Shipping chemical weapons is assailed

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  • Marc DiFrancesco
    July 3, 2008 12:44 p.m.

    As a tax payer, I am somewhat baffeled by the popular public opinion that Utah should not destroy chemical weapons from another state. There has been virtually no movement in the destruction of the Colorado mustard since 1997. In Utah there has been built and safely operated, an incinerator in Tooele county that could easily and safely destroy the Pueblo chemical stockpile at a savings to you and me of hundreds of millions of dollars.
    And public safety has really nothing to do with it. Mustard freezes a 57 degrees and could be transported in Janurary or February without incident. If you need a reality check, go sit at a port of entry or any truck stop for a few hours and see what is already being transported on our roads without all the safety considerations the Army would use to move the chemical weapons. I believe the major consideration is that the Stockpile states (yes, Utah also) just don't want to give up the federal dollars associated with the storage of chemical weapons. The thing here is that Utah has already made the investment and demonstrated the ability to solve the problem in a safe manner.