College camps help recruits compare schools

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    July 5, 2008 11:20 a.m.

    Why would you choose USC over a Utah school? Do you think it's easy to become a starter there? Less chance to be seen by NFL scouts. Look at how many division two players get drafted that would never had made it at USC or UCLA because someone else would have in front of them. Their talent was seen because they a chance to develope it. Your chances of starting is better in a Utah school.

  • c-wooder
    July 4, 2008 7:01 a.m.

    If they want to play at home, sign with Hawaii.

  • Dont want to come to your realit
    July 4, 2008 2:14 a.m.

    If reality is a world where "Bronco" is "as good a coach as ther is in college football" then I will be glad to live in fantasy world! Someones been drinking way too much of the blue coolaid. Furthermore, alot of people in their "right mind" would think the WAC is on par with the MWC. Anyone heard of Boise State football? Anyone happen to catch Fresno State just win the College World Series? Anyone happen to turn on a little know station called ESPN, on any Thursday from September to December? If not, you will see WAC football. Now granted this small station called ESPN is nowhere near the powerhouse as VS, or the beloved MTN, but then again, we are living in a reality that has "Bronco" as a better coach than Carrol, Meyer, Saban, Paterno, Tressel, Brown, Beemer, Stoopes, Miles, etc....Keep dreaming buddy!

  • Let's come back to reality
    July 4, 2008 12:19 a.m.

    For the last guy that is trying not so very hard to hide his ute ties, maybe you should do a little research before you shoot your mouth off. BYU has never played a D2 school in the modern era. And prior to the permanent inclusion of 12 regular season games, BYU had only played 3 D1AA teams. Secondly, Utah pretty much year in and year out plays a softer schedule than BYU, and this year is no exception. Michigan sounds really cool, but no one expects much from them this year. And Weber St.?
    Nobody in their right mind believes the WAC is on par and is nowhere near being better than the MWC.
    As to better coaching at USC, if you get rid of your emotional attachment, you will realize that Bronco is as good a coach as there is in college football today. As soon as Pete Carrol starts taking one and two star athletes and putting them in the NFL, then you can make that claim.

  • USC Coaches
    July 3, 2008 11:47 p.m.

    Let's see, didn't the USC offensive coordinator learn his trade -- as a quarterback at BYU?

  • JT
    July 3, 2008 11:23 p.m.

    I must disagree with at least one aspect mentioned by USC alum, granting that much of his assessment was correct. I do not believe the coaching or training is superior. One need only look to the main reason USC produced a couple of Heisman-winning quarterbacks in the last few years, after never having done so in its entire history: They had Norm Chow as Offensive Coordinator. Remember where he came from, USC alum: BYU. Remember that BYU produced consecutive quarterbacks in the early 80's that went on to later win Super Bowls (McMahon and Young). Remember that BYU produced a Heisman-winning quarterback long before USC did. The fact that undrafted BYU athletes have good NFL careers is another testament to excellent coaching. Yes, USC has advantages regarding playing better competition, and the national spotlight is very bright there. However, I submit that this last point is *solely* due to the fact that USC is the premier school in perhaps the top recruiting area in the country. When great athletes have congregated at BYU, they have had great teams. Of course that is the case at USC, where they have their pick of athletes when the coaching staff is good.

  • NFL Combines
    July 3, 2008 10:14 p.m.

    The stopwatch doesn't know. The Vertical Jump test doesn't know. The agility course doesn't know. The 225lbs. on the weight bar doesn't know. These tests don't know where you attended college! If you've got it, you're on your way to the NFL. Whether you attend USC or Southern Utah University, is irrelevant to the NFL combine and scouts. A 4.3 40 yard dash from SUU will get you drafted faster than a 4.4 40 yard dash from USC.

  • byu & utah need out of the mwc
    July 3, 2008 9:01 p.m.

    byu and utah are both great schools in a horrible conference. i would choose an out of state school simply to avoid playing the likes of wyoming, csu, utah state (non-league) and all the division II schools byu likes to schedule to soften up their already soft schedule. it's sad that the current wac is portrayed as a better or equal conference by most national analysts. craig thompson is a joke--awesome broadcasting rights package you have negotiated, sir. i guess we can all jump the border to watch local games in las vegas... prediction: byu goes undefeated then gets blown out like hawaii did last year in a bcs bowl. any average bcs conference school could accomplish that feat with byu's schedule. at least, as of late, utah has scheduled legitimate non-conference opponents.

  • USC alum
    July 3, 2008 6:15 p.m.

    Not to be disrespectful to the Utah schools because I know there have been a lot of great NFL players come out of them, but you honestly can't compare the type of experience and training you get at a place like USC to the schools in Utah. The coaching is better, the competition is tougher, the national spotlight is much bigger, and NFL scouts are always present. Not to mention that you belong to an organization that has produced 7 Heisman winners, 7 National Titles, and 148 All-Americans. Combine all that with the benefits of belonging to the Trojan Family (aka: Trojan Mafia) and the place becomes very special. USC alums are fiercely loyal to each other and the school.

