Obama seeks to leverage $1 trillion spending bill

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  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 13, 2011 11:40 a.m.

    'The simple answer is that we have come to the desision point, the edge of the cliff...' - KM | 10:16 a.m. Dec. 13, 2011


    This 'end of the world' rhetoric has been used now for over 2,000 years...

    and counting.

    As exampled by:
    Harold Camping

    Recent Apocalypse prediction:



    10/21/11 prediction.

    What happened?


    So, please. Your 'edge of the cliff' WASN'T the financial meltdown in 2008?

    When George W. Bush, Republican President authorized $700 billion dollars in bailouts?

    *'Bush signs $700 billion bailout bill' - AP - Published by Denver Post - By Tom Raum - 10/03/08

    I agree, debt is an issue.

    But it was NEVER an issue for the Republican party, until a Democrat was in office.

    As for the elderly, if you 'care' so much about them...

    Then why is the GOP trying to CUT their funding?

    *'GOP concedes Medicare vouchers unlikely to advance' - By Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar - AP - Published by DSNews - 05/05/11

    And why aren't OTHER groups, comming in to help them?

    Hard to claim we 'don't need big goverment'...

    when private charities are unable to cover the need.

  • KM Cedar Hills, UT
    Dec. 13, 2011 10:16 a.m.


    Thanks for your question..."why are republicans (not me) claiming they care about debt...now?" The simple answer is that we have come to the desision point, the edge of the cliff, will we allow the system to be broken to pieces or will we push back against the insane spending poliicies of our supposed leaders (on both sides of the isle)? Its time to face the dilemna caused by the last our dear leaders for decades.

    Now let me ask you a question: Do you not care about the comming generation or the older generation of today? What happens when we can no longer afford to take care of them?

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 13, 2011 9:46 a.m.

    Spend until it breaks?

    *'Bush Administration Adds $4 Trillion To National Debt' - by Mark Knoller - CBS News - 09/29/08

    'It'll be the 7th time the debt limit (ceiling) has been raised during this administration. In fact it was just two months ago, on July 30, that President Bush signed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, which contained a provision raising the debt ceiling to $10.615 trillion.'


    It was 'broken' in 2008!

    George W. Bush doubled the national debt.

    Ronald Regan rose the debt ceiling...x18 times and tripled the debt.

    Why are Republicans claiming they care about debt...now?

    Because a Democrat is in the White house.

    Don't be fooled.

    Every time a Republican has come to office, the national debt SOARS.

    They do not care about national debt...

    until someone ELSE is making the choices.

  • KM Cedar Hills, UT
    Dec. 13, 2011 9:11 a.m.

    Spend until it breaks! Cloward, Piven and Obama.