Egypt's craziness is due to old guard lickspittles

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  • CLM Draper, UT
    Feb. 13, 2012 9:48 a.m.

    The situation in Egypt--as in Tunisia, Libya, Syria et al--is in accordance with globalist plans to destabilize the region as well as to install puppet regimes...all in the name of humanitarian interests and "democratization."

    To understand the recent "transition" in Egypt, read the RAND Corporation's 2007 report, "Building Moderate Muslim Networks", promoting a reordering of the Muslim world according to the West's interests, as well as a plan to follow the same model of "civil society networks" used for decades during the Cold War. The regional destabilization is resetting the geopolitical chessboard in an effort to affect regime change in Iran.
    In Egypt, from the protest organizers, to the highly suspicious NGOs affiliated with America's military leadership, to the drafting of the new Egyptian Constitution--the entire regime change smacks of US manipulation. And the outcome of the "transition"? Egypt is still under martial law, with the ruling military council acting as the highest authority. Protest has been outlawed. The country is in turmoil. Mission accomplished.

    Ultimately, the military leaders in Egypt will toe the line--they do not want to lose the annual 1.3 billion in aid/military assistance nor do they want to be deposed as have been recalcitrant dictators in the region. But the country, along with targeted others in the Middle East and North Africa, will remain unstable.