New research shows poverty is fattening for women

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  • JSB Sugar City, ID
    Dec. 10, 2011 8:53 p.m.

    I have a friend who lost his job and had to go on food stamps temporarily. Before being on food stamps, he fed his family well on his average income. He was amazed at how much more money he had to spend on food when his family qualified for food stamps.

    The problem isnt so much an issue of money as it is an issue of being practical and resourceful. Stretch your meals with beans, rice, oatmeal, etc. It might not be as tasty as a local McDonalds, but it's sure a lot healthier and you're not as likely to get fat.

  • MyChildrensKeeper Taylorsville, UT
    Dec. 10, 2011 6:49 a.m.

    There are sure a lot of ignoramus out there that think education fixes everything and lack of it causes everything. They have been listening to Obama, banks, and education loan sharks too long.

    The poverty level in Utah is less than $35,000 and its higher for the national average because Utah is so far below poverty its a sickening thud like a bullet when it hits its target of flesh. Utah is a poverty state and its criminal in Utah to be independent and above average income level. It defeats our oppressive state legislation who is adamant about keeping prosperity out of Utah and only supply jobs here below poverty level. All 10,000 new jobs this year are welfare subsidized.

    Obesity, and poverty being fattening, its because jobs and incomes don't pay enough to eat meat and less fattening foods. A family of 5 or 6 can eat adulterated processed foods with pounds of fattening fillers like big macs cheaper than buying unprocessed unadulterated food in the stores. Poverty is a magnet for fast food stores and restaurants because parents have to work too long and too many jobs.

  • justhappytobehere Orem, UT
    Dec. 9, 2011 11:21 p.m.

    "The day LDS stay at home moms and their husbands realize..." You're kidding, right? I'm L.D.S., I'm basically a stay at home mother( because we made that choice and it is a sacrifice), and I don't judge overweight people to be lazy or evil. And I didn't notice any other posters who seem to feel that way. Why must everything always lead back to us rotten Mormons?

  • formerUT Osawatomie, KS
    Dec. 9, 2011 10:50 p.m.

    Here's a hint to those likely stay at home moms who all "cook from scratch"--

    If you're a single parent--working 2-3 jobs trying to keep food on the table--when do you have time to cook from scratch?

    You don't have time!!! So--you buy the food you can cook fast, and as inexpensively as possible.

    You go out to eat cheaply more.

    Is this food as "good" for you--no. But it's affordable, and takes care of the hunger as quickly as possible. Because you don't have time to grind your own wheat, boil your own beans, and cook from scratch.

    The day LDS stay at home mom's and their husbands realize that the idealized life they live is a minority--and that most people on this planet do not have such an advantage--will be the same day people don't judge someone as lazy and "evil" because they're overweight!

  • NoBoxScot Salt Lake City, Utah
    Dec. 9, 2011 9:08 p.m.

    Obesity, diabetes, allergies, cancer, etc. Are all dramatically increasing in this country. The majority of people, including physicians, are duped by the old formula 'calories in minus calories out' determines your weight trend. One of the quickest ways to gain weight that is VERY hard to take off is to eat & drink processed materials that are sterilized & fumigated or radiated until they are dead (as the FDA wants it), then add a bunch of high fructose corn syrup made from genetically modified corn.
    Another hint - stay away from it if it says 'low fat' or 'lite'. It's been driven into peoples heads that eating stuff with fat in it makes you fat - if they learned that eating HFCS, artificial sweeteners, and the wrong type of fat from the wrong source is most of the battle. You have to educate yourself on what your body needs to be healthy - and a diet cookbook just might not be the answer.
    It also does not help to live in a country where sick-care is a very lucrative industry rather than true wellness-care.

  • kargirl Sacramento, CA
    Dec. 9, 2011 7:52 p.m.

    It gets harder to eat economically and well the fewer people you have to feed. And yes, it is more expensive to eat well, even if you buy canned/frozen veggies and fruit. Third, not everyone who is under- or overweight is that way due to their own efforts. I'm trying to gain weight after losing way too much from colon cancer, which, had I been tested, may have been stopped in its tracks. But as one poster said, lack of really great insurance means you get what you can, and I was lucky to be treated for my preexisting condition (can you say "single payer insurance"? Time to be even-handed, I think, on this one point!) Others have an opposite problem. And trust me, if you have nowhere to cook it, getting the food is a moot point. You choose the things you buy according to the order of importance. Some previous posters, I do believe, will understand.

  • formersaltlaker Clearfield, UT
    Dec. 9, 2011 7:30 p.m.

    Although I think the reasons for obesity are complicated- and there is more than one possible cause, Mom of 8, you pointed out something important. You feed ten people on a budget of 700.00 a month. It is not easy, I am sure, but it can be done. Making things from scratch is healthier and can be cheaper- but it does take more time. We have gotten used to convenience foods as a country. There is always a downside.

  • Mom of 8 Hyrum, UT
    Dec. 9, 2011 5:27 p.m.

    There are likely a myriad of reasons, but the women that I know that are on the poor side and overweight are also depressed. They medicate that depression with fatty foods that taste good and are temporarily satiating.

    I've never understood how fattening food is cheaper than healthy. I feed a family of 10 for $700/month making nearly everything from scratch. I can even make burgers and fries for less than half of what the local drive-in charges. That "good food is expensive" excuse is a cop-out, I think. None of my family has become overweight by eating homemade wheat bread, meals with rice and beans, canned fruits and very little meat.

    Trust me: when research dives deeper, it will find that depression and women trying to "eat out of it" will be one of the main factors of obesity. I know of dozens of cases.

