (and never before hearing of such a thing!) we sought medical attention. What a dramatic change it made for her. Restored confidence. She was much more active in her remaining days.

    Since her experience several cousins and an aunt have had repairs and have returned to more active lifestyles. None of them had ever heard of anyone else with the problem and were embarrassed to admit it to anyone. The word needs to get out that someone is not alone in the problem and that there is help.