MAX-TRAX service to begin at station

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  • Michael T. Packard
    July 13, 2008 1:25 p.m.

    Investment along 3500 south should be toward reducing car/truck congestion by investment in more lane capacity. Car/truck users are paying all the bills; they should get the most direct and productive improvements their money can buy.

    UTA is horribly cost-ineffective. Its impacts are unmeasured on I-15 for TRAX.

    The article claims 1500 riders a day on this bus...that is a drop in the bucket as far as the daily car/truck travel is concerned.

    We need the right type of buses that are adapted to the demand for that service on each particular roadway/corridor, not wild, empire-building speculation, in which UTA excells.

    An example of wrong decisions are two transit "improvements" in Salt Lake County vs. Utah County.

    The BAD IMPROVEMENT: Salt Lake County:
    UTA wants to build TRAX to Draper to replace their WORST BUS ROUTE, 346 FastBus that carries fewer than 25 people a day, 2-ways. Total cost=$287-Mil=DUMB!

    The GOOD IMPROVEMENT: Utah County:
    They want to build a useful BRT system, to replace their BEST, in-county, bus routes, UVU-to-BYU-to-Provo. Cost= $100-mil??=SMART!

    3500 South BRT is overkill. UTA puts nose, legs and fat camel-gut under the tent flap toward future trolley on this overcrowded arterial.

    NEW Lanes are needed!