Dick Harmon: Jimmer Fredette hopes to give his fans another show

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  • Pipes Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 27, 2012 1:14 p.m.

    Jimmer is definitely the most decorated and acclaimed player in the state's history. To make comparisons to the other players after only part of a rookie season is a little premature and naive.

  • WhatsInItForMe Orem, Utah
    Jan. 27, 2012 12:55 p.m.

    @ the Real Deal,

    Comparing any of those players, even with the idea of claiming one is better than the other, is like comparing apples to oranges. Doesn't float.

    Each had their value and impact. Jimmer's was his range and scoring ability, but mainly his range.

  • the REAL DEAL Sandy, UT
    Jan. 27, 2012 12:20 p.m.

    Great offensive player in college..The struggles in the NBA are obvious and expected. The other day during the Jazz telecast on 1320 KFAN David Locke said that Jimmer was "the best college player that ever played in the state of Utah"..I laughed really hard..He must have not been here to witness Keith Vanhorn and all he accomplished..even Andre Miller accomplished a lot more..Jimmer definitely was the most hyped and recieved the most coverage..Danny Ainge was also much better than him.

  • Jazzledazzle Provo, UT
    Jan. 27, 2012 11:37 a.m.

    A Good show will be 4-12 from the field and getting welcome to Swat Lake City. Go Jazz! Take down Jimmer and the Kings. Sorry Jimmer fans, he is the enemy on Saturday.