Backyard-ramp ban may be lifted

Regulation warrants further study, S.L. County official says

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  • mrsjones
    Sept. 27, 2008 1:49 a.m.

    Regardless if you like sports like skateboarding or biking on ramps, it is clear that SLVHD has overstepped their bounds.

    Why can they take away the rights of everyone in Salt Lake County based on 2 formal complaints. If 10 people complain about lawnmowers will they make them against the law? I think not. What about other play structures? I doubt it. Were correct procedures followed for adding this rule? HMMM.

    Attention is being paid to how the SLVHD board handles this one. I have the feeling that some of these "skate boarders" should not be taken so lightly.

    This is not about skate boards or ramps but more about what freedoms a small board can revoke for a county of over 1 million!

  • please...
    Sept. 26, 2008 4:26 p.m.

    Spoken like a true old timer belusch.

    We DO have to put up with your kids, dogs, squeaky trampolines, basketball hoops, etc... and we do it with NO COMPLAINT!! Imagine that. You even said that screaming kids is probably worse. Well guess what? I don't care, let em scream! So why can't these neighbors who "shouldn't have to put up with it" let us skate? It is true that we should consider our neighbors, and most of us do! Why not just make a law about that rather than ban ramps completely? I'm sure there is already probably something against skating past a certain hour, and they should probably just enforce that better! When I first built my ramp, I'll admit I would skate it a bit late for the first week or two because I was still excited about it. But since then I have been extremely reasonable skating only 2 or 3 afternoons per week. I think that is much more considerate then my back neighbor who leaves his barking dog outside 7 days/week

    I could go on and on. You should probably rethink your statement.

  • belusch
    Sept. 25, 2008 5:13 p.m.

    Skateboarders, skateboarders, skateboarders, all they can do is think about themselves. They want to ride, everywhere, but have ended up to be a nuisance wherever they go. This restriction in the backyard is not about the ramps, its about the users of the ramp. You plead for your own personal property rights to have your ramps in the backyard yet do not even care or are willing to be considerate to your neighbors. Why should someone have to put up with it? I agree kids screaming is probably worse but what do you want to do, use duct tape.

    As stated previously, it would appear this law is driven by complaints. Skateboarders, take some responsibility, if it wasn't for those careless riders which appear to have caused complaints, there would not be a law. No complaints, no law, no enforcement, simple as that. In this case, however, it appears the skateboards are actually to blame and the only people they can blame, is themselves.

  • klone
    Sept. 25, 2008 12:46 p.m.

    We can't skate in parking lots.
    We can't skate in the streets.
    We can't skate in most public parks.
    We can't skate in most businesses.
    We can't skate downtown.
    We can't skate at schools.
    The skate parks have posted hours and locked fences, which are not always opened when they should be. We are extremely limited in our ability to find locations in which we will not intrude on others' enjoyment. Further limiting our ability to enjoy an activity that keeps many out of further trouble will only cause other individuals who find us annoying to have to deal with us more. Many of us are respectful of others and obey the laws. We enjoy what we do and do not want further action to limit that enjoyment. Keep the parks open and let us skate at home, if not we will resort to places that we are not welcome.

  • K
    Sept. 25, 2008 11:33 a.m.

    I totally agree with mcwheelie.

    It really sounds to me that someone did not think this ban thing clear through. Otherwise, why are there skateparks around?

    My grandson is a boarder, and the safety thing really concerns me, also. If that were the reason for the ban, I could understand it. This "noise" issue just smacks of persecution of a group of kids.

  • DR Don
    Sept. 25, 2008 10:42 a.m.

    Unfortunately, not everyone listens to the voice of reason. Some people insist on playing basketball at midnight or at 6 a.m. (my neighbor to the west). Others see no problem with playing horseshoes at 1:30 a.m. on a weekday morning (neighbor to the east). Fortunately, they've both moved on. A few inconsiderate people who have no regard for others create problems for those who are considerate!

    Having said all that, there are noise ordinances already on the books that can be used to control inconsiderate people without the need to completely prohibit activities. Let's not use the sledgehammer to swat the fly unless we absolutely need to!

  • mcwheelie
    Sept. 25, 2008 8:56 a.m.

    the only reason people complain is because of the handfull of rude and loud skaters that make the rest look bad. a nice elderly couple see a group of skaters and think its time too lock the doors and hide ....but banning back yard ramps is not the worst idea the county has had.the biggest issue is not the noise its safety not many of the ramps ive skated over the last 20+ years have been built or mantained properly

  • Johnny Utah #9
    Sept. 25, 2008 8:53 a.m.

    This ban is ridiculous. I live next to a park and it is much louder than any skateboard ramp would be. Kids playing and yelling and basket balls bouncing does get annoying sometimes but it's not like it goes on at all hours of the night. I have no problem with noise as long as it stops at a reasonable hour. Nobody is going to skate 24/7 or in the winter so, half the time its not going to be used. Even if all of my neighbors had a ramp in their backyard, it would still be less annoying than the little kick dog across the street, tied to the porch barking all night long. Yipe, Yipe, Yipe. I'd gladly trade him for a halfpipe.

  • Micah stephens
    Sept. 25, 2008 7:18 a.m.

    i think that this is stupid they are not loud at all be cause i have skated on them before and if half pipes get banned thats like saying that trampolines should get banned or swimming pools and me and my dad have started to build one as a project and if they get banned then think of all that money we spent to try to start buildidg it well it was actually for my birthday so i think that this is stupid and that people need to be nicer to skaters

  • jwr
    Sept. 25, 2008 7:06 a.m.

    I don't enjoy the noise of the skater boarders but I don't enjoy the noise of boon boxes, basketball pounding on the backboard, loud engines, cellular phones and oh while I'm at it the loudness in the movie theatres, Disney on Ice, the Circus etc -- ban all noise makers, even kids, heaven forbid "noise" upsets us all. Why not enforce the time of the noise makers rather deny some people their choice of sports. This is where government is out of place for sure and let us take care of our own health since we are the ones paying for it