  • Kami Bountiful, Utah
    Dec. 9, 2011 4:40 p.m.

    The few extremely overweight people who I know pretty well it is more a lifestyle decision. None of them live in poverty. But its the chicken and the egg thing. At some point they stopped exercising and began overeating (meaning they ate more calories than their body was using). Now their lifestyle choices are pretty much centered around food because they are so overweight that getting back into a healthy exercise program doesn't sound appealing to them. When they get together with friends or family they sit around and overeat. At their home they spend their free time sitting around a lot watching TV, playing video games, etc. They go out to eat several times a week, often more than once a day. It doesn't take very many excess calories a day to gradually build up a LOT of extra pounds. Even 500 extra calories a day (meaning 500 more than your body burns) will result in gaining 1 pound a week.

  • Christy Beaverton, OR
    Dec. 9, 2011 4:27 p.m.

    Cheap food is generally food that isn't good for you. It's a shame that fruits, veggies, grains, and lean meats are more expensive than processed food full of sugar and fat.

    And no, poverty isn't a life choice. Who in the world would choose to be poor and hungry.

    Dec. 9, 2011 4:15 p.m.

    Our 39 year old daughter (who has an associate degree) is living in poverty and neither she nor her husband are obese. She weighs less than 100 pounds but is not anorexic.

    Neither of her older college graduate sisters are obese either which indicates obesity is determined more by genetics than by lifestyle.

  • Ms Molli Bountiful, Utah
    Dec. 9, 2011 3:44 p.m.

    DeltaFoxtrot | 3:20 p.m. Dec. 9, 2011
    West Valley, UT
    Bad food is cheaper than good food is. My wife and & can have a meal at a fast food place for less than $6. If I make a decent dinner for the both of us it's going to cost double that.

    @DeltaFoxtrot, that number is way too high. Most adults only need to eat about 4-5 ounces of protein at a meal. Your price must be including about 2 - 3 times the needed amount of protein, since protein tends to be the most expensive item on our food plates. I can easily make a healthy protein, veggies/fruit and grain meal for less than $3 for a meal. Fast food places really aren't cheaper if you are cooking healthy portions of food and not cooking out of a box.

  • Mountanman Hayden, ID
    Dec. 9, 2011 3:44 p.m.

    Ok, we know what causes obesity but what causes poverty? Once we know that, we can cure it, unless its like obesity and is a life style decision. Is that possible?

  • DeltaFoxtrot West Valley, UT
    Dec. 9, 2011 3:20 p.m.

    Bad food is cheaper than good food is. My wife and & can have a meal at a fast food place for less than $6. If I make a decent dinner for the both of us it's going to cost double that.

    Stress causes weight gain... that's already been proven.

    Is it any surprise that poor people are going to have a greater chance of being obese?

  • formerUT Osawatomie, KS
    Dec. 9, 2011 3:08 p.m.

    One more thing I forgot about--they spoke nothing of this reality: In order to maintain a health "weight" it usually helps to be "healthy" in the first place. Or to be able to AFFORD to be healthy.

    I have surgeries and health tests I've put off for years, because I cannot afford them. All of these effect how much I can exercise.

    And I'm not at the poverty level--and have insurance (but have to pay a large deductible).

    If woman are living in poverty, I can almost promise that the majority of them are not getting major medical needs taken care of (and likely get less than superb medical care as well)--which means that physically they are less likely to be able to exercise, and make the supposed "choices" the supposed "specialists" in this article are lecturing about. If you can only physically get yourself to Walmart--because of health issues--that is where you'll buy and eat food (oh--and they have great drivable carts there too). I've seen this issue with my mother for years. So--instead of blaming the person, perhaps they should look at her CIRCUMSTANCES beyond where she lives.

  • formerUT Osawatomie, KS
    Dec. 9, 2011 3:04 p.m.

    Cortizol--every heard of it (no--I'm not going to look up the spelling).

    Here's a phenomenon for you--stress creates a hormone that causes people to gain weight. Who is more likely to be stressed--a woman working 3 jobs to keep food (cheap food, mind you) on the table, or a woman who has everything provided for her?

    Oh--and also--here's a phenomenon for you: as someone who grew up with very little food---even though I have 3 degrees, got a degree before I was married, and so forth--food is still VERY important.

    It's amazing how much more important food becomes when you were always in danger of NOT having it. You know how the body maintains fat when it thinks it's starving.

    Well--perhaps they should study to see if the metabolism and body does the same--even years later--for those who've been through stress because of not being able to afford enough food.

    Might just lead to an interesting finding, don't you think?

    Oh--and PS--I like not being skinny. Thank you!

  • Oatmeal Woods Cross, UT
    Dec. 9, 2011 2:53 p.m.

    Want to make sure that obesity doesn't lurk in our daughters' future? An active lifestyle helps, but also encourage them to earn a college degree before they have children. They'll have higher incomes, tend to marry men with higher incomes, and be better prepared to take care of themselves (and their children) both economically and physically throughout their lives.

  • Pagan Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 9, 2011 2:25 p.m.

    'Poverty is fattening for women' - Title

    You know what else?

    *'Study finds link between religion, obesity' - By Michael De Groote - DSNews - 04/05/2011

    'At least that seems to be the report from Northwestern University: "Young adults who frequently attend religious activities are 50 percent more likely to become obese by middle age as young adults with no religious involvement, according to new Northwestern Medicine research." - Article

    Now, I don't want to ONLY target religion. Other contributors can be:

    Watching more than x3 hours of TV a day.
    Sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time can even cause obesity and blood clots.


    I'm going for a walk now.