Blogs may help women transition to 'mom'

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  • Mom of 8 Hyrum, UT
    Jan. 7, 2012 1:39 p.m.

    Tallen is absolutely right: women need each other, and new moms desperately need to interact with each other and more experienced mothers. Caring for a newborn is very isolating, which I think translates to depression rates in new moms. Blogs and social media like facebook fill a great need in our society; this gap doesn't exist in other cultures, as tallen mentions.

    Besides, when a mom is nursing, there's little else she can do but surf the internet to read if she's doing everything right. And since nursing can take up a few hours a day, reading on blogs is far better than watching mindless TV!

  • tallen Lehi, UT
    Jan. 7, 2012 12:49 p.m.

    I noticed when I was watching the movie "babies" that the new moms in Africa sat together by their huts talking and watching their children run around. When I becamse a new mom, doctors orders were to not take my baby out around anyone. Nobody was free enough to come visit or their children were sick. So I went from a social lifestyle at work every day to being shut in my house for 8 weeks straight with very little interaction. The one time I ventured out to church, I was chastised for taking my baby out so young. All this at a time that you need the advice and interaction with other mothers. Online mothering blogs and facebook gave me that interaction I desperately needed helping me learn what was normal with my new baby, what doctors orders were mor of guidelines that rules, griping about no sleep, hints for colic, etc. In fact, it was through teh help of online moms that I learned that my babies colic was "silent reflux" helping me remedy the problem and give comfort to my baby. Maybe if we didn't isolate new moms, they wouldn't have to turn to online support instead.

  • Timp South Jordan, UT
    Jan. 7, 2012 10:20 a.m.

    Or.... Moms should spend less time on Facebook and their blogs and focus on their kids.