Idaho officials flay horse measure

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  • Horse-lover
    June 23, 2008 11:16 a.m.

    I've been a horse lover and a horse owner all my life, BUT why in the world not allow humane slaughter of horses for FOOD! How is it any more sensible to allow a horse to be put down, then have the dead stock hauler take the carcass away for dog food than it would be to humanely slaughter the horse for human food!

    The objection to eating horse meat is simply an emotional one. All over the world, people eat horsemeat--it's only in America that we have such a silly attitude. If slaughter of horses for food were allowed by law, slaughter houses could be regulated and we wouldn't see horses going across the border to Mexico for inhumane slaughter.

    The west isn't the only part of the country to suffer from an abundance of unwanted horses--Kentucky has a real problem, too. And with the huge increase in feed costs, it's going to get worse.

    My dad remembers eating horsemeat in some of the best restaurants in Phoenix during WWII. We may come to it again. If you don't like the idea, nobody would force you to eat horsemeat!