I-15 expansion in Davis moving ahead of schedule

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  • Tab L. Uno
    Aug. 27, 2008 12:56 a.m.

    I still oppose a single car-pool lane concept near completion in Davis County. The increased number of likely time-consuming, traffic congesting accidents and injuries as a result of a single as opposed to the more expansive but less accident-prone double-passing, car-pool lane concept cannot be justified in terms of benefits to the environment. The multitude of traffic accidents occurring in Utah County with its single-HOV lanes only suggest that continued use of this less costly but more risky traffic "improvement" here in Davis County will compound the problem. Increased accidents together with the blatant unfairness of allowing the rich who gets tax breaks and then who can afford to pay for the use of HOV lane and can afford to buy Hummers and big vehicles with lower gas mileage creates an unfair burden on lower-income residents who in a number of cases can only afford to buy inefficient gas guzzling used cars. When do the rest of us get a break?