Karen Allen reprises role as Indiana Jones' love interest

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  • Lynn Angela Pisco
    June 2, 2008 12:26 p.m.

    I just wanted to say that Karen Allen is one of my all time favorite female action icon. Everything that she does wheither playing her usual character of Marion Ravenwood she always likes to take charge and being as a mom to Mutt Williams ( Shai LeBeouf ) towards Indiana Jones . I think she should punch him again and explained to Indiana Jones why did it took so long to get here realizing why she has gotten kidnapped by these Russian solders in the first place for no apparent reason what so ever. Also all of these action scenes were so amazing including when Karen Allen's character has to drive the car towards the great waterfall in full speed ahead and apparently got stuck onto the tree branch and landed into the lake sort of speak . If she is going to do another film again within the future or so, it would be like playing a very young lady who has a learning disability have already graduated from high school and wanted to pursue her career as being as a inspired Disney Animator or perhaps maybe a Hip -Hop graffiti artist as well .