Don't believe anybody in this Big East expansion

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  • IceJus10 CHARLOTTE, NC
    Dec. 12, 2011 3:25 p.m.

    The Hartford Courant's Jeff Jacobs is quick to forget, as easily as $$ blinded 'Cuse & Pitt to leave - it can keep teams in the Big East too. With the 5 new members on Wednesday, the exit penalty increased to a $10-million fee & forfeiture of television revenue & 27 month notification period. The Big East is like a nightmare scenario for ESPN, who last year rushed offers to the ACC ($155-million/year), Big 12 ($90-million/year), and Big East ($130-million/year), all low when you consider two months later their role in the blockbuster $2.7-billion Pac 12 deal ($225-million/year). The Big East rejected their offer then and since has added higher ranked programs and television markets #5, #10, #19, and #28 - plus has committed to further expansion into 2-divisions and having a championship game by 2013 (all things that add value to tv deals). As much as we like the old school rivalries, those schools not the conference decided to jump for greed -- the Big East has the potential to flip the money script in their favor now! I'd watch Pitt & 'Cuse if a new deal comes before they depart - they might not!