Shurtleff undergoes surgery for infection

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  • Mike Jozefiak
    June 24, 2008 4:34 p.m.

    Having researched the health benefits of phages over the past 2 years, I can find no drawback or any documented harmful effects from using lytic phages. This technology was discovered by French Canadian Felix d'Herelle and British doctor Fredrick Twort, and was developed further by Georgia, under the patronage of Stalin. German & Soviet troops carried phages to combat wound infections in WW2 and the British used it down wells in India, to cure water-borne disease outbreaks.

    Main benefits of phages -v- antibiotics:-
    1) As they only target bacteria, there is no collateral damage to human cells i.e. no liver damage common with prolonged antibiotic use, or Clostridium difficile.
    2) As bacteria mutate, so can phages. No stock piles of useless expensive antibiotics!
    3) New phages are obtained by dipping a bucket into the river, not spending $MM on new antibiotics.
    4) Many more too numerous to mention!

    Why are all the keen, inquisitive, doctors not flocking over to Tbilisi in droves to find out how phages work and bringing that knowledge home?

    Why, given over 80 years of public/military use by millions of people, are phages still not used outside of Eastern Europe? Answers please!

  • Peggy Steele
    June 24, 2008 8:41 a.m.

    Mark Shurtleff would do well to consult the Wound Care Centre in Lubbock Texas. They specialize in bacteriophage treatments that are quick, effective and have no nasty side effects.

    Small biotech companies and labs around the world are developing bacteriophages. In a sense, everything old has become new again as they take the 80 year-old technology to higher levels.

    Bacteriophages have an uncanny knack of seeking out specific bacteria. They insert their DNA into them through their needle-like bodies. Hundreds of baby bacteriophages develop within the targeted bacteria. They release enzymes that cause bacteria to burst and self-destruct. The babies, known as daughters, then seek and destroy other bacteria.

    The tiny viruses disappear once their job is done. They dont attack anything but the single kind of bacterium to which they are specific. Bacteria exposed to bacteriophages usually disappear in about 20 hours. When they have all been destroyed, the bacteriophages are neatly and efficiently removed by your immune system.

    The concept of natures little killing machines destroying harmful bacteria within hours without nasty side effects is tantalizing. One wonders why the medical/dental community hasnt embraced the technology. Indeed the vast majority have never heard of bacteriophages.