Coach K believes USA superstars are ready to buy into team concept

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  • juandixonformvp
    July 28, 2008 12:50 a.m.

    Was there any selfishness on any other Dream Teams???
    I don't know why he says these players "get it", they got it before in 2002, 2004, and 2006, and still got creamed.

    I still predict the U.S. to lose, our gameplans are not sophisticated enough for the international level where teams run complex screen/roll games and use much more zone defense.

    The desire is there, but it will be tough to pull off a gold medal.

  • Rafael "Brazilian Guy" Godinho
    July 27, 2008 12:02 a.m.

    The US Team is focused. "D" is on, and though they're not as "big" (sizewise) as anybody might guess their roster is, they gor the talent.

    Battle's gonna be hard, specially against Argentina, Croatia, Greece and Spain (alphabeticaly).

    If they get gold and do not dominate, it's shame, just like we, Brazilians, as far as football (soccer? nah... ) is concerned.

    See ya,


  • How you win, not what you win
    July 26, 2008 7:18 p.m.

    I really hope they represent USA well. If they can do that, it would send great message to the world. If they don't, then gold medal don't mean a thing. I have seen many bad sportsmanship from USA and other countries. There should be no place for such behavior in Olympics. Let's hope for good games under Olympic spirit.

  • Killing Bugs
    July 26, 2008 10:11 a.m.

    Nice story. Well done, newspaper.