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  • Rikitikitavi Cardston, Alberta
    Feb. 7, 2012 9:45 a.m.

    Who among us is willing to stand face to face with Mitt Romney armed with what little FACT we THINK we know and call him a liar? While some disapprove with him on any variety issues, are you willing to face this individual and call him a liar? Would you take the stand in a court of law and call him a liar? FREEDOM not to agree I get it... you have that right FREEDOM to disapprove I get it... you have the right Call him a liar I take exception with that. Politics aside....get some personal integrity.

  • Mark B Eureka, CA
    Feb. 5, 2012 10:16 p.m.

    I don't get why J Thompson feels he can make an attack on the Obama campaign when it hasn't really even begun. This kind of preemptive attack by JT stands a good chance of being completely untrue, and represents nothing but a guess for which he'll never be held responsible. As for having Bill Clinton as a mentor, didn't Obama run AGAINST Mrs. Clinton four years ago? Wait until you see something unfair. THEN you can attack it.

  • The Politics of Listening A Tropical Paradise USA, FL
    Feb. 5, 2012 5:26 p.m.

    The LDS Church has spent the past year pushing for a more accepting approach to the country's illegal immigrants. The church's lobbying was instrumental last year in passing a controversial Utah law that allows illegal immigrants who pay a fine and pass a background check to obtain a work permit. Presiding Bishop H. David Burton signed the Utah Compact, a declaration that condemns deportation policies that separate families. The church issued a series of statements criticizing "enforcement only" approaches to immigration reform and supporting allowing some illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. Mitt Romney is strongly opposed to granting the country's 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty, instead suggesting the country encourage them to "self-deport" by ramping up enforcement and cutting back benefits. Romney has also said he would veto a proposal to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who earn college degrees. Mitt Romney may donate 10 percent of his income to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but that doesn't mean he is in lockstep with the church when it comes to politics.

  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 1:43 p.m.

    I heard KSL report that Romney's Super-PAC ran 4,700 ads in Florida State.
    100% were negative.

    Looks like Mitt has sold his soul to win at any and all costs,
    and I'm not just talking about the money...
    I'm talking about is Integrity, his Character, and who he SHOULD be representing.

    May God have mercy on the other 14 million of us....
    Most are not Republicans, Not Americans, and Not uber-wealthy.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 12:42 p.m.


    Why Obama? This is about the Republican primary.

  • J Thompson SPRINGVILLE, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 12:24 p.m.

    The fun hasn't even started yet. Wait until President Obama spends his $1 BILLION war chest. Wait until you hear and see his half-truths and his personal attacks based on out-of-context statements.

    Any practice the Republicans can get before President Obama ramps up his attacks will be seen as minor-league "warm-ups".

    with Bill Clinton as a mentor, does anyone expect Barack Obama to focus on "truth"?

  • Brother Chuck Schroeder A Tropical Paradise USA, FL
    Feb. 5, 2012 11:30 a.m.

    The bow down to K Street and Wall Street Corporate sneakiness, outright-scams and con-games, Koch Brother's and ReaganBushClintonBush-villes economics, deregulated for kickbacks for the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist, in their "Field Of Dreams," (of corn and sugar cane), with more corruption, and "crony capitalism" game of survivor. Who can lie, outlast and outwit to the end will win. The difference may be who is willing to pay the most to get into office. Newt still wants to build a 5 star resort yet on the moon, and for security guards do more research and then development for "star wars." We know that Reagan is famous for preaching that helping the wealthy would help the rest of us, but since that time they did not create any jobs for the middleclass. In case Newt pushes for the new world order and wants more guns and much more deregulation's, he'll massively increased military spending, and never lower taxes with a balanced budget. Yes Newt should admit that Reagan was a pragmatic moderate. But "moderate" is the dirty name, it would let the cat out of the bag.

    That's all the RNC gives us to vote for folks.

  • Brother Chuck Schroeder A Tropical Paradise USA, FL
    Feb. 5, 2012 11:15 a.m.

    He's disappointed, certainly, in the lack of substance and civility in America's political discourse. Indignant at the overweening influence of the media elite, Wall Street, and the Washington establishment, all determined to protect their power and privilege. Gingrichs critique of flawed leadership requires him to look no further than the mirror. As speaker of the House in November 1995, he boasted that he orchestrated a shutdown of the federal government largely because President Clinton snubbed him on Air Force One relegating the speaker to the back of the plane and making him disembark by the rear door during a trip to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's funeral. In a classic 1995 Vanity Fair profile, shortly after he ascended to the speakership, he spoke at length to Gail Sheehy about his lonely childhood as the son of a manic-depressive mother, the adopted son of an emotionally rejecting stepfather, an Army officer, and Newts biological father who was adopted by his own parents and abandoned Newt at an early age. It wasn't until he was 16 that Newt learned that his biological father had been all too happy to give him up. And he wants to be President?.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 9:11 a.m.

    Couldn't find an AP photo of obama for the article?

  • Furry1993 Clearfield, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 9:04 a.m.

    Who can lie, outlast and outwit to the end? Who is willing to pay the most to get into office? What a perfect description of Romney and, true, for everyone else running for the Republica nomination (since that is the only contest at issue at the moment -- I will expand that comment to the entire field when the general election is being considered). There is a reason why "honest politician" is an oxymoron.

  • Midvaliean MIDVALE, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 8:13 a.m.

    Pat you are right, but the election has always been this way since its conception, you are just now seeing it for what it is. Welcome to your new paradigm.

  • JoeBlow Miami Area, Fl
    Feb. 5, 2012 7:38 a.m.

    I think that we would all agree that he with the most money has an advantage.

    George Soros = Koch Brothers

    Large corp donation = large union donations

    large political donations = favor owed.

    Favors owed = poor legislation.

    I am amazed that people think the Citizens United ruling is good for our country.

  • Roland Kayser Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Feb. 5, 2012 12:31 a.m.

    I almost hate to say this, but we tended to end up with better candidates when they were picked by party bosses in a smoke filled room.