Thomas L. Friedman: Fate of inner-city kids shouldn't have to depend on a lottery

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  • BBKing
    May 27, 2008 6:54 a.m.

    Education reform is essential. And the number one obstacle is the teachers union. I know that sentence will be viewed as fighting words but seriously, when has the union stood up to change the struggling or failing environment? In following education issues for over two decades now I have never once heard the union rep stand up and proactively state what changes need to take place. What they do is stand up, tell of how hard it will be on the teacher, fight for more pay and the status quo.

    Many schools across America have turned into minimum security detention facilities. How sad. In some cases it is so bad it doesn't even matter how risky the idea is because the failure is so complete, what could be worse. And little changes. And when people try to make changes, the one guarantee is that they union will oppose them.

    Why is that?