SC verdict: Romney, Gingrich face off in primary

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  • A Guy With A Brain Enid, OK
    Jan. 21, 2012 3:46 p.m.

    Gingrich: admitted REPEAT adulterer (capable of being forgiven but not able to rebuild the required trust soon enough).

    Romney: faithful to his wife.

    Gingrich: largely a career politician.

    Romney: NOT a career politician (and, no, running for office repeatedly does not make you a politician. Think about it: if you run and lose do you have the authority to make the laws, lead, govern, etc? No.).

    Gingrich: censured and 'fired' by his own political peers (federal House of Representatives).

    Romney: never censured or fired by his own political peers (Massachusetts state House of Representatives, etc).

    Gingrich: prone to shoot his mouth off and later regret it.

    Romney: measured, tempered and even-keeled.

    Gingrich: self-made millionaire 'guilty' of practicing capitalism like Romney but hypocritically doesn't decry his own pursuit of wealth.

    Romney: self-made multi-millionaire and relatively quiet about it (he allows other to 'the pursuit of happiness' as they see fit).

    Gingrich: focused primarly on beating Romney.

    Romney: focused on beating Obama.

    Gingrich: worked for Freddie Mac (which CLEARLY helped bring about the Great Recession).

    Romney: worked for Bain (Staples, Domino's, Sports Authority, etc) which helped create over 110,00 jobs.

    Gingrich: flash.

    Romney: substance.

    Please, please LOOK!