Timeline of raid on FLDS-owned YFZ Ranch

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  • Bill Max
    May 23, 2008 11:25 a.m.

    Thanks for bringing into perspective the complete lie
    that the CPS perpetuated against the FLDS.

    Many of us who new this was wrong from day one are still a little concerned. The CPS has an appeal right. However small of a chance in hell of it being upheald. The Texas Supreme Court should now be informed of what the PUBLIC you and I feel.

    If they are on the side of the just they will uphold the appeal court decsision that the raid was not justified and illegal.

    IF not then an complete upheaval of the legal system
    is warranted.

    To this date the CPS has not shown a single abuse case or negelect. They in fact have proven what we knew all along.

    1. The FLDS are peacxe loving and very devoted to there beleifs.

    2. They choose to live free from Alcohol, Televison
    or public schools.

    3. They believe in having multiple wives.

    Of course the need to allow them to practice thier
    religion is paramount with one excetion, don't allow marriages of girls who are underage or forced.

    Very simple, other than that let these people go back to there life.