  • Just remember...
    July 3, 2008 5:47 p.m.

    to study hard to keep your grades up and then play hard on the field...

  • JT
    July 3, 2008 3:15 p.m.

    I agree that a great player will make it to the NFL from Utah schools or USC (or any other "big name" school). USU, Utah and BYU all have players doing very well in the NFL. Conversely, it isn't as though every player who starts at USC goes on to NFL stardom, and I frankly expect Stanley Havili's success in the NFL compared to, say, Fahu Tahi, to be commensurate to the type of player he was coming into college compared to Tahi--Havili was more highly sought than Tahi, so he may do somewhat better in the NFL as well. But I don't see his having played at USC rather than BYU making a noticeable difference in his future success. Thus, it comes down to what a kid wants, and I understand that some who have no particular loyalty to a local school will find the appeal of playing on a bigger stage, against better competition, and with more national exposure--ego is certainly part of the equation--will unfortunately find that more appealing than staying home and helping to build the programs of local schools.

  • Uncommon.......
    July 3, 2008 1:45 p.m.

    That would be the other Utah kid already AT USC.

    Stanley Havili.

    He started as a Freshman, got hurt and used his redshirt year, started as a redshirt Freshman, startes as a sophomore, and will show up on All American lists as a Junior this upcoming year.

    I think he's done just fine. Stupid Drone? that would be staying in Utah and playing for one of the ordinary teams of College Football.

  • Andrew
    July 3, 2008 1:09 p.m.

    I agree with Rich. The only reason USC is "storied" is because they have been winning recently. Go back a decade and they stunk - and nobody was calling them storied. Is anyone calling the Irish "storied" lately? Point is this - good teams come and go, and are based on talent and drive. Instead of sending that all off to other states who don't care about anything but winning yet another title, stay here and build up the local schools and do something uncommon. The only story that matters is your own. Going to play basketball at Duke or Football at USC is what everyone expects you to do like some stupid drone. Be uncommon

  • Rich
    July 3, 2008 11:31 a.m.

    When a player is good enough to attract attention from out-of-state big name schools, it's tempting to take an offer for the prestige of saying where you'll be playing. But look at the good players who have chosen to play for the Aggies, the Utes and the Cougs. They get plenty of notice from the NFL, and they're a big fish in a little pond here. I've seen too many Utah players go to Colorado, USC, Michigan and the like, and they're soon forgotten, sometimes even before they graduate. The good players who go to BYU or Utah end up being part of school and state lore for perhaps generations. USU, BYU and Utah all have had many high-profile players go to the NFL. My advice? Stay here, help our Utah teams gain or maintain national prominence, and be proud of your accomplishments right here at home. And it will also be much easier for your family to travel to your games. And for your friends and neighbors to watch you on television when you're on road trips.

  • Remember Ofa
    July 3, 2008 11:05 a.m.

    Five or so years ago Ofa Mohetau (sp) came to BYU as the top o-line recruit in the nation and one of the top-ten overall (if I remember correctly). But he was unable to make it at the D-1 level both on the field and in the classroom. He transferred to Texas Tech after success at the JC level but had similar results as at BYU. No knock on this kid as a person but it reinforces the idea that these kids need to evaluate everything. They can't get caught up in all the love but rather look at every aspect - academics, university culture, fellow players, etc. The nice thing is that it appears these two are doing that guided by parents who genuinely have their best interests in mind. I hope they both represent Utah well!

    July 3, 2008 10:19 a.m.

    I think it's so easy to look at other schools outside of Utah. It's such a different feel and level when it comes to D-1 football. I think it's kinda of a joke that people are complaining about the top instate talent leaving Utah. Go to a game at the colisium and be a part of all the pageantry and then go to a BYU game where everyone get's there 5 minutes before kickoff to find a seat. Whole different level, even though BYU and Utah are both D1 schools.

  • thomas
    July 3, 2008 10:10 a.m.

    i dont think that they will stay in state, with offers from all these classic schools its going to be hard to stay home.

    hope these guys can play well and represent.

  • bobbjones
    July 3, 2008 9:59 a.m.

    Good write up on a couple of Utah boys that have a bright future ahead of them.

    By the way it's "Ifi", not "Efi".

  • USC alum
    July 3, 2008 9:52 a.m.

    I would love to see those guys in the Cardinal 'n Gold! Not a better school for football in the whole country. Want to get drafted in the first round? Go to USC! Want to get more out the college experience? Go to USC! Want to feel like you belong to a family? Go to USC!

    Fight On!!!

  • Thank you Amy
    July 3, 2008 12:15 a.m.

    ....for this little snapshot into the world of high level recruiting.

    Good on all those Utah boys, i will be rooting for you all; wherever you end up playing.