Suit filed in death at Crandall mine

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  • Bob G
    Sept. 5, 2008 7:22 a.m.

    The law suit should include the state of Utah and its Right to Work laws that prevent workers and employees from reporting and asking for actions violating the infractions of working conditions in all working enviornments that employees face. This law allows employers to intimidate and threaten employees of job loss if they don't keep their mouths shut. Utah is very active in protecting and shielding employers from employees organizing and filing a complaint of safety violations as well as any other violation of the federal labor laws. Utah needs to establish its own labor laws that allows job security and safety for all workers regardless of job. Employers have blatently been violating too many labor laws in Utah that should be reported but intimidation and threats cannot be overcome with any aid from the state. This states only works on a case by case situation and if all the employees don't file many individual complaints, the state treats them as disenters and whiners. Employees are not allowed to file an organized complaint for employer violating federal laws. This states laws need to be taken to court and subjected to its inappropriate protections for employers and corporate managers.

  • Steve Australia
    Sept. 5, 2008 1:19 a.m.

    Its about time that those who continue to put coal miners at risk are held accountable.

    Lets hope that justice will be had with Murray and the rest of his type who want to put profits before safety of all workers this is no beat up the facts are present he wanted production at any costs and these poor men paid with the thier lives a cost that no man or family should have to face in the workplace.