FrontRunner clips minivan; no one hurt

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  • l
    Sept. 11, 2008 6:52 p.m.

    No, the problem is idiots try to race around the barriers instead of waiting. She should have to personally pay for the costs to send the bus out to pick up the passengers on the bus.

    I don't believe positioning yourself in front of a train running at 80 mph was ever part of the 1900's lifestyle either.

    Why is riding transportation that can carry large amounts of people quickly without sitting for hours in traffic not in line with a 2000's lifestyle?

    Busses are great for some things, but they are subject to traffic, whereas trains are not.

    Everything has a tradeoff, such as trains will get you to the station quicker, but may not be quite as close to your intended destination. What is important is to have a variety of options so there will be something that works for everyone.

    I ride my bike when I can and the bus is my fallback for bad weather or if my bike has a flat. When I-15 closed down recently, frontrunner was the backup for many people that didn't want to sit and wait for 2 hours in the car or drive halfway to Evanston and back. Choice.

  • No One of Consequence
    Sept. 11, 2008 12:06 a.m.

    This is the problem with rail transit. A rail incident shuts down the line. A single bus collides with another vehicle and the other bus service continues.

    Rail transit is a 1900's technology that does not fit the 2000's lifestyle.