There's really nothing like Christmas, is there?

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  • Gildas LOGAN, UT
    Dec. 18, 2011 3:50 p.m.

    Yes Christmas can be just great and it doesn't take a lot to make it so. The feeling of excitement, the decorations, the special Christmas food don't have to cost gobs.

    Children add a lot to Christmas; seeing their excitement is half the fun. School had Christmas carols and sometimes a nativity play. Our classrooms were decorated and we made Christmas cards to take home to Mom and Dad. Once we made calendars for the New Year. We had Christmas parties in our classrooms for many years.

    When I was really little I was a bit of a philosopher in a way. I supposed that "Santa" gave more expensive gifts to rich children because that was what they were used to. Didn't spoil my fun any though. And the richer children were often lonely only children. My friends had big fun families.

    By the time I was seven I figured out there was no flying Santa with a sack big enough to hold gifts for every child in the world, but I still enjoyed it. One nice gift and few others tossed in were fine by me; my gifts cost probably $50 in today's money.

  • mightymite DRAPER, UT
    Dec. 18, 2011 1:57 p.m.

    Is Jean-Luc Picard mormon?

  • dranoel Tacloban city, Philippines
    Dec. 18, 2011 12:48 a.m.

    So often members of the church judge others by the children they have.
    I raised one daughter and four sons that despite all we as parents could do rebelled. Often a parent of another rebellious child that was in trouble with one of mine would come to meet us. They usually expected us to be drunks or druggies and were shocked to find active LDS parents with a good loving home.
    I am sure we could have done somethings different. However we did the best we knew how and did a lot of praying.
    Please don't judge the parents too harshly if there kids rebel. Remember one third of Gods children did as well.

  • earnest reader MENAN, ID
    Dec. 17, 2011 9:52 a.m.

    Thanks,I loved the story. The Christmases I have enjoyed the most have nothing to do with receiving presents or giving expensive presents. It has to do with the feeling of Christmas as you described.

    I love being in a dollar store or Wall Mart type store near Christmas time. If you notice some of the people around you, they are the spirit of Christmas. They are not looking for expensive gifts. They are wanting to bring a little joy into the lives of those they love. Christmas time is about the feeling of wanting to bring even a small amount of happiness into the lives of those you care about.

    In a variety store yesterday I noticed two older men shopping for dish towels for Christmas for someone in their life. They were assisted by a younger woman, maybe a daughter, who was guiding them and asking questions like how would she like these?
    They were taking their time trying to make the purchase as perfect as possible. They were feeble old men but they wanted to participate in the season on giving. I received a gift from watching them.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Dec. 17, 2011 7:44 a.m.

    It's worth doing a bit of research on the carol 'good king wenceslas' and the legend behind it.