Davis seeking input on transportation

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  • mbryson
    July 6, 2008 8:56 p.m.

    I live in Woods Cross and I believe I remember the ballot measure they are mentioning from 2007. It seemed very poorly worded and WAY to general for me to give approval to take more of my money. I support (and can't wait for) transportation improvements, but PLEASE tell us what you plan to do with our money. I did not approve the measure due to the lack of specifics within it.

    As a member of the shrinking middle class, I read the ballot measure and quickly rejected it due to the generalities. I'd like to support it, but there just wasn't enough detail to give me any measure of confidence that it would solve any issues.

    Things I believe need to change:
    1) bus routes -- timing and location are WEAK for people that don't work for the state or the LDS church

    2)an actual highway alternative to I-15 -- funneling all the commuters from north Davis and South Weber county onto one road works if there are NO traffic accidents and if everyone drives respectfully and responsibly. We live in Utah and very few of us are courteous enough to make that work for whatever reason.

  • California Man
    July 5, 2008 7:35 a.m.

    Frontrunner and Legacy highway will do much to alleviate the congestion on Davis County freeways and highways by giving us alternative choices from sitting in traffic. But these solutions do little for the commuter from the the Woods Cross frontrunner station at 500 South down. We need Light Rail at least to 500 South and we need to be next on the priority list for UTA! Capturing the population from there down on light rail would make a huge difference for commuters as they cross through this part of town. We are too close to downtown though for another system like BRT or Trolleys to work as just one transfer causes everyone here to say "I'll just drive and fight the traffic